Video Review + Giveaway: Petit Vour’s Monthly Cruelty-Free Makeup Subscription Box Is AWESOME [CONTEST CLOSED]

May 18th, 2014 - filed under: Furthermore » Reviews

Have you guys heard of Petit Vour?

Delivery boxes seem to be all the rage these days (um, because they’re RAD!) and I’ve gotten quite a few offers from quite a few companies asking me to sample their services. But the one that really caught my eye was Petit Vour, a little all-vegan company focused on bringing luxury makeup to conscientious, compassionate consumers.

I love the concept, especially as someone who likes makeup but knows very little about it and doesn’t necessarily have the time to thoroughly research every brand, but honestly, what I love most is the price! At $15 per box, this is an absolute beauty bargain. And I appreciate that!

Plus, the owner Madeline has an amazing eye for design. Everything about this company, from the website to the products to the box itself is aesthetically pleasing. It just makes you feel good! I don’t often get to feel like I’m being pampered, but getting this box totally did the trick.


Inside the Petit Vour April beauty box. See my video at the top of this post for a full review!

I loved feeling pampered by Petit Vour, and I want you guys to feel that way too! Which is why I’m teaming up with Petit Vour to give one of my lucky readers a box of their very own. Yay!

So here’s how we do these things ’round here. I think “like-gating” / “fan-gating” is weird and insincere, and I’m not going to make you guys do it.

That said, the truth is that social media stats are pretty important these days, in blogging as well as in business. So no, I’m not going to require you to “like” me all over the Internet just to enter this giveaway. But, if you do like my blog and enjoy the work I do here – and this goes for any blog really – then liking my Facebook page, or following me on Instagram or on Twitter is a great, easy way to help me out. Those numbers really do count for something.

And that goes for Petit Vour as well. No, I won’t manipulate you into following them as a way to get more entries in this contest. But if you’d like to support an amazing, woman-owned, cruelty-free vegan company, a great way to show that support would be to like them on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram or on Twitter.

But you don’t have to! No coercion. Fair?

So, if you want to enter to win the May makeup box, all you have to do is leave a comment here, on this post. Tell us where you’d wear your new makeup!

This giveaway will end on Wednesday 21 May at midnight PST. I’ll contact the winner the next day. Good luck guys!


Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 11.14.47 PM

Congratulations Karoline! An awesome box full of luxury, cruelty-free beauty products is yours! Yay!

The contest is now closed.

  • Jenna Pitt

    I’ll wear to it my college graduation from ucsb in June :)

  • Angie

    Very cool. I would wear it when I visit Italy & France in June.

  • owsla

    I’d wear it when I meet friends for dinner and other social occasions.

  • Leslie

    This is great! I would wear it every day!

  • Cait Byrnes

    This is awesome! I’m a burlesque performer, so I love trying out new makeup to wear to shows :)

  • Marie

    fun! I need some makeup inspiration. I would wear it whenever I left the house!

  • Charlotte Pierce

    Thank you for the lovely review! I would wear a little of the makeup out to dinner with my family.

  • Mary Springfield

    I have started wearing less makeup, mostly due to annoyance with labeling that I feel contradicts itsself as being CR and the parent companies that own or buy out companies I used to adore. I would absolutely be interested in trying a beauty box, that takes the guess and research work out of it! :)

  • Lindsey

    I would wear the makeup out on a date with my toddler son. :)

  • Deirdre

    Yum, yum, yum…treats for the face. I’d love to try some samples! Thanks for the great review Sayward!

  • anna

    I’d wear it out and about this summer!

  • Katie

    Whoa, I almost never wear makeup because I can’t handle all the crazy ingredients (or the price of stuff that isn’t evil!), but I would wear this! I would feel fancy anywhere I wore it, but I would wear it out on dates for sure.

  • Emily

    I’d wear my new makeup all the time!

  • Lauren519

    I wear everywhere! I wear makeup almost daily! :)

  • KatieD

    I would love to wear this stuff pretty much everywhere–which for me, is mostly grocery shopping and for coffee. But I still like to look beautiful!

  • radicalturtle

    I would wear the make-up daily when I go to summer school classes and hang out with my friends ^^

  • Meg

    I think I’d wear it on my face. ;)

  • Rachel

    I would wear the make-up any time I’m not doing field work! I’m always to silly busy to research/purchase new vegan make-up. so this would totally save me!

  • Frugal Vegan Mom

    I’d wear it anytime, it’d be a novelty just for me to own makeup – anytime I try to buy some I get so stressed over the choices I end up just wearing none! (sorry if this got posted twice, problems with disqus login)

  • Mariah Gruner

    I’d wear it to all the amazing concerts I know are coming up this summer! I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, since it’s so difficult to find makeup I feel good about (ethically, environmentally, etc), but Petit Vour seems like an excellent way to make that process easier!

  • Mel

    I would wear it every day! Looks so awesome.

  • Samantha Ellwood

    So cool! I’ve been debating starting a box subscription, and I love trying out new makeup/skincare items…. but again, I don’t love paying full price for something I might end up not liking. This would be a great way to sample great-for-you products!

  • Rachel R.

    I wear the same makeup every single day, everywhere I go – maybe I’m in a rut? I would love to try some new products! Oh, and I made sure to like your FB page, too. :)

  • kittee berns

    I’d try the eyeshadow on my eyeballs, cuz’ I’m looking for new eye ideas!!! Cool stuff, thank Sayward. And I already follow you everyone most willingly, cuz you’re excellent.

  • Penelope

    Oooh I’ve been wanting to try the Petit Vour subscription–sounds great! I’d wear it when I feel like bein’ fancy (although really, what excites me more are the non-makeup products!).

  • Erin

    Honestly, I’d wear it at my dining room table, where I work on my computer every single day (but need the routine of getting ready so I don’t feel totally detached from the real world). But, I’d also take it with me to the upcoming staff retreat across the country!


    I’d probably wear it to work since that rarely happens these days.

  • Bon

    Not sure whether they can ship to the UK, but if they can, I’ll wear it to the local Vegan Fayre coming up in 2 months! :-) I’ll also wear it everyday too and promptly tell everyone about it, whether they want to hear about it or not ;-).

  • stephie137

    To work at the steel mill. Gotta keep it classy!

  • Shannon Johnson

    On my day off relaxing, cooking, and eating with my dude:)

  • Sandi

    Date night with my love!

  • Vi

    To my brother’s wedding in July and FYI, I do ‘like’ you all over :)

  • Sarah C.

    I’m always trying to start thinking about investigating the perhaps looking into maybe stepping up my makeup game at work but, well, never get around to it. This would rock my world a bit.

  • Helen

    I’d wear my new makeup to my new job! Thanks for not forcing us to like and tweet and blah blah blah I really appreciate that!

  • Rebecca Carnes

    On my Match dates!! Hey, this single momma needs to find love too ;);) LOL

  • Gillian Moynihan

    Ok so first, I heart so much that you don’t make us jump through 8,000 rafflecopter hoops to enter.

    Second, where I’d wear my makeup: Philly Vegfest! Super excited for it.

  • Sdyer

    I am an esthetician at a medical spa. Clients are always asking for recommendations and I would love to have some new, vegan products to turn them on to. So I would most definitely wear my new makeup to work! Plus, a box of new makeup to play with would be like Christmas every month!

  • Lily

    I’d wear it to a job interview! Oh god, someone give me a job :0

  • Emerina

    I’d wear it on date night. My make up drawer needs some help right now as it’s full of out dated, dried up cosmetics.

  • Bianca

    Neat! I just love all these boxes, mostly because getting surprises in the mail is the bestest! I’d probably wear it everyday because I’m a makeup whore. I can’t even leave my house without a crap-ton of eyeliner on. In my past life, I know I was a drag queen.

  • amber

    This seems like a monthly box I’d definitely enjoy. Like you, I do like makeup [when I wear it] but I don’t know a lot about it. I have recently switched to Organicwear mascara and tinted moisturizer by Physician’s Formula because I don’t live in an area where I can find many options, and I can find the PF at Target. This seems like it would be perfect for me to try out all kinds of new stuff. And I’m not a perfumy girl, essential oils sound perfect!
    I’d wear the new makeup out on date night with my beau. He doesn’t get to see me in makeup often because I’m kind of a plain jane. And we are both okay with it. ;] But getting fancied up is always nice, too. And I’ve reeeeally been needing some new eye shadow!

  • Karen Barnes

    I would love love love to try this out…and wear it out on the town! A great reason for a date night to re-connect with my husband and feel pretty (not that make-up is required for that but it certainly doesn’t hurt.)

  • Jenny

    I’d love cruelty free makeup… All my makeup is very cruel right now so I need help switching over. I’d wear it all to bed of course… (I always forget to remove my makeup!)…after a hot mom date. ;)

  • Diana

    I’d wear it my new summer nannying job – and then sweat it all off, of course!

  • Emily

    I’d wear it to my graduation… and then to job interviews!

  • raechel

    Oo, looks like a great box! I’d wear the makeup to all the fun summer occasions I’m looking forward to (a friend’s wedding, al fresco date nights, etc.). And I will like all the things on the internet, of course. : )

  • Nichole

    I am always on the lookout for quality cruelty-free makeup. This review looks great and I would absolutely love to try it. It would be perfect for spicing up the everyday!

  • Karoline

    I’d probably wear a little bit for everyday, more for special occasions.

  • Tara

    Love this! I am always on the lookout for more cruelty-free brands! I would probably wear most of these items on a date night with my guy or if I’m feeling extra special to a playdate with the kiddo.

  • Erin

    Seriously need a date night with the hubs! Our three year old keeps us on the run, and for our birthdays, my parents have volunteered to take the kiddo while we have a *gasp* actual evening to ourselves!