The Friday Feedback Forum

September 18th, 2009 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Oi there! It’s the weekend!!! Put the work away, ’cause it’s time to play! And it’s also time for comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions.

So, what’s on your weekend agenda? What’s exciting and inspiring you lately? What’s been knockin’ around inside YOUR noggin?! I want to hear from you!

Me? I’m just terribly excited for my first annual Northwest Veg Fest. That’s where I’ll be this weekend, and if you’re in the neighborhood you should come by! It’s only 5 bucks to get in, and enough entertainment and nommy free samples to last all you all week. I hope to see some Portland readers there!

And as always, the Feedback Forum will say here at the top of the page all weekend, so if you’ve got an idea or a question or you just want to introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’, you can drop by any time to have a say.

As always my dears, have a delicious weekend!


  • Kate

    Hey there! I just found you and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far. In the past 2 years I too have suddenly become a tree hugging hippie. I do eat a variety of foods – grass fed beef (from a farm just outside town), organic chicken, wild salmon (when I eat meat). I also enjoy raw food, my vegetarian meals and the occasional vegan or gluten-free fare. I have my own girls in my backyard – a barred rock, white leghorn and an australorp – who are almost at laying age! I keep trying to move towards living more and more ‘by example’ and I’m glad to find others out there!

    Anywho, I would like to do the Master Cleanse at some point, but I work a grueling 8-5 (and hours inbetween) and I don’t know if I want to detox, especially emotionally, for 10 days while I’m working with clients at my fast paced job. What are your thoughts?

  • sarah von

    What fun! Minneapolis has a similar event that I usually attend and stuff my face at.

  • Sayward

    @ Kate – Hooray for tree hugging hippies! I don’t know why it’s happening, but new converts seem to be popping up everywhere. I certainly never intended to go this way! Viva la green revolution!

    The first time I cleansed I worked a service industry job, and I had to interface with customers. It was certainly more difficult, but it *was* manageable. Also, a number of co-workers and a very very hard-working, client-relating boss, all followed in my footsteps and were able to complete the cleanse while working through it. Everybody is different of course, but I guess my advice would be to give it a try? And don’t beat yourself up too much if it proves to be too difficult. It’s all a learning experience!

    @ sarah von – Awesome, I love that there’s so many events like this. Gives me hope! (and yes, lots of face-stuffing indeed!)