Goodbye Summer!

September 23rd, 2009 - filed under: Furthermore » Inspiration

img_1569Light painting and champagne on the Oregon coast, summer 2009.


Yes, today is the autumnal equinox, the very first day of fall! Depending on your exact location, today and tonight will be roughly the same length. And can you feel that *crisp* creeping into the air???

I know I’m in the freaky minority in a sea of spring and summer lovers, but autumn is by far and away my favorite season. I love the feeling of it, the change of it, the flavors of it, the colors of it . . . the clothing of it! (tights and scarves and hats oh my!!!)  So I thought I’d put together a little list of things I’m looking forward to this fall. I’m so excited!

Why I <3 Autumn

  • It’s apple season! I’m going to go apple tasting, revel in the first Honeycrisps of the year, take a billion pictures, and sample heirloom apples until I explode.
  • It’s tea season! Time to dust off the little Bee House and unwrap my favorite looseleaf blend. Perfect for workday afternoons, an entire pot at a time.
  • Eating soups and soups and more soups, with hearty homemade bread. I hereby declare autumn ’09 to be the official season of soup-cooking!
  • Switching out my wardrobes. Packing up sundresses and tank tops, and un-boxing sweaters and scarves. Ending up feeling like I went on a shopping spree because I’d forgotten about all those clothes – but without spending any money!
  • Wearing leggings and stripey knee socks and leg warmers, all layered together under dresses and scarves.
  • Hot porridge for breakfast!
  • Commencing rotation of the extensive warm and funky hat collection!
  • Re-accustoming my  hands to the constant coverings of stripey and fuzzy fingerless gloves.
  • Visits to Ashland, Shasta, Southern California, and Seattle
  • Having an amazing vegan Thanksgiving with my awesome omni family. Sharing recipes for cruelty-free cooking. Drinking the really good wine.
  • Winter squash! Butternut, Acorn, and heirlooms, roasted up whole for dinner.
  • Toasted squash seeds!
  • Pumpkin curry!
  • Becoming a pro pickler. Pickling my cucumbers. Pickling my beets. Pickling everything!
  • Nurturing my fall garden right into winter, and continuing to harvest that fresh, homegrown produce. Such a cold-weather gift.
  • And for all that slow cooking I’ll be doing: less podcasts/politics, More Music!!!

What about you my darlings? What are you eagerly anticipating in this coming season, wherever you may be?

  • torie

    YaY! I’m on your side of the debate! I lovelove Autumn! It’s the most colourful and the perfect weather for home-made scarves and delicious “harvest foods” to be eaten!

  • Dakotah

    Man,oh man–up until now, I’ve spent most of my autumns in California, so its merely meant the exciting (albeit rather low) possibility of rain. Right now, however, I’m in Nebraska-so I can’t wait to watch the seasons kick into overdrive. I can’t wait to walk through the slowly goldening memorial park, bundle up outside a coffee place, or curl up at home with some nostalgia-inducing videogames.

  • Courtney

    I agree that Fall is the best season! I’d be getting married in the Fall if everyone weren’t so busy. Well, technically it’s still Fall at the beginning of December, right?
    Looking at your list made me think of all the awesomeness to come and has made me want to try a whole bunch more and do some seasonal cooking!

  • Lynn

    I love the warm colors of Fall,dancing leaves,satisfying soups and Halloween.

  • Amycat

    Well it’s spring In Aus, so i’m looking forward to walking down the road to the beach in crocheted bikinis and floral summer dresses, falling asleep in the sun, drinking pina coladas, watching mangoes get cheaper and cheaper as the weather gets warmer, and not wearing jackets when going out!

    Yay for Spring!

  • Kate

    Autumn in Phoenix is really like summer everywhere else. The weather is perfect. Unfortunately, no pretty color changes and no awesome anything really, but it’s MUCH nicer than 115 degree summers. So, with temps in the *freezing* 80s :-P, I look forward to using my oven, making soup, longer farmer’s markets, building the raised garden bed, and my girls laying eggs!

  • Kelly

    Those are some mighty fine reasons to love Autumn! Thank you for spreading the joy. :o)

  • Sayward

    @ torie – Yay! I knew there were a few of us out there. =D

    @ Dakotah – Yes! I grew up in SoCal, and I think that’s why I love the cool seasons so much – I never got leaves changing or snow days when I was a kid! Making up for lost time is *really* fun!

    @ Courtney – Hey, it’s technically fall until Dec. 21st(ish) – you’ll get your Autumn wedding! Congrats, by the way. My wedding was the happiest day of my life, and I hope it’s just the same for you. =)

    @ Lynn – ‘Dancing leaves’ is such a beautiful phrase, and I know exactly what you mean. What an awesome image.

    @ Amycat – Hello to the other hemisphere! I bet you’re pretty ready for warm weather right about now, huh? That’s why I love having all four seasons – there’s always something to look forward to!

    @ Kate – Gah, 115º is craaazy, man! I hope you get your *frigid 80s* soon, haha. I understand though, it’s all relative! Goof luck with the raised bed building (sounds fun!) and give those girls a nice apple core or something on my behalf. =D

    @ Kelly – Joy spreading is always my pleasure, ha!

  • Amanda

    I’m looking forward to:
    -hot cider
    -pumpkin patches
    -colorful leaves floating through the air
    - and that beautiful romantic melancholy feel that is AUTUMN!

  • Sayward

    @ Amanda – Yesssss! ‘that beautiful romantic melancholy feeling’ I totally know the one you mean! Nothing like Tom Waits and a little rain . . .

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