Pictures Of Things (Traveling iPhone Edition) + Le Love List

July 31st, 2014 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Hello hello hello! Here I am, somehow, with the weekend send-off . . . camping-style! By now we’re all safe and sound tucked into a tiny hotel room somewhere in South Lake Tahoe, after camping out of cell range for the past 4 days (which was AWESOME, I’ll reluctantly admit). But, that means I haven’t had much time to work on a proper post.

However! I still wanted to say hi. ♥ I love these weekend send-offs and I especially love our Love List sharing. So, here we go! A few quick snaps from this wild adventure of a week:

vegan road trip

This kid is ready.

vegan family camping
Kid snuggles, camp coffee, and those cold quiet forest mornings.

vegan camping at sequoia
These two. These two give me all the happy.

general sherman sequioa
General Sherman. This Giant Sequoia is the largest living thing on the entire planet. And standing there before it is sort of indescribable.

vegan camping roasting hot dogs
I Instagrammed this, but it bears repeating – “So I’m starting a hashtag: #vkidsdoittoo, ie v kids do it too, ie vegan kids are *normal* and get to do all the same things as omni kids do! Like roasting hot dogs on sticks over a campfire, for example. Or any other number of infinite other things that *you guys* might see fit to share. Yes? So please, show me your vegan kiddos enjoying a giant chocolate birthday cake, or going to the amusement park or baseball game, or anything else you can think of. #vkidsdoittoo Use it, share it, spread the love!!”

And you already are. And I LOVE IT! Please keep sharing and keep hashtagging. Let’s do this!

vegan camping hot dogs
Sooo . . . tell me again how vegans are “restricted” and “deprived”? (that could basically be the caption on every. single. food pic. for this entire trip. I can’t wait to show you guys!.

Starbucks selfie
A short-but-sweet hour of all-alone writing time at a coffee shop somewhere between Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park. Working selfie!


And now, because we all have so much to be grateful for, be it big or be it small, if only we can get a look from the right angle. Let’s try!

Le Love List

Road tripping! // I am melting of cute with so many things that come out of Waits’s mouth on this adventure. A sampling: “Hey Jeremy! We’re headlamp brothers, right??” — “MY MOUF ITH THOW FULL” — “Mom, I’m a Ranger. So I help save animals. Rangers are all vegans, right?” He is so smart and keen but so sweet and innocent, he makes my heart burst over and over and over again! // So . . . Snapea Crisps are basically the perfect snack food. I am convinced. // Camp fires. // Making up Star Wars fan fic with Waits (while hiking to a giant cave). // Team Snapea! // Seeing a bear VERY up close (while hiking to a remote lake). // Authentic conversations to resolve conflict. // New friends. // Peanut the camp dog. // Waits roaming the forests in his faerie costume. // This whole adventure was kind of a test, to see if Waits even liked camping. And he does – my goodness how he does! And now we’re already planning our next adventure. // And along those lines . . . planning. When life feels so good, and is just so damn FUN, that all you want is to plan, plan, plan, because all you really want is more, more, MORE! The truth is that my gratitude list this week is infinite. I am so happy, and just so very, very grateful.

And now, I’d love to hear your Love Lists as well. Will you share?? Just leave ‘em in the comments below, and help to spread the love around!

Just a note, I’ll have limited internet access today and tomorrow, and then I’m back out of cell range for another few days. So if I don’t respond to emails and comments right away, please be patient with me!

Alright, have a happy weekend y’all!

♥ ♥ ♥

  • Lacy Davis

    my love list is as follows: coming to southern california to see my sister, then gathering her up and seeing BEYONCE (!!!), the amazing vegan meal I ate with her yesterday, at a very non-vegan restaurant, vegan gluten free cookies at the farmers market, working out with my sister (she’s so strong, it’s awesome), bringing the vitamix on the road-cause why not?, new running shoes, relaxed days in coffee shops to write, and finding out i get to speak at vida vegan con this year! bloggers and blogging <3

  • Sayward Rebhal

    YAY! Lacy I’m speaking too, we will get to meet! So exciting! I can’t wait to see the entire lineup. ♥

  • Rebecca Carnes

    Love all of the camping pics & can’t wait to take P camping!!! And really love Wait’s Faerie costume:):) Hmm…. Love list…. Making homemade popsicles!! Hearing Phoenyx say “posicle, posicle” love his little voice. Finding new books to read (Even if it takes me a week to get through one chapter LOL – momlife). And the beach, sandy toes, wet clothes, catching sand crabs…and releasing them;)

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Hooray for Waits’ love of camping! And road trips, and bear sightings, and the new hashtag. We roasted veggie dogs over our small fire pit the night you started the hashtag, but I didn’t get a picture because we were too busy stargazing.

    This week, I’m loving: home grown film festivals as we count down the end of summer break // harvesting more garden produce that I know what to do with, and then figuring out how to use it all up – preserving doesn’t count! This is the summer of baking, which means roasted tomato galettes and zucchini muscovado streudel muffins // it’s also the year of cheese, so there may be a cashew-based mascarpone tart in my near future // nabbing the last three boxes of EB mac&cheese at Whole Foods this morning before heading in to work // my law books have been arriving all week long in the mail and Mar set up my home office last night to surprise me and he left one of Nina’s Lego work stations set up in the same room which is INSANE but I love his optimism

    Happy weekend!

  • Sarah

    Yay, sounds like you’re having a great time! Love the love list. I love planning things to do. My love list… Being around extended family in the welsh countryside, having a mother-in-law who’s very accommodating of my veganism- it’s the first time I’ve eaten with them since returning to veganism and the father-in-law is big into meat. Phew. I think I’m just grateful for life too.

  • Sarah J

    My very first (!!) ~le love list~: being newly 21, aka newly able to come home after a long day of work and pop open wine in front of my folks (and not feel like I should be hiding it from them, haha); nice customers who come into my work (Starbucks) and tip well, but more importantly make me smile (in a beyond-customer-service way); VEGAN customers coming in and asking what’s vegan at Starbucks, so basically the question I’ve been waiting my whole life to answer in depth; seeing and reading about awesome little Waits on here because it reminds me that wonderful little people are coming into the world every day (and being reminded that really wonderful parents like you and Damian exist!); and, finally, for YOU Miss Sayward, because I am fresh out of college and therefore in an incredibly confusing and heartbreaking and scary part of my life, and little constants like your blog make me so happy and remind me to listen to my heart and be myself. (As does Amanda Palmer, who I never would’ve known if not for this blog, who is helping me through all sorts of madness like no musician ever has helped me before.)

    oof. le love list, in full~

  • stephie137

    Really feel ya with the planning! Everytime we have a new adventure and it works out (like it almost always does) it opens our minds to more possibilities: what should we do with the kids next? Where should we go?! Love it!

    My list: cottage time with all the kids, a sister who house-sat and cleaned my kitchen floor, making vegan s’more cones (soon to be on IG with the new tag), my son the personal trainer who goes biking while I run, stopping at the park for live music on the way home, subsequent dance parties, biking in empty parking lots bc everyone left town for the long weekend (it was a heck of an evening), quality grandparent time, awesome breakfast sandwiches (hummus, csa cuke and tomatoes, avo, bagel). I could go on, but I like brainstorming and life is great, so it could go on a while.

  • Sarah

    Love this post! As I commented on your IG, I’m planning a trip through California and the Pacific Northwest next year, and thanks to your post, General Sherman and the Giant Sequioa park have been firmly added to my must-see list.

    My love list: Planning my move to New Zealand, and my round-the-world adventure – learning to go easy on myself, and realising that it’s *ok* to be in a constant state of mild panic over making such a huge life change – booking in an interview to start my PhD when I come home from NZ – almost criminally cheap theatre tickets – nettle tea – weekend naps – quinoa chips – quality time with friends and family, which is even more special than usual because I’m about to up and leave for more than a year!

  • Courtney Bliss

    Reading this post makes me look forward to this weekend even more. Granted it’s going to be camping at a campsite. But it’s still camping! Even better, camping while using only ASL and written English to communicate! Which leads me to…

    Love list: Silent Weekend! Camping + ASL = Awesomeness! ~ The end of the longest 10-week semester ever ~ My wonderful hubby ~ My wonderful friends ~ Spending 8 hours at the Columbus Zoo with my friend ~ Decent sized paychecks ~ Choosing Raw ~ Fruits, veggies, and everything raw ~ Tahini!

  • vegyogini

    When I was young, our family vacations involved piling into a Volvo sedan and driving up to either Yosemite or Sequoia (depending on the trip) to camp. To this day, I still feel very connected to the giant redwoods and am elated to see your pic! I’m not so outdoorsy, but I do still feel a romanticized pull toward camping in those parks again someday (at a campsite with amenities like restrooms and showers ;)).

    For some reason, your Love List this week reminds me of the little “wills” we wrote as HS seniors that were published in our yearbook that year. They were always full of inside jokes and cheeky things to bequeath.

  • RockMyVeganSocks

    I love your love list =) It makes me happy. It takes the crap day I’m having and reminds me of all of the awesome in my life.
    Glad you guys had an awesome camping adventure surrounded in beauty =)

  • Brandi

    Amazing, I just found your blog.. A little new to the party I know, but I have devoured it like the apples and almond butter I am eating right now haha. Waits is adorable!! And I have the same pair of green converse haha prolly the same size (11) cause I’m pretty damn tall too.. But tall (and short) girls kick ass!! Oh and I loved the faierie costume.. So refreshing seeing pictures of kids being happy when allowed to do what every damn kid wants to do.. Love it!!