Bike Safely With *Style*

May 24th, 2010 - filed under: The Fashion » Clothing and Accessories


In America it’s National Bike Month, and here on BA our Monthly Mission is all about driving less – which often means biking more! But even with the best of intentions, incentive to get your butt on a bike can sometime be elusive.

That is, unless you know you look good!

Riding in style may be just the motivation you need. However, looking ‘good’ means something different to everyone. To me it meant painting my helmet matte black and fitting it with kitty ears. To you, it may mean . . . adding a shiny red racing stripe! . . . or attaching a silver tiara! . . . or a hot pink leopard print paint job! I think I’ll bedazzle my next helmet with glitter and rhinestones, oh yes.

Whatever your pleasure, you have to wear a helmet for safety’s sake, so it might as well be fun or fabulous. Why not!? I recently saw a gentleman with a helmet painted up like a watermelon. So get creative – and have fun with it!

helmets1 * 2 * 3 * 4

If DIY isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of pre-made creations out there (as evidenced above). So check around the interwebs or scout your local bike shop for inspiration.

But most importantly, be safe guys!

  • Kathryn

    i’m definitely guilty of riding without my helmet if i’m not going very far. in my defense, it’s really hard to find a helmet that fits my dreads! i’ve been able to squish them down enough to fit into my brother’s skater (haha) helmet, though, but it can be uncomfortable for long periods of time. but while wearing it i’m safe for now! mostly! it really sucks because i’ve always been a strict helmet-wearer. is that even a noun? well it is now.
    also, guess what shirt i’ve been wearing (almost) nonstop this month?

  • Minna

    Did you cut these from that hoodie you’re wearing on the “furthermore” photo? Nooooo!!! :D

    Your helmet is SO cute! You totally look like a kitty cat.

    I’ve never been a helmet wearer either, but right now I don’t even have a bike. I will need to get a cool vintage one, and a stylish helmet, when I start uni this autumn – that town is just perfect for riding a bike!

  • Hope Hughes

    I haz cat ear envy! LOL! Too cute!

  • Claudia

    Love love love!!! Thanks for sharing, those helmets are great!

  • Kate in SB

    How funny that you posted this today. I was already planning to buy a helmet after work! Love the cat ears. Definitely going to DIY it up. :)

  • Emily

    I’ve heard that you shouldn’t paint your helmet because the paint can weaken the hard plastic coating. I’ve done some limited googling, but nothing really came up. Thoughts? Has anyone else heard this?

  • Mira

    The yakkay are my favorite. But the us code, I think, requires a slick surface on the helment so the won’t snag you head as you skid across the asphalt. At least that’s the only reason i’ve found for them not selling these in the US..

  • Sarah

    Hi all-this is late, but does anyone know where to get an extra large helmet? My husband’s head is 65cm and we’ve searched for years to find one that fits properly… Most XL or XXL sizes only go up to 63cm at most. Any ideas would be welcome :)

  • Kathryn

    Sarah – I know someone with really fat dreadlocks and this helmet fits her:
    If you can find that, I think it’ll fit! Otherwise, good luck!

  • Sayward

    @ Kathryn – You need to get a bigger helmet girl! Gotta stay safe. =)

    That shirt is *awesome*. I love the designs at Threadless.

    @ Minna – Alas, it is the hoodie from that picture. But in my defense, the cut of the sweater was weird and that caused me to never wear it. The ears will get much more exposure on my helmet.

    @ Hope Hughes – Haha, LOLcat bikerz!

    @ Claudia – Yay, you’re welcome! =D

    @ Kate in SB – Ooh, my old DIY partner-in-crime, you must share your creation with me when you’re done!

    @ Emily – I haven’t heard that. I have heard that you shouldn’t affix stuff to the helmet because it could alter its ability to function (like if I landed on one of my ears and it messed with the helmets ability to absorb impact because the weight wasn’t distributed evenly or something), but I always figured that was mostly the manufacturers covering their butts in case of lawsuits.

    @ Mira – Hmm, I wonder if that has to do with what Emily was saying, about not painting them?

    @ Sarah – Sorry I can’t help you, but it looks like Kathryn had a good lead. Luck!

  • Sarah

    @Kathryn – Thanks for the link! Man, when he had dreads, his head was probably 70cm around or something! :P

  • Sarah Marie

    My snowboarding helmet also advises against putting stickers on it. I think it’s also because there is a risk of a crack forming under them from a fall, which would indicate the hemlet needing replacement as the integrity has been compromised. just food for though ;) i love the cherry blossom helmet <3