Just For Fun – A Vegan Cuts Unboxing Video!

April 6th, 2015 - filed under: Furthermore » Reviews

Hi guys, happy Monday! It’s been a long long time since Waits and I filmed a Vegan Cuts unboxing video, so we decided to take the ol’ video camera out for a spin again. We (especially Waits) love getting this special delivery each month, full of secret treats for us to enjoy. And we’ve learned about so many amazing small vegan companies this way!

Here’s what we found in our snack box this March:

So what do you think of the question I asked at the end (see how I did that there? now you HAVE to watch it, ha!). Yes? Or no? Lemme know in the comments below!


And if you’re interested in learning more about Vegan Cuts, I can tell you that they have a lot to offer!

As you already know, we get the monthly Snack Box Delivery, which we just adore.

There’s also a monthly (or one-time too, if you just want to try it) Beauty Box delivery service for makeup and body products.

Or, if you’re interested in easing into a plant-based lifestyle, they have a “Healthy Vegan Starter Kit” to kick off your adventure!

Maybe you have an awesome new mama in your life? The “Family Starter Kit” is perfect for the wee baby vegans (and the ones who love them!)

And just last week, Vegan Cuts released their brand new “Vegan Vitamins Essential Box“, which is a perfect spring pick-me-up if you’re wanting to shake off that winter slump.


In other words, SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! And just so you know, those are all affiliate links up there (ie, if you click through and buy, I’ll get a commission – a great way to support the site!). But if that makes you feel uncomfortable just skip these links and make your way to Vegan Cuts here <-- NOT an affiliate link. My intention is never to deceive you, so I'll always tell you when links are affiliates. Groovy?


Alright guys, so let me know! Yes? No? I can handle the truth! I really just want to give you what you want, so let me have it.

Thanks y’all! Happy Monday!

♥ ♥ ♥