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August 16th, 2014 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Hello hello, and I hope you’re enjoying the weekend! I sure am, just as I did this whole first week back. You know it was a good (and effective!) vacation when you really feel ready to be home. I wanted nothing more than to get back to work! And that’s a great feeling.

For this week’s pictures of things, a few more snaps from my many travels:

fall river fires

Cousins! (and three fires burning around us in Shasta county)

crumbs restaurant special
This incredible meal at my brother’s restaurant.

crumbs restaurant
These two kiddos watching my brother do his work.

fall river family dinner
A feast for the whole family, prepared by the man I love, out at the little farm house.

biodynamic winery
Touring the all-organic and biodynamic Benziger Family Winery.

winery truck

vegan cheese plate
This vegan cheese plate. So much.

kaz winery
Tasting super funky rustic unfined and unfiltered wines straight from the barrel at the organic Kaz winery. Nothing else like it.

Arrowood estate house
From Instagram: “OMG you guys, I seriously can’t even. What is happening??! Jeremy and I are staying in the Estate House at an organic winery, with the whole place all to ourselves. Like, they just handed us the keys. What??! I’ll tell you what: wine, cheese plate, and pool, that’s what! Man, the perks of dating someone in the wine industry sure can be . . . PERKY.”


And now, because I feel like my gratitude cup is running over and man I have so much to be thankful for:

Le Love List

Jeremy and I were tasting in a big group at a sort of stodgy, fancy-pants (though solar-powered and woman-owned) winery. I asked the hostess what the percentage of woman-owned wineries was, and she said it’s around 12% in the area. I remarked on how that’s pretty low, and this [old; rich; white] man chimed in “Well you know, *smirk* *chuckle* it’s an expensive business!” It caught me completely off guard and because of that, I didn’t even respond. Later, as we were driving away, Jeremy told me “Man, I almost went off on that guy! What the hell does that even mean?! You know, I’ve always believed in equality, but you’ve really opened my eyes to the everyday sexism that women face.” And then I melted into a love puddle. // Espresso over ice. // Getting the confirmation email that I’ll be speaking at The third Vida Vegan Con vegan bloggers conference in Austin TX, next May. I AM SO EXCITED! // Morning walks with Waits that end up in the strangest of places (like a casino arcade at 8 am). // Hearing Waits talking to himself as he plays. // Trying to get a rec from a sommelier and saying “Basically I like poopy wine. Like wet barnyard, musty earth, like I just want my wine to smell like poop.” (by the way I’m not crazy, that’s actually a thing. In wine they call that smell brett.) Anyway, the somm nailed it and when the wine arrived and Jeremy smelled it, he exclaimed “Oh that’s perfect! Like . . . like raspberry sex-armpit!” Wine is a weird world and I really enjoy it. // This song. // This photobooth strip. // This feminist essay. // This poem. // And finally – “I’m so glad we’re the same kind of weird.”

Alright guys, I know it’s the middle of the weekend, but I sure would love to hear your Love Lists as well. Will you share? Post in the comments below, and help spread all that love!

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥

  • veronika

    wow, that essay was a amazing. reaffirming, and reminding of when we are lucky.

    it’s good to read that, thanks for including it!

    i’m loving this interview with mary-claire king in time (; maybe especially since i had my son in grad school, and had to deal with lost funding and not-so-subtle attempts to kick me out as a result. we had many interactions while i was still in school, and she is so confident and well-versed, which probably comes with not having to prove herself to anyone :) i especially loved hearing her rebuff a sexist remark by james watson at a talk, where he said something about how students at cambridge were on average so much better before women were allowed to enroll… jeez.

    also i like your description of the wine! i love a category of perfumes that are “animalics” and generally smell like a combination of cigarettes and, well, sex. probably not vegan, since some of the ingredients are actually taken from the nethers of animals, but not all. rosy florals have nothing on that! :)


  • Rachel

    I love love love that poem (and that whole collection actually)! Thanks for reminding me of it!

  • stephie137

    Ya, sexism sucks. What I’ve come to realize ( making lemonade out of reaaally sour lemons) is that because the old boys club ain’t doing me any favours, I don’t have to play by their rules. I can make it up as I go, with what makes sense for me. It’s freeing.

    Loving new recipes, favourite wines, good reads, trip planning, and finding joy innew things…becoming more of the person I want to be, instead of who I was.

  • WookieWifey

    OH MY GOD! You’re going to be less than 2 hours from me!! Maybe I will have a car by then! :)

    Got so stoked, I forgot le list!
    <3 – my cucumbers that are really taking off
    <3 – my new aloe plant
    <3 – my hubs being all O.O at JUST finding out that I spike a lot of his foods with green tea and/or kale powder
    <3 – STILL cigarette-free! Not a single one in over 2 months.
    <3 – finding new stores where I can get produce and other amazing products normally way out of my budget for way IN my budget

  • vegyogini

    I do believe I’ll be going to VVC next year! Have yet to plan or buy a ticket, but that’s my intention.

  • vegangail

    Such a lovely post, Sayward! The dish you had at your brother’s restaurant (how fun is that?), and the vegan cheese plate look amazing! Is that Miyoko’s cheese? Because for sure, her cheeses are on my love list!

  • Sarah C.

    This week, as with most weeks, I am grateful for
    - running: it has saved me
    - my girl: she’s back from a week at grandma’s and I MISSED HER!
    - the outdoors: I need it
    - freedom: dwelling in that new-found freedom of being 40 yo – the freedom that says “I’ve lived; I do this thing ok and the rest of you can bite me”

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Isn’t that essay amazing?! I love her and her unabashed power. Strong woman, very inspiring.

    Also love your description of your perfumes of choice. I *totally* get it.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    My friend posted that poem on Facebook and I don’t know. . . I don’t usually flip for poetry but MAN, that one got me. Amazing.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    YES. Nobody’s rules but our own. Love it. ;-D

    And thanks for the Love List, I loved reading it and very much relate to it as well. ♥

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Yes! Come to Austin!!!

    Love the Love List! I’m not growing cukes but I’m growing something similar, and mine are just now taking off as well. So fun!

    And omg effing CONGRATS on quitting smoking. You are a badass warrior and you got this. Yay you!!!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh I hope you can come! It’s such an incredible experience – you definitely wont regret it. ♥

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh I wish it were Miyoko’s cheese! It’s actually the White Alder from Kite Hill which I’m pretty sure has been reformulated and is really yummy now. Available at Whole Foods which is nice. I can’t wait for Miyoko’s new line to be released later this year!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Love this Love List Sarah! Cheers to all this, especially happy reunions after a week apart. Have a great weekend! ♥

  • WookieWifey

    Wish hubs would quit so I could now *smell* like a non-smoker, but that is in his own time…But I can BREATHE OMG! I hadn’t realized how badly it was affecting that.

  • rebelgrrrlraechel

    I love that conversation you had with Jeremy! Sorry to hear about the sexism that inspired it, but good to know that there’s one more male feminist on the earth! And I’m actually using that Rebecca Solnit piece in the Gender and Communication class I’m teaching this fall. I find young people (18-22 generally) that I teach are still pretty resistant to calling themselves feminists, but usually by the end of the class, I have a few more ID-ing with that label!

    My love list includes: CSA veggies for dinner every night, visits from long-distance friends, a productive week of writing (revising an article for a journal), Bikram yoga, and back-to-school anticipation!

  • Ashley

    that vegan cheese plate look so amazing!!!

    this is my first time posting my love list, but i want to join in:
    - amazing vegan mexican food in houston (seriously, radical eats is amazing)
    - my partner and her ability to be practical and down to earth (unlike me!) so that we were able to finally buy a car despite my anxiety about it
    - beloved friends visiting me while i live in a less than ideal place to finish my phd
    - queer astrology

  • rachel

    awesome le love list and Jeremy sounds like a badass! is that brett like brettanomyces yeast like they also use in some beers? I love wild yeast beers! :)