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Drinking the Farmer’s Market: Lemon Basil & Watermelon Slushy with Homemade Lemon Basil-Infused Vodka

June 29th, 2013 - posted under: The Food » Recipes

We wait patiently for it – ever so patiently – all year long. Because it’s just not the same out of season. But when the world begins to heat up, the eager anticipation sets in. Because we know it’s coming. Cool and sweet and refreshing and really, is there anything more superbly summery than WATERMELON? [...]

Drinking the Farmer’s Market: “Summer Soleil” with Fresh Citrus, Curaçao, & Homemade Grapefruit-Infused Vodka

June 22nd, 2013 - posted under: The Food » Recipes

Hello! Welcome to the first in our Sunday Morning Cocktail series, featuring homemade organic infusions made with fresh, seasonal Farmer’s Market produce. Today’s inaugural cocktail practically screams SUMMER. With its sunnybright hue and explosive citrus flavor, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a warm, lazy afternoon amongst friends. Blank canvas. For this drink you’ll need just [...]

Drinking The Farmer’s Market: Homemade Organic Liquor Infusions For Exceptional Summer Cocktails

June 16th, 2013 - posted under: The Food » Recipes

Anyone who’s been reading this blog for any length of time has probably figured out that culinary exploration – artisanal and/or innovative kitchen play – is truly one of my greatest passions. I’ve gone through a “from scratch” phase (it all started with veggie stock, and continued on through DIY green powder) and a fermenting [...]

Homemade Holidays: Vanilla Extract

November 14th, 2011 - posted under: The Food » Recipes

This project calls for vodka. Do try and keep it away from the baby . . . Have you started making your holiday gifts yet? What?! It’s already that time of year again? I know, I know . . . This is a project that i’ve been meaning to do for years – yes, literally [...]

Garden Recipe: Green Rocket Soup

October 8th, 2009 - posted under: The Food » Recipes

What can I say, it’s soup season right? So bring on the soup! And this one’s got ‘seasonal’ down to a science, perfect for harvest potatoes, autumn apples, and of course, the rocket. I grew some garden rocket myself this year (you may know it as arugula, or roquette) but it couldn’t weather the summer’s [...]