Bonzai Barbecue: The Vegan Recipe Roundup

June 24th, 2010 - filed under: The Food » Recipes

Now that the Solstice has come and gone we are officially into summer – woo hoo! That means it’s time for pool parties, picnics, beach excursions, lawn bowling (amiright??!) and of course, BBQ. From the 4th of July to Labor Day and many a long lazy weekend in between, tis the season for gettin’ your grill on!

At the urging of one of our readers, Kathryn, I’ve scoured the internets for vegan BBQ recipes. And you know what? There’s not a whole lot out there! Toooons of vegetarian recipes but slim pickin’s for the purely veg. Well, I’ll just have to do something about that . . . summer cooking projects!

In the meantime, here’s the best of the best that’s out there right now. My criteria were that the recipe had to be interesting (anyone can drizzle olive oil on a mushroom cap and grill it) and that it had to include an image – I won’t make something if I don’t have a picture to associate with it. If any of you have an awesome vegan BBQ recipe, please link to it or write it up in the comments!


Faux Meats/Omni Subs



Are you hungry yet? Prepare to drool with this little video featuring one of my own personal inspirations, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau:

Happy grilling guys!

  • Kate in SB

    Aww, I miss making veggie pizzas on our little charcoal grill! Lots of good ideas in this post.

    Miss ya!

  • Meghan

    Man, Vegandad has a TON of amazing looking bbq recipes. I cannot wait to have a house and a grill!

  • Kathryn

    Oh snap, you did it! :D :D :D
    This is super! I can’t wait to try the barbecued tofu especially – mine always ends up kinda lame and I have to douse it with lemon and dip it in the leftover marinade to bring the flavour back, haha. Thank you thank you thank you!
    I don’t have much of a contribution because I usually just, well, “drizzle olive oil on a mushroom cap and grill it”. :P
    Hmm, but my favourite thing to grill lately has been baby potatoes. So much fun! And when you put them on a stick with oregano… yummmm.

  • deaustin

    The chili lime BBQ corn is delicious, but it’s much better with a corn that’s more savory than sweet. I’m not sure how easy it’d be to find in the States, but if there’s a Mexican market near, I’d look there. The corn should be a paler shade of white and super starchy. That’s what corn in Mexico is like, and it’s so bland, it really needs that chili, lime, and salt. :)

  • April

    My favorite summer treat: Watermelon Coolers

    Into a blender
    -cubed watermelon
    -splash of lime juice
    -sweetener of choice (sugar, agave, …)

    Blend, blend, blend.
    You could add crushed ice before you blend, but I prefer mine ‘on the rocks’. Feel free to spike with your spirit of choice (tequila, vodka, …) Want to spice it up? Add a dash of cayenne.
    We’re talking serious summer yum-ness!

  • Leah

    Ooh, here’s my favorite BBQ night dessert. After you’re done grilling all the dinner stuff, when the coals have cooled off a bit, do this:

    Cut a fresh (in-season!!) peach or nectarine in half and remove the seed. Sprinkle *very* lightly with a pinch of cayenne pepper. Grill cut side down for just long enough to warm through and get a little caramelization going. Watch ‘em because they’ll burn if you turn your back on them.

    Soooooo good.

  • Sayward

    @ Kate in SB – I was totally reminiscing about that when I was writing this up! Mmmm portobello pizza and outdoor projector movies in the Santa Ana winds . . . <3 Arriba forever!!

    @ Meghan – Vegandad is so awesome. =)

    @ Kathryn – Yes! Thanks for the idea lady! Also, I usually just drizzle olive oil too. Because it's SO GOOD!

    Have you ever tried freezing your tofu? Once it thaws you can get so much mre of the water squuzed out and it just sucks up the marinade. It changes the texture to be more spongy, but I really like it.

    @ deaustin – Interesting! Thanks for the tip!

    @ April – Oh, YUM. I love watermelon so much, so summery. That sounds like a drink meant for RUM! yar. =D

    @ Leah – I can't wait for peach season, I can't wait for peach season, I can't wait for peach season . . .

  • Lynn D

    Later in the summer, when I’m harvesting peppers in the garden, I like to make veg paella on a round charcoal grill. Paella pans aren’t too expensive. I also don’t have to buy expensive saffron because I grow my own. Cool, huh!

  • Sayward

    @ Lynn D – I never even thought to grow my own saffron, what a great idea!