MMM #12 Third Check-In

June 21st, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Monday Monthly Mission

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Into the third week of our 12th monthly mission, and hopefully you’re all still chugging along. Because of the nature of this particular endeavor, we’ve been touching base each Monday to re-inspire ourselves and remain on track. As well, these frequent check-ins provide a much-needed support network. There’s nothing like strong community to help you overcome a tough challenge – and dealing with inner demons is the toughest!

In my own struggle, I had another salt slip yesterday. What is it about Sundays man??! I can do so well through the week without even trying at all. Then come Sunday it’s just an uphill battle from the moment I rise. I’ve been eating loooots of nuts and seeds these days (and *really* high raw – feels SO good!), and once again I got too salty with the almonds and cashews. *sigh* So, my next big goal is to not only make it through this week (should be easy) but to clear the weekend without backsliding. I’ll be proud to report a clean bill to you next check-in, I promise!

And what about you my dears? Have you been good to yourselves? Or has it been hard? Let us know where you’re at with this Mission, and how we could possibly help.

Good luck and keep truckin’! BONZAI!

  • Melisa

    Working my way VERY SLOWLY through Becoming Vegan, and just trying to make it through one meal, one choice at a time. Can I just vent and say that when I ate meat, no one ever, ever felt entitled to interrogate me about my diet. Why is it that so many people think it’s acceptable to do so with veg*ns?

  • Kathryn

    So, my MMM that I’ve been keeping to myself until now is going super swell! I just want to improve like, every aspect of my life, haha. And actually it’s been working (but maybe I’m just optimistic because it’s the solstice? Yeeee summer!). I’ve been eating well (which is a super plus for me considering I’m surrounded by pastries and sweets every day at work), been much more productive (I sold my first java jacket today! And felted one for myself and one for my dad! And I felted a flower bowl for my mom! Awesome!), and I’ve been reading more. I feel very positive.
    And to everyone whose MMM posts I’ve been creeping on – WAY TO GO! Everyone on this site is so inspirational. :)

  • Kat

    I’ve been flossing 6 days out of 7 (as opposed to 2 days out of 7 before) and I think my gums are getting tougher! Also I’m “better” at flossing, if you will – I’m faster and can get back in between my molars easily. It seems like such a small thing but dental hygiene is so important and I’m kind of surprised at myself that I haven’t made it a priority before! I wouldn’t call it a habit yet (I still have to remind myself every day) but maybe by the end of the month?

  • Minna

    I haven’t been doing all that well… All sorts of health problems are pushing me off track. I hate it and I wish I could remain happy and in the moment at all times, but it’s just so hard when you’re feeling miserable. I’m leaving Australia in 1 week and I really can’t wait to go back home! I’ve been eating unhealthy food (read: lots of peanutbutter and bread) and it’s so hard to break out of the comfort food circle. That’s definitely been eating up my energy.

    Hahah, right now as I’m writing this, I realise that I’m thinking exactly the way I shouldn’t be thinking – soon it will all be better. Because there is no such thing as “soon”! There’s just “now”!

    SO HARD! :D

  • Charlotte

    Oh I’m just trying to be a better mummy, which is something I try to do everyday but this has helped me re-foucus. I was laid low with post natal depression after I had my second son and I am still not the mother I once was. I’ve recently had my third, she’s almost the same age as your little one, and I’m not ill. Having her has been healing.

  • theresa

    I’ve been doing well! No nail biting since the beginning of the month. I rewarded myself last weekend with a manicure. A little polish is a nice reminder to keep things looking tidy. Thanks for encouragement and inspiration!

  • saundra

    i have recruited hubby into waking me up in the morning as well although some days i just roll back over when he leaves for work… but it’s better than waking up at 10:30 everyday i just won’t sleep that late anymore i have to make myself get up not only for me but for family.. and i have to say at last check in your response almost brought me to tears.. im such a girl… but i just want to thank you soo much for your encouragement it really means alot that someone who doesn’t know me cares that i do well.. so Thank You!

  • erosan

    gah! I’m making some improvement, but I’ve still been misbehaving…

    I go to sleep earlier than usual now (around 1.30am) but at least 2 times this week I went to bed at 3 (it is hard to beat the habit).

    But I’ve been waking up more or less on time… My goal right now is to wake up at 7.30am (8.00am tops)at least I’m making it to the office on time. But I think I’m still ages from my utopic “wake up around 6am” goal.

    @Sayward: I’ve tried to follow your advise of puting the alarm clock across the room. my gf didn’t like it very much, lol (and what woke me up was my gf’s screaming at me, not the alarm… im hopeless, right?). I guess it doesn’t work as well if you share the room…

    But still trying my best!

  • Sayward

    @ Melisa – Good to hear from ou this week! Glad it’s going along, regardless of speed. =)

    Oh and also, vent away. Welcome to the world of veganism, where everyone is suddenly a concerned nutritionist!

    @ Kathryn – Wow, what a whole lot of positive change! That’s so awesome, congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished so far, and cheers to continued success!

    @ Kat – Way to go! That is a whopping success if I’ve ever heard one! And you’re right, dental hygiene is so important and so often overlooked (guilty here)

    @ Minna – Well my dear, you took on a very tough challenge, and at a particularly difficult time too (transition). Just keep in mind that it’s all a continuem, this mission doesn’t end with the month.Just being mindful to try to be mindful may be enough for now. Just keep practicing, knowing that every little step is a move in the right direction. Be good to yourself sweetie.

    @ Charlotte – I’m so glad to hear you’re in healing, I know PPD is a horrible, horrible affair. And what an awesome mission. I mean I’m sure that you’re already a wonderful mother, but it’s so great to bring that intention to the forefront of our minds. I think I’ll join you there. =)

    @ theresa – Excellent! And good for you for rewarding yourself. You deserve it!

    @ saundra – Hooray for husband reinforcements! That can be such a help. =)

    And I’m so glad that you’re finding comfort and inspiration here. It’s totally my pleasure to facilitate this project for everyone. You all are doing the hard work – I’m just watching, impressed.

    @ erosan – Dude how do you function on so little sleep? I would be a total crazy person, haha. But it sounds like you’re doing great. Keep it up!

  • Valerie

    I was doing really well at the beginning of the week, but I have backslid a bit. The main reason is that we moved on Saturday. I had to finish packing on Friday and get up early the next morning to rent a truck. Now the dog is having a hard time adjusting to her new environment and barks all night long. (We really hope she isn’t keeping the neighbors up as well.) Last night she did pretty good & I slept in till 9, but I plan on getting up and getting back on track tomorrow morning :)

  • Kathryn

    Oh man, erosan. I can totally relate to the habit of staying up late. That’s another thing I should work on… early to bed, early to rise…
    And Sayward, thanks! You too! But what I didn’t tell you is that I also played the sims for about five hours yesterday. :D Ohh man…what I could’ve been doing in that time..

  • Rebecca

    So this is very personal (and admittedly way TMI) but that’s what blogs and comments are for, right?

    Last week I made a HUGE decision to fly to visit my hometown (something I have wanted to do but have put off due to reasons I am about to disclose). My parents were going away and I haven’t been back in a year and am really missing my hometown A LOT! The problem had been is that there is a ton of “complicated stuff” going on between everyone in my family right now. We found out some not so great things about my “dad” and he proceeded to act really poorly and, quite honestly, a bit frightening. I had been living at home to save money but when I found out he was moving back into the house I knew that mentally (and possibly physically) it would be a very bad situation. So I left and haven’t spoken to my father in a year and a half and my mother in about 6 months.

    However, through a random text conversation (gotta love 2010) I had almost forgotten that, at my very core, I am NOT someone who shies away from things that scare me (having wrestled with major anxiety for almost all of my life, if I didn’t confront things head on I would never end up doing oddly enough, my anxiety has made me an even braver person even though I worry almost 24/7…(almost the exact definition of irony).

    Anyways, long story short, I made a HUGE leap and decided to go a few days earlier and see both of my parents for the first time in a LONG time. While there is anger, hurt, and resentment there, there is also a great deal of tangible fear, but I figured that imagining how things will “feel” is not getting me anywhere.

    As you can all imagine, I have had a rough week (not sleeping, worrying, and going back to some not-so-good-for-me behaviours).

    While I could beat myself up for going back to some semi-destructive tendencies I am trying to “be gentle” with myself and realize that, as I am going through a rough time, slip-ups happen and I can get right back on the horse when I am ready and feel secure. If I need a security blanket at this very moment then berating myself about it is only going to worsen things. Although I consciously know this, fully digesting it is another story.

    Although my lengthy comment most likely has no relevance to most readers, it always fascinates me when people are going through similar processes even if the circumstances are different.

    I appreciate everyone taking the time to read this and hope that you all can “support” me from afar with comforting thoughts (as I always do for all of you as well)!

  • Meghan

    I am not doing very well. I think that I need some ideas of what to do INSTEAD of bopping around the internet. I mean, I have tons of reading and studying to do, but sometimes I just want to, I dunno, chill out! I CANNOT READ ABOUT MEDIEVAL MUSIC AND EXPECT TO RETAIN THINGS WHILE “CHILLING OUT.” So I’m like… OH, I CAN READ EVERYONE’S STATUS ON FACEBOOK! What a waste of time, blah!

    It sounds like lots of people are making a lot of great changes though, this is awesome! Go team us!

  • Christa

    Sayward – have you tried to supplement some of your salty tooth with umami flavors? I make this: and add some grated sun dried tomatoes. You could make a version of this, an umami seasoning powder minus the sea salt.

  • Sayward

    @ Valerie – It’s ben a few days now so I hope you’ve managed to reset your routine. Poor puppy! Hope the moving chaos settles down and you all – humans and pooches – can get some sleep. =)

    @ Kathryn – Well, we all need down time to recharge. It’s a good thing, very necessary. As long as you’re being productive, get your Sim on!

    @ Rebecca – Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Your openness is inspiring! And I have to say I think it’s so brave what you’re doing, It may not be the path of least resistance, but it’s certainly the healthiest for the long term. Good luck and I’ll be thinking of you. Please let us know how it goes.

    @ Meghan – I totally get that. Too tired to apply the brain, but too motivated to let yourself just zone. I’m like that a lot these days (hello new baby exhaustion!). What I do is putter. I clean, do dishes, prep food (chop veggies, etc), water plants, and so on. It is soooooooo relaxing! I love to putter, it’s my quiet meditative alone time and it actually results in important stuff getting done! Maybe you could try something like that?

    @ Christa – Umami! Interesting thought, I’ll look into it. Thanks! (what kind of seaweed do you use?)

  • Meghan

    Today was better! While I admit, some time was wasted, I also got everything done I wanted to do today, and a few things I had been meaning to do for the past several days! That’s what’s important, I suppose!

  • Sayward

    Yay Meghan that’s awesome! Hope the weekend was good and productive too. =)