Pictures Of Things + Le Love List

March 26th, 2015 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

rope swing over creek

Hello from spring break! Hello to long lazy mornings spent with the kid (what’s the rush to get to preschool, anyways?) and lovely afternoons spent in the garden. Hello to couch potato time. Hello to finally cleaning my house (spring cleaning!). Hello to ant invasions and the annual Santa Barbara Month-Of-Mosquito-Eaters-Everywhere™. Hello sundresses. And of course, hello scrambling to catch up on everything that’s been pushed aside all quarter. Hello spring break! And it’s been a good one so far, and Jeremy and I even got to take a whirlwind 36 hour stay-cation (we hadn’t had a day off overlap in ages) (more on that mini trip next week). So yeah, it’s good. Life is good.

Spring is good!

And since it’s been so long since we’ve had a Pictures Of Things post, here’s a bunch of random moments from the past few weeks. My life these days:

splits 2015

Splits-ing on a rainy afternoon hike.

first hot chocolate
When it rained I made hot chocolate – his very first. With Dandies vegan marshmallows, of course!

date night dive bar
Date night at our local lounge.

skater kid
He’s becoming quite the little skater, and even after landing smack on his chin and splitting it wide open, he got himself right back on the board the next day. Brave little boy. ♥

i grew a poppy
Poppies are my White Whale of gardening. You have no idea. But I grew one this year, and that’s a start!

skater mom
Well. I couldn’t let him learn alone, now could I?

beach picnic panorama
Warmer weather and longer days has meant a return to picnic dinners on the beach. These are truly some of my happiest moments. ♥

going to be a biologist
Waits and I went “herp hunting” (looking for reptiles and amphibians) with an evolutionary biologist from my department at school. Waits was thrilled to learn from a real! actual! scientist! and I had so much fun mucking about searching for critters. I’m hoping to start helping this professor with a conservation effort focused on a local endangered salamander species.

kid with Newt

vegan Indian food
Indian feasts with old friends and new friends.

jedi in a bar shop
You know you’re living a weirdo life when you can title a photo “Jedi in a bar shop.” Not complaining!

anakin hair cut
And a few days ago, my little Jedi finally got his hair cut (much overdue). We took his favorite illustrated Star Wars book, so that Gabe could cut his hair EXACTLY like the young teenage padawan Anakin Skywalker. Basically he is in heaven. And don’t you dare call him Waits. His name is ANAKIN, okay??!


Alright, now it’s time for something I’ve missed so very much. Our celebration of all the small things that we have to be grateful for. Those small things sure can add up big, so let’s take a minute for the one, the only, Le Love List!

Gem lettuce. // Therapy. // Finding my feelings, and feeling them. // Cotyledons. // Sleeping in between Jeremy and Waits. ♥ Being the filling in the bestest, warmest, coziest snuggle sandwich on the planet. // The smell of jasmine flowers carried on midnight air. // I started reading “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” to Waits. Our first successful chapter book attempt! And I’ve never read the series myself, so it’s new and exciting for both of us. // Hanging on the couch with Jeremy late at night, me practicing my Spanish on my Spanish-learning app, and him practicing his Italian on his Italian-learning app. (We both use Duolingo). // Eating outdoors. // Hot hot days. // When you step outside and the world instantly envelopes you in warmth and light, and you just want to close your eyes not because it’s too bright, but because it just feels so good, and you can’t help but stop, and stand still and sunbathe for a bit like you’re some sort of reptile . . . soaking it up. // Spring.


Okay everyone, so now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear what you’re loving lately, and I’m sure everyone else would as well. Let’s share the love and send it out into the world! Just leave your Love List in the comments below, yes?

And as always, may you have your own version of the most sunnybright weekend – whatever that may be!

♥ ♥ ♥