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August 22nd, 2014 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

you are my sunshine wall

Well! What a week it’s been around here. Poor Waits was sick so I had to keep him home, which means I haven’t gotten much work done, which means my stress levels are through the roof.

Which is something I need to work on.

Anyway, the coming weekend is shaping up to pretty dang awesome, with a trip to LA for Waits and I, a vegan pop-up fashion shop (with cupcakes for the kid!), a beach picnic with my two loves, and lots and lots of gardening. Maybe even a trip to the animal sanctuary if we feel up to it.

So yes, things are looking up! And now, a few final pictures from my travels, and a few from the time since I’ve been back :

The following photos are from our walk at the Albany Bulb, a “park” near Berkeley CA. The Bulb is a literal rubble heap, a landfill built by the city from demolitioned buildings and discarded everythings. The Bulb, situated on the shore of the San Francisco Bay, became a refuge for homeless youth in the 1980s and 90s. That’s when they began making art there.

In the late 2000s the city started systematically evicting the squatters, and since then much of the art has been removed. The Bulb has changed a lot since I first started visiting, so many years ago. I was glad to take Jeremy there before it’s vanished completely.

Albany bulb graffiti

State park or class war?

Albany Bulb driftwood woman


The Bulb graffiti Albany
* Big * Sexy * Angry *

Albany Bulb art

Albany Bulb sculpture

Albany Bulb statue

Albany Bulb street art

Albany Bulb maze

Albany Bulb

Alright, enough Bulb. Moving on . . .

great gatsby costumes

We went to a Great Gatsby-themed wedding!

gluten free cinnaholic
Cinnaholic in Berkeley – SO GOOD! I brought my own gluten-free vegan cookie and ordered 2 frosting shots: 1 peanut butter and 1 butterscotch. Jeremy got a standard cinnamon roll with butter pecan frosting and fresh strawberries. (Everything there is vegan.) Do I need to tell you this was AMAZING?

natto sushi
I finally had a chance to try natto! In sushi rolls at an amazing all-veg Japanese restaurant in the east bay (Saina in Concord). I’ve been waiting to try natto for years. Years I tell you!

dog begger
This old guy. So much.


And now of course, it’s time to embrace the gratitude, with the bright, the mighty, Le Love List

Jeremy, on cultural norms: “Yeah, I’m an alien”. // My new and (FINALLY!) updated About page. // When I posted this pic on Instagram, I lost 4 followers. Haha. // Starting a new morning routine that involves getting up waaaaay earlier, and then walking on the beach with my man and my son. Every morning. // Tofu curry noodle soup. // Having a great sex life. // Having a lot of work to do. // Having the kinds of friendships that can weather a storm. // This essay on how to be a white ally. // And this podcast. Every episode. Listen to all of them. // Summer is quickly winding down. These days, still hot and long, they feel so endless. But I know that right around the corner, autumn is waiting. I don’t want it. Not yet. And that makes these few final summer days all the more special. And all the more worth savoring.

Alright everyone, now it’s your turn! I would love to hear your Love Lists, and to know what’s making all of you smile these days. I hope you’ll share and post your lists in the comments below. Let’s spread the love!

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend that’s full of love and magick!

♥ ♥ ♥

  • Rebecca Carnes

    Love the new ” About me” page:) So very happy you came back to writing here!! I always knew I wanted to raise my son vegan but was at a total loss of how/where to start…so of course I googled “Baby vegan breakfast” and up popped baby Waits…I’ve followed you ever since!! So thank you thank you thank you!!!
    Love list: Gingerbread smoothies!! Yum!, My Vitamix, Fridays and then of course the whole weekend for that matter, Random thunderstorms in the middle of summer! And as always smile, snuggles and kisses from my little man;)

  • Red

    That is some incredible artwork. The sculpture by the water is so haunting.

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Hooray for the new About page! And I’ve been meaning to ask you where you got the shirt in that IG pic? Love it.

    Love list:
    Studying 3-4 hours/night and leaving my house at 5:45 three mornings a week so I can be in the law library when it opens up has been surprisingly easy. Man, I forgot how much I love this shit. // Doctor Who party tomorrow night! // Making *giant* green smoothies before I begin studying every evening, from which I decant about 12 ounces into a glass jar and pop into the freezer for the next morning to drink on campus. // Hill running over my lunch break twice a week, in this glorious 90-degree weather. // Tomato galettes. // Using my 75-minute commute to school to catch up on podcasts.

  • Rachel in Veganland

    My gosh Sayward, your new About page is on my love list too! I just love hearing your strong voice come through in your articulate and thoughtful writing. You also look so lovely in your flapper get up!

    Here’s my love list:
    spending my first “fun” weekend in my new city//sink holes to swim in//the look on my cat’s face when I walk though the door//my new apartment//green smoothies//hummus//meeting my new grad school cohort//my new laptop

    Can’t wait to hear about your LA adventures.

  • rebelgrrrlraechel

    So appreciate the how to be a white ally article. I think I lost some FB friends after a week of unapologetic anti-racist posts about Ferguson, and just like your lost Instagram followers, I say, good riddance. And I love your new About page. Your story is so inspirational. Seeing other women overcome obstacles that I relate to is really powerful, and we’re all so lucky that you’re open to sharing your story!

    My love list:
    a summer of challenges & growth // local vegan restaurant splurges // farmer’s markets // my kitty // songs that make you want to play them on repeat // all the people resisting oppression around the world // back to school time!

  • lleverman

    Well Sayward. I do not like the shirt either; and it is because of the “fuck”; not the feminist. You have so much to offer and sometimes offensive words are better left unsaid because that is not what you are offering to all of us. I will not stop; though I am an old lady. I used that word in my life; I am not a prude; but I also realize it is offensive to many and would not want to publicly display it on a shirt. I am disappointed but I know that your information is good and valuable. As I said to my oldest granddaughter when she said “fuck” while we were talking with my younger granddaughters. She said they hear worse at school and i agreed; but they do not hear it at grandma’s house while having a family discussion. I offer these comments humbly.

  • theveganchickpea

    i go crazy for updated about pages! i love your so much. you are so inspirational. i remember your goodbye post and your “hello again” post like it was yesterday. i had started reading right before you said goodbye and remember being so sad. i’m so glad you came back!!

    your love list is amazing. and having a great sex life is my favorite part. it’s so true.

    my love list: grilled veggies, petit vour boxes, sunny days, brown rice sushi, quiet mornings before the sun rises, my parents support, long walks with my pup, and making my husband smile.

  • WookieWifey

    I love your shirt and I say that anyone who un-followed you just needs to un-twist their knickers. Down with censorship. There are much bigger fish to fry in this world than people saying fuck. Don’t change. Don’t censor yourself, your life, or your thoughts. If someone chooses to let a stupid word fuck up their day, then let them – it is their choice. I, for one, find it so nice and refreshing when people decide to break those molds of societal norms and say what they want, what they feel, what they believe – f-bombs and all – even if it is something I don’t agree with.
    ‘Mainstream’ people are free to voice their opinions all they want, but us ‘weirdos’ get a crooked-eye and a wagging finger a lot of times when we do. You know what? Fuck ‘em. (Can you tell that my least favorite phrase in the world is ‘socially acceptable’?) m/ ^_^ m/

    Love list….
    <3 my cats who kept me endlessly amused while I was couch-ridden for 6 days because of my skin acting up
    <3 my hubs who took care of me during that time
    <3 coconut macaroon cookies
    <3 f-bombs and people not afraid to use them :)
    <3 Omnia's new Earth Warrior video…and…well…Omnia in general as I've had the aforementioned as well as 'Dance Until We Die' on repeat a ridiculous amount of time lately…

  • Lindsay

    Shirt is hilarious, obviously who cares what other people think. I’d probably be more outrageous on IG if my boss and my grandmother didn’t follow me. :::sigh:::: New about page is fabulous! You are such an inspirational blogger and thank you thank you THANK YOU for coming back to blogging :::huge hug:::
    Loves: fall creeping around the corner and lotsa pumpkins, gourds and the works! ~ Celebrating my 1 yr wedding anniversary in a few short months! ~ Hot summer nighttime walks around the neighborhood ~ kitty cuddles ~ family time ~ last semester of grad school! woohoo! ~ and, let’s be honest, my sweet grandma following me on IG and FB and leaving me cute comments :)~ xxoo

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Aww, I’m so glad you found this page and we were able to connect. Vegan mamas unite! ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Amazing, right? I really hope the city doesn’t take it all down. It would be such a loss!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Ooh damn! I just went looking for the shirt and I couldn’t find it! =( The seller was Feministee on Skreened, but there’s no sign of her now. I guess she closed up shop!

    I’m so happy for you. I just wanted to say that. I can’t believe how long we’ve “known” each other, and now both of us back in school, it’s just crazy! I can’t wait until you’re a lawyer, but I’m also enjoying reading all about the process. ♥

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Aw, thank you Rachel!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Haha, yup, pretty sure I’ve been losing Fb “friends” with all my anti-racism/awareness stuff I’ve been posting lately. But hey, anyone scared off by that is probably not anybody we want around anyway, right? ;-)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    For me, I am a writer, and a lover of language. I love all words and I believe that all words have a place – that there is an appropriate time for each word. I do not believe in “bad” words.

    But, I recognize that not everybody feels this way. I really am sorry if I cause offense, and I hope you’ll stick around for all the other stuff I have to offer. ♥

  • Sayward Rebhal

    THANK YOU Caitlin! I always love hearing from you. Thank you for the support and for sticking around through my ups and downs. And thanks for acknowledging that good sex matters! Haha. ♥ you girl.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    My fellow witchy weirdo rebel, THANK YOU! Love what you said here, love your love list. Thank you thank you thank you. You are awesome and I’m so glad to know you here in the Internets land. ♥

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Aww, thank you Lindsay, for your support about the shirt and for your kind words about my new About page. I’m so so so glad to be back!

    And wow, last semester of grad school – that must feel amazing! Congratulations on finishing up, and even more, for whatever comes next!