DIY Eco-Friendly Daily Shower Spray

October 2nd, 2013 - posted under: The Farm » Home

One of my most popular recent posts was a “recipe” (two ingredients, and one of them optional – can I really call it a recipe?) for natural homemade coconut oil”hair repair” treatment. And in writing that post, I realized that I hadn’t posted anything on DIY eco-friendly body care since . . . 2009. What?!! [...]

DIY Cake Stand Made From Thrifted Dishes. Also What?! Eco-Friendly(er) Spray Paint!

June 30th, 2013 - posted under: The Farm » Home

I generally try to avoid Pinterest. Just as a rule. Because it’s dangerous there! For a busy person with much too much web to surf already, Pinterest is like a no-mans-land of endless, utterly gleeful time suckage. Recipes! Decorating! CRAFT PROJECTS! You know how it goes. It’s basically the holy grail of design porn, which [...]

DIY Cleaning: Is Borax Really As Green As It Seems?

May 26th, 2013 - posted under: The Farm » Home

I originally wrote this article on assignment for Networx, a website where I do a lot of freelance work. They have tons of info on DIY home improvement, plus lots of “green lifestyle” tips and tricks. You can see all my articles here. This post is reprinted with permission. ~~~ The internet is rife with [...]

Greening The Little Things: A Homemade + “Hack” Round-Up

July 11th, 2011 - posted under: The Farm » Home

Glass straws are one of my absolute favorite plastic replacements. Read more here. This month we’ve made it our mission to finally find alternatives for some of the less conspicuous, but nevertheless wasteful, objects in our lives. For example, this whole idea was inspired by my desire to replace my paper coffee filters with something [...]

DIY Homemade “Scrubbies”/Scouring Pads

July 7th, 2011 - posted under: The Farm » Home

As you may have noticed, I’m sort of on a constant quest to reduce my waste and find creative ways to repurpose disposable items. And this month, that mission is especially present in my mind. Which is why, dear friends, this little hack brings me so. much. glee. I do most of my produce shopping [...]