Itty Bitty Bonzai #2

February 6th, 2009 - filed under: Furthermore » Itty Bitty Bonzai

Itty Bitty Bonzai is a collection of tiny tips and tricks for living a life more mindful.  Small actions, collectively and compounded, become a powerful force of change.  

#2  If there’s two things I love, it’s wine and recycling!  Sound random?  Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve been saving my wine corks for a while now, waiting to find some creative repurposing that’ll keep them from going to waste.  Now, I seem to have found my answer.

Yemm & Hart is an organization focused on salvage innovation, and they want your corks!  Currently in the collection phase, once they accrue 6 tons of corks they will begin converting them into retail floor tiles.  All cork donors will receive a discount on the finished product – plus a sense of relief regarding all their boozy by-products!

Read all about the project here, or just take my word for it and send your corks to: Wine Cork Recycling, Yemm & Hart Ltd., 610 S. Chamber Drive, Fredericktown, MO, 63645.



  • James

    Wow. I might have to help out. I was wondering what to do with them…

  • Sayward

    @ James – Me too! I only wish I’d saved my incredible college collection last time I moved . . . =)

  • Kelsey

    That’s pretty cool. My parents keep their corks, and my mom has made tons of cool things from them. Bulletin boards for family and friends when they go off to college, wine coasters, trivets, she has also lined trays with them too. She likes to hand pick a few corks with certain designs on them for each gift she makes. The designs might be something that reminds her of the recipient, or ones with B’s on them to be her signature.

  • Johnny howard

    Wow, this is really wonderful. Dont throw your wine corks ship them for FREE at CORKCLUB, I have heard about this organisation, CORKCLUB. They recycle wine corks to save our forest. Its really a nice step.