Winners Of The New Years Novica Giveaway

January 1st, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore

Happy New Year! I used a random number generator to select our three winners, and here they are!

Picture 2

First was #68, Jill, who wrote: “I have no bag. I only have pockets and sometimes I don’t even have that. I hope I win!”

Congrats lady! Now you have a bag!

Picture 1

Next up was #31, Sara, who said: “I don’t know why I’m doing this, I have so many bags already but those are so CUTE! :) Novica’s mission is pretty amazing too.”

Sara, a girl can always use another bag. ;) Congrats!

Picture 3

And lastly, we had #46, Minna, who commented: “Haha, all of a sudden there’s like 45 comments :D That is such a cool drawing! I wonder if people outside of the USA can enter :P”

Yay! You’re comments are always so positive and sweet, I’m so delighted that you won! (and of course, anyone in the world is eligible here)

Congratulations to our winners – you should be receiving an email from me shortly.

And thank you to everyone who entered. I hope that this will be the first of many giveaways here, so make sure and check in again soon. And mostly, happy new year to all of you!

  • Nathan

    Lol… no comments yet on the announcement? Maybe I’m just early.
    Congrats to the winners and congrats again to BA on it’s first sponsor!

  • Salekdarling

    Awesome. :-) Congrats to the winners!

  • Sayward

    Thanks guys! And thanks to everyone who entered!

  • daoine o’

    aw, shucks! i was offline for most of the week-and-some leading up to the holly-daze so i missed the giveaway entirely! *pout*

    guess i need to keep on top of things a bit more!

    (adding one more resolution to the pile…) ;)

  • Sayward

    @ daoine o’ – Aw, sorry! But I promise, there will be others! =)