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May 21st, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Oi! I am SO glad it’s the weekend! I had a very long and grinding work week, so tonight I whipped up a feast of southern-style comfort food: BBQ tofu, gluten free cornbread, sauteed collard greens, a giant huge enormous salad, and plain ol’ peas + corn. Oh, and peach iced tea. YUM! That and a huge dose of guilty-pleasure reality TV is doing us right this night. =)

So now I’m ready for all your comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions.

What about you, how was your week? And did you bike to work today? (Damian did, in the wind and pouring rain!) What do you want to see from me? More food? More fashion? More farm? (more furthermore? like what??)

As usual, the Feedback Forum will remain here at the top of the page all weekend, so if you’ve got an idea or a question or you just want to introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’, you can stop back by any time. This is your community, so get involved and have your say!

I’ll be working all through the weekend, but I hope to get some good garden and play time in too. Hope you all get what you need this weekend!


  • Rebecca

    I think having a long, “heck”-ish work week was in the air! Oy!

  • Courtney

    Wonderful to know I’m not the only one who had a loooooooong week.
    We’re looking at apartments today. Most of which have some outdoor space where I could start up some container gardening! Yay!
    Tomorrow the hair is getting hennaed! Thanks to your post, I’m trying it. It’s my first time trying, but it doesn’t seem to hard to do.

  • Laura

    We have been biking around this week, fixed up our bikes and got a bike rack. Since we live in Texas, where the nearest anything is at least 15 miles away, we can’t really ride there. We have been carpooling though!

  • EroSan

    on my mind? well after reading your henna post, I googled it and am now decided to learn how to draw menhdis… the problem being I don’t know where to get henna…

    so! I looked into other options, and apparently annatto was also used for semi-perm tattoos amongst some tribes here in the americas… well achiote is pretty much a staple item in yucatecan cuisinne and I have it on my pantry, so i foresee an experiment!

  • Heather

    @EroSan-i just henna’d my hair and got mine from The Soap Opera at
    Very high quality and reputable henna…i’m a tori amos redhead again :)

  • Beck

    Just stumbled upon your blog (while searching for homemade dish detergent)& I LOVE it! It’s nice to find so much of what I typically search for all in one place. Thank you!

  • Laura Louise

    I’ve had a brilliant week. It was sunny and really warm for the first time here. I walked everywhere this week, only used a bus once because I was in a big hurry. I try to do this as much as I can in the summer. That’s a good thing about living in a small town.

    I also found something I immediately thought you could also be interested in. It’s a biowashball. You use it instead of washing powder. I’m considering buying it already, just need a bit more research. You can read more about it here:

    I’ve been buying clothes from thrift stores and changing them a little for a couple of months. Making a t-shirt fit is absolutely no problem for me but I’m trying to go further and make clothes more interesting as they don’t sell much interesting clothes where I live.
    Can you sew? Have done anything awesome with the clothes you have bought in thrift stores? I would like to see a post about giving new life to your old clothes (or thrift store finds). It could be coloring, sewing, gluing or whatever you can think of.

    Don’t forget to be awesome!

  • Kerry

    I had a week where it was difficult to maintain a relaxed mind but followed it up with a ladies backpacking weekend (which we vowed to make an annual tradition).
    I would also like to hear more on clothes. I’ve never been a shopper (currently most of my clothes are near the end of their life) and my partner recently got laid off so I must pursue thrift! But I also love food… and nifty new ways of doing things so keep it all up. I’m curious as to where you work, I either missed that post or you may be keeping it private. Finally, I am glad you’re back!

  • akeeyu

    I’m curious how the cloth diapers are going.

    After years of heavy use, we’ve started repurposing worn out diapers, leading to some amusing exchanges with the girls. I use old cotton diapers in place of burlap or cardboard when covering our worm compost bins. The girls watch me do this and say “Oh…You changed the worms?”

  • Jay

    I’d say more food and fashion/beauty posts, please! With grilling season upon us, I need some simple veggie-friendly ideas, so I don’t get too burned out on Boca burgers while everyone else eats meat.

    And I love, love, loved the henna idea! I haven’t thought about henna since junior high school, but your post got me thinking it would be fun to try again. I ordered some powder and am going to play at making some tattoos with it tonight. Should be fun!

  • Sayward

    @ Rebecca – Sorry you had a rough week. Hope the weekend was relaxing and refreshed you.

    @ Courtney – Good luck on the apartment hunting! And – henna??? How did it go?

    @ Laura – Congrats on carpooling (such a huge step!) and also on braving the Texas heat on a bike – oof!

    @ EroSan- Oh wow, you *must* share your results if you do that. I’ll be so curious to see!

    @ Beck – Hellooooo! Welcome to the site. =)

    @ Laura Louise – That’s so great that you can walk everywhere, seriously. Hmm, I do sew and I DIY my clothes – I’ll start thinking about putting together tutorials. I like that idea!

    Thanks for rhe link too. I’m checking that thing out . . .

    @ Kerry – Ahhh, the glory of girl time. It is so precious. =)

    And clothing request has been noted! I do like to keep my employment private, but my work is related to my degree (biology) and is entirely online (which is awesome, especially with the new little mister)

    @ akeeyu – Cloth diapering is RAD, as I’m sure you agree. I’m planning a whole post about it. I love it! And I’m sort of obsessed with cloth diapers now, too. =D

    @ Jay – Definitely! I have lots of food ideas lined up (have you seen the mezcal grilled pineapple post?)

    What kind of fashion stuff would you like to see? Like outfit posts? Or articles? About what?

    Let me know how the henna works out!