Pictures Of Things + Le Love List

September 5th, 2014 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

early morning beach walk

I love the light on the beach in the early morning.

Holy moly, this week FLEW by! How is it possibly Friday already?? It can’t be true!

Well, I’m not quite sure how it happened, but here we are at the weekend. I hope you had a fantastic week, and hello September, and welcome to autumn!

Here’s a few pics from the past week, just a few of the special moments I managed to capture :

santa barbara green juice

Juice date / dog walk. Green for me and beet for him, for always.

santa barbara CSA
CSA box. And the beautiful, Gaudí-esque architecture in downtown Santa Barbara.

antique stove planter
I love this antique-stove-turned-garden-art at our favorite nursery.

kid using juicergreen juice with melon

He loves to help me juice. This was a magical beauty-boosting elixir made from cilantro, cucumber, celery, and honeydew melon. A whole quart of it!

vietnamese noodle soup
Vietnamese tofu noodle soup, with lots of chili oil. Lunch date “State Of The Waits” meeting with the ex-hubs. We laugh a LOT. And make fun of ourselves. I’m so glad that we’re friends.

picking eating organic corn
Picking corn for breakfast with some little pals, Labor Day morning. We ate it, still warm from the sun, right there in the organic community garden.

torture tree
This impressive tree . . . beautiful and dangerous.

Labor Day vegan barbecue
Our Labor Day BBQ feast: grilled garlicky white asparagus, savory mini portobello caps, tempeh buffalo wings, and a homemade tofu-porcini burger for Waits. Served with coleslaw, YUM.

green juice in meeting
Apparently this was a very juicy week. Greens and ginger, waiting for my boss pre-meeting.

preschool cat
Oreo, the preschool cat. Best cat ever, I’d wager.


And now it’s time for my favorite weekly ritual, Le Love List

Spending time up at the preschool gardening, and listening to all the little people go about their important business. // Taco Tuesdays. (everything is awesome!) // When there’s lots and lots of beach glass – especially blue. It seems to come in cycles, ya know? // A tiny bouquet made of flowers and herbs. // Cleaning out my closet. Naked Lady party! // Burgundy tastings. // Almond butter and strawberry jam. // Confirming my ticket for Vegan Oktoberfest, yesssss! // Making new friends, and trading for new (to me) clothes, at the Naked Lady party. // A certain kind of twinkle in Jeremy’s eyes. // Long late-night phone calls with old friends. // Making great progress (and getting accolades) on the project I’m heading. Apparently, I can play this grown-up game pretty well (it’s all just an act, I swear). // Waits likes to practice talking like Yoda these days. His favorite phrase? “Love you, I do.” And oh, sweet little boy! Love you, I do too. ♥

Happy weekend, my dears! I’d love to hear what made your week wonderful, so please share your Love Lists in the comments below. Practicing gratitude is a magical act. So go on – make some magic!

And as always, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥

  • Elisabeth

    Love the Lego Movie reference you made!

  • lysette

    Oh man I don’t even know where to begin! The end of summer gliding into fall is the best time of year, it feels there is so much to be thankful for!
    > vegan mofo! <
    -sunny skies w/ cool breezes
    -sending letters & books to friends
    -reveling the abundance of harvest time
    -family gatherings
    - a healthy dog after a dicey week
    -friends bringing a healthy baby girl into the world!
    -surprise visits that warm the heart
    -health, wellness and a deeper sense of what is xox

  • Sonja

    Loving your pics as always! My love list for this week:
    - going to yoga class on a regular basis again
    - sleepover at some of my favorite peoples place
    - riding my bike through the city feeling the warm wind and the last rays of this years sunshine on my skin
    - sweet potatoe caramel muffin
    - henna in my hair
    - baking cookies for my friends
    - dinner with my loved one
    - having tickets for groove yoga festival in Berlin (yeah!)
    - listening to one of my favorite bands while commuting to work

  • Kristen

    Reading your blog is part if my self care routine!
    I’m so very grateful for wonderful clients who spread the word about my business…my husband who is finding purpose and growth in a very difficult work situation…my beautiful son who just learned to walk! Planning a birthday party for him …wonderful children’s lit ( his party is where the wild things are themed)…our perfect seattle summer weather… Family beds meaning I get kitty snuggles, baby snuggles, puppy snuggles and oh yeah, hubby snuggles too! All night!

  • stephie137

    LLL Toronto veg fest! And I’m going right now to finish a quilt with my mom. Those things take me forever!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Those early morning walks on the beach look magical. And oh! I’ve been on that corner of Santa Barbara, I think! I used to visit friends there in my wanderlust/between-the-husbands years, and we’d walk around downtown for hours. (I think that was when my love affair with Anthropologie started…)

    LLL: Change; It invigorates me. // Watching Nina’s personal aesthetic develop, seeing how she chooses to present herself to the world each day. // Cold brewed coffee. // Pre-dawn Saturday morning runs, one of the few things I carried over from my pre-law life. // Watching Nina hug a turkey for the first time last weekend! // The one glass of wine I allow myself every week, on Friday nights (the only night I don’t study), and savoring every. single. drop. while also lapping up a couple of West Wing episodes last night. // Nina rocking out to David Byrne. // Hitting the consignment store jackpot.

  • Sarah

    Looks like you had a lovely week! Mine has been a little challenging, so I’m grateful that you’ve given us the opportunity to write a love list; it helps to take time to celebrate the positives! Here’s my list:

    I got accepted to study for a PhD! / Learning how to communicate honestly and to stand up for myself, instead of habitually avoiding conflict / Quality time with my Grandma, who’s currently very ill in hospital, and every minute spent with her feels so precious / Taking my 14-year-old dog out for a long walk, and watching her charm the pants off everyone we met along the way / The revelatory book Quiet, by Susan Cain, which has taught me that there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert who’s comfortable in solitude / Helen McCrory’s mind-blowing performance as Medea at the National Theatre – I still can’t stop thinking about it, several days later! / Loving, non-judgmental friends / Puppies!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Haha, we LOVE that movie ’round these parts.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    I love this time of year too, Lysette! Even though it’s been hot hot hot here and feels smack in the middle of summer, I know that autumn is right around the corner and I can *feel* it – and I love that feeling!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely Love List!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thank you Sonja, and thank you for sharing your Love List. I must say I am super intrigued by this sweet potato and caramel muffin . . . eh??

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Aww, thank you Kristen! That means more to me than you know. ♥

    And thank you for sharing your Love List, and yay for clients and word of mouth . . . and for walking babes! Eeee, that’s such a fun (and transitional!) time. Ooh also, the invitation for Waits’s 2nd birthday party was Where The Wild Things Are themed. Love it!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Hope veg fest was awesome (sounds like it was) and you had a great weekend!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    aww, we were West Wing binging this weekend too. Love that show! And I love hearing your little updates, and how it doesn’t seem like you’re underwater in law school (lord knows I sunk deep my first quarter back). I’m so happy to hear it’s been a pretty seamless transition (at least it seems) and you’re still loving life, kicking ass, and taking names. =D

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Congratulations on your acceptance Sarah! And I loved reading all the rest of you Love List – I’m sorry your week was challenging, but your list was really sweet so I’m glad you found a few gems to pull out and focus on. ♥

  • stephie137

    It was the best one yet! I met Ginny Messina, Leanne Mai-ly, and found a great book to read with the kids: Animal Hero Kids, Voices for the Voiceless by Susan Hargreaves. I can’t even find an Amazon link, it’s so new. Stories of kids helping animals, lots of pictures and tips. Just the thing I was looking for to help turn our values into actions. Will post on IG (sholkogan). It was a really kid-inclusive event this year: arts and crafts, nutrition q&a, animal hero kids doing their own presentation. Really inspiring. Also awesome food and weather.

  • Sarah

    Thank you! I won’t be starting my PhD until I’m back from my year in New Zealand, but I’m already so excited to get started! Practicing gratitude is even more important during challenging times, so it’s great to have outlets like the Love List! :)

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    School is definitely intense,but in the best way possible! I’m feeling pretty good about things right now – but I’ve always been very selfish when I add “school” to the Venn diagram of Monika’s priorities. I expect a lot from my partner and kiddo! *All* Nina expects of me in return is that, oh, I outlaw all forms of animal cruelty, starting with debeaking and mulesing.

    We’re in the middle of what I like to call Santos Fever on the West Wing. My husband let it slip that he’s never seen (and, I fear, heard of) L.A. Law. For shame! That show was huge for me, having come of age in the 80s. I hope he has at least heard of My So-Called Life, Thirtysomething, Remington Steele, and St. Elsewhere.

  • Katrina Fleming

    I’ve recently discovered The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. Very funny book and brilliant book-on-CD. Might be a little old (but not inappropriately so) for Waits, but worth a look! My sillier fourth grade students — particularly the boys — are eating it up.

  • Animal Hero Kids org isofficia

    Hope you and the kids liked the book, it is at or please.ask at your local book store.
    “Animal hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless” the goal from the profits is to gift each middle and/or Elementary school library.