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December 17th, 2009 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

The Feedback Forum comes early this week. I’m having some personal issues that require a lot of my attention, and it’s keeping me from my regular posting frequency. I’m sorry guys! But, I think instead of driving myself crazy trying to maintain my blogging schedule, I need to just shift my focus for a little while. So, posting may be a bit sparse next week as well. I do apologize, and please hold some good thoughts for me. Lot’s of love to all of you. I’ll be back soon with a vengeance, I’m sure!

And happy impending weekend, of course! Which would mean it’s time for comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. So let me know what YOU are interested in!

The Feedback Forum will remain here at the top of the page all weekend (and maybe longer), so if you’ve got an idea or a question or you just want to introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’, you can stop back by any time. This is your community, so get involved and have your say!

Have a great weekend guys! Happy Holidays!


  • Kate

    Good thoughts and positive light being sent your way. I will miss your frequent posting but life is much more important. Happy Holidays to you as well!!

  • sarah

    Well dang girl, you’re 6/7 (?) months pregnant now, come on, it’s allowed. :) Hope everything is working out… I’ll enjoy the posts as they come :P

  • Crystal

    Yes it’s totally allowed! I will be sending positive thoughts your way dear- You are one groovy chick! Good luck :-)

  • Salekdarling

    It’s alright Sayward. Everyone’s allowed a break! Hope everything is going well with you :-).

    I want to let you know that I started reading a book called “In Defense of Food, An Eater’s Manifesto” by Michael Pollan. I haven’t read enough to explain it but so far its about the Western diet and how we are developing a new disorder called Nutritionism and its causing numerous of health issues (including obesity, heart problems, diabetes, etc.) It’s rather ironic.

    I enjoy the idea that all information and articles are cited and available to research on Mr. Pollan’s website. Worthy read so far!

    I hope your holiday is going well Sayward! <3

  • daoine o’

    take it eaaaaasy, there, missy! you need it! :-D

    wanted to share what i just did thursday night. caught a screening of this awesome little film at the nearby senior/community:

    or if posting a youtube clicky ist verboten, here’s the link to the site:

    if y’all get the chance to go see this film, do it!

    just when i think i’m livin’ pretty green, he makes me feel awfully yellow. :-x

    have a good week, all!

  • Christine

    HELP, PLEASE! I just made 3 candles in crockpot. They looked great. I used Irish Cream glasses. I woke up this morning, and the wax on the side of two of them (so far) looks like it’s between the glass and the candle in parts. I know this isn’t possible, but what can I do?

  • Sayward

    Thank you so much everyone for the kind comments and well wishes. They are so much appreciated. =)

    @ Salekdarling – I’ve actually read that book! I even reviewed it, though I thin you should finish reading it yourself before looking at my review (which was *ahem* less than complimentary) I’d love to hear your thoughts though, once you finish the book and check out my review. I know my opinion is definitely in the minority. ;)

    @ Christine – Do you mean that the candle seems to be pulling away from the sides of the glass? I’m sorry, I’m a little confused by your description and having trouble picturing it.

  • Randy

    It looks like another one of your post ended up on Lifehacker :)

  • Christine

    I’m not sure if it’s actually pulling away. It doesn’t seem to be. My daughter thinks there might be air between the candle and the glass. If there is, I don’t see it from the top edge of the glass at all, which I would think I would. In any event, is there anything I can do? I did use the wick with the metal disc.

  • Kathryn
    Hope everything goes well soon! I like to listen to this when I feel down, so I figured I’d share.
    And, after all, it’s only a blog! Take care of everything you need to before coming back, promise? :)

  • Sayward

    @ Randy – I know!! SO AWESOME! Eeeeeee!!!!!!

    @ Christine – Hmm, sounds like some air bubbles forming from the wax shrinking as it hardens. It might just have to do with properties of the wax itself – did you use soy wax? The only thing I can suggest is maybe re-making them in a container that doesn’t have see-through sides, like a tea cup or ceramic vessel or something. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

    @ Kathryn – OH MY GOD! I used to sing that song in my head when I was feelin’ sorry for myself! It was always kind of jokingly, but it totally works to give me a smile. I’m also always saying “Cheer up Charlie!!” to my dogs, haha.

    Thank you, that made my morning. =)

  • Valerie

    You have totally changed the way I shop! I was at the store and walked by three packs of shower lufas (the big fluffy plastic mesh ones). I wasn’t sure if I had any left at home and I was considering getting more. But then I thought: There has to be something greener than these that will foam up my body wash better than a wash cloth. I’ll ask Sayward and the BA community what they use! So, have you found something that is green, preferably washable and reusable but still gives me that foamy result? I know wash-cloths are green, but they just aren’t the same.

  • Kathryn

    Aww, great minds think alike! :D
    Your response made MY morning!

  • Christine

    Yes, I did use soy wax. I’m not sure why this happened with 2 of the 3 candles. Hopefully it’s not something that’ll happen again. The idea of the teacup sounds great, but for these people, they’re not the ‘teacup’ type. Although I did let the candles sit for hours before removing them from the slow cooker, maybe I should have let them sit even longer. Thanks, everyone for your input.

  • Minna

    Happy christmas, Sayward! <3

  • Sayward

    @ Valerie – I’m so glad to hear that you’re thinking differently about the way you shop! That is the best feedback I could ever ask for. =)

    As for a loofah, I like the plant-based scrubbies that look like this. If you google ‘natural loofah’ or ‘organic loofah’ you’ll get all sorts of hits. I know they’re available in beauty supply shops as well. Luck!

    @ Kathryn – =D

    @ Christine – Sorry about the snag, I hope it ends up working out for you!

    @ Minna – Thanks lady, and the same to you! And happy new year!