Can I Squeeze In A Little Love List?

December 27th, 2013 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback


Hello hello! I hope your holiday season is going splendidly, and if you celebrate Christmas, I hope that it was full of friends, family, fun, and feasting! We had a lovely Christmas Eve spent with Waits and my father, his PapaSan. Waits and I baked chocolate chip banana bread and left a slice for Santa, along with a note which he dictated and I took down word for word.

On Christmas morning Damian came over and we all opened our presents. It was amazing to watch Waits express such joy! This was the first year of my adult life that I actually got a tree (never really celebrated until I was married, and even then it was always at other people/family’s houses) and I gotta say, experiencing Christmas through your child is so. much. fun!

Just a few pics I wanted to share, gosh this kiddo melts me.


And now, a super quick post-Christmas pre-New Years Le Love List!

The weather this winter, which has consistently been in the 70s. JOY! .|. Leaving Waits little messages written with his magnet letters, I try to make a new one for him to find every morning when he wakes up. So far it’s been the only thing that’s gotten him interested in letters/reading, and I’m thrilled that he’s finally taking an interest. Plus it’s super mom-geek fun! .|. My good friend Matt Ruscigno, MPH RD and I are really beginning to flesh out this project we’ve been pondering for a while now, and it feels SO AMAZING. Basically, we’re exploring the all-too-common phenomenon of “ex vegans”. We gave a talk and led a discussion for the Main Street Vegan Academy Master Class via conference call a few weeks back, and on January 11th we’ll be presenting at the Animal Advocacy Museum in Pasadena. So Cal readers, come on out! Matt and I feel like this is such an important topic that our community really should be addressing, but WOW, nobody talks about it. And we’re hoping to change that. .|. Um, in NINE DAYS I’ll be starting graduate school, eeeee!!! .|. Cooking up amazing food with my honey . . . omg so much amazing food .|. Meeting new friends (and neighbors) on Christmas .|. Mmmmmmochi! .|. Top Chef marathons .|. Marathons in general, the ones that involve lying around on the couch in my honey’s arms and totally veging out. Sometimes you really need that! .|. My honey’s arms in general. Like two puzzle pieces, we are. A perfect fit and I’ve never felt anything like it. ♥ .|. And speaking of that, this love poem that Neil Gaiman wrote for Amanda Palmer is fantastic – just my kinda love poem! .|. Feeling ready, so ready in the most wonderful way, for this new year. I welcome 2014 with excited open arms. I can hardly wait!

And now, your turn? I would love to hear what’s been making you smile this season, and in case I don’t get another chance to say it – Happy New Year!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

PS – So Cal families, Waits and I are planning a group trip to a local (LA) farm animal sanctuary, coming up *very soon*. A bunch of BA families are already planning to join us, and we would love to see YOU there too! Email me for details – info AT bonzaiaphrodite DOT com

  • The Vegan Cookie Fairy

    Merry Christmas! (I love that poem for Amanda. So sweet.)

    I guess my love list goes a little like this:

    I live in Scotland. It still amazes me every day. I got my dream. // Woke up this morning to discover that I have had massive viewings of my blog overnight and HOLY COW there are so many of them. Very thankful that people appreciate my recipes and photographs. // My boyfriend is taking a plane to visit me TONIGHT and I am obviously beyond stoked, because he has never been to Scotland, and I can’t wait to show him this magical place. // 2 Broke Girls marathons. I’m getting lots of useful tips from these girls, and it’s funny. // Eating. Just eating, not allowing myself to feel guilty about it, but relishing in eating what I want, when I want to, and that includes breakfast in bed for myself. And talking to my best friend about food and women and feminism. // Talking to my bestie via Skype. We live in different countries and haven’t seen each other in years. I miss her. I miss how we used to be, but I’m thrilled that we’re getting closer again. // Progress. Seeing how far I’ve become. It’s good to remind myself of that. // My sister brought her dog over Christmas and I love that big ball of fluff. Can’t wait to have one of my own today. I seem to love pets more than I love people. // Seeing my baby nephew over Christmas. He’s six months old now! Also can’t wait to have one of those of my own someday. // Life is good. Life is just. so. good. <3

  • Joselle Palacios

    So glad to hear you’re tackling the subject of ex-vegans. Honestly, at this point in time, most vegans will be eventually be ex-vegans. To dismiss them “as not really vegan anyway,” which is what The Internetz Vegan Inc. usually does, is simplistic and it denies us the opportunity to know how and why people sustain their veganism. It also dissuades people from being somewhere on the vegan continuum

  • Joselle Palacios

    I have such problems with disqus on my iphone! I wasn’t done but I’ll leave it at that. :) can’t wait to hear more about this project. Happy Holidays!!!

  • Suz

    Grad school?! Eeeee how exciting! Can you reveal what you’re studying?

  • stephie137

    Christmas with kids, for sure! Two weeks vacation! Time to try recipes from my new cookbooks. Dad watching the kids so I can sleep in…so, so awesome.

    Also, when people ask why I’m vegan, I talk about why I STAY vegan, bc it seems more relevant.

  • Courtney

    Winter holidays! ~ Getting to celebrate Yule with our close friends and
    their boys. ~ Watching the boys ripping through the wrapping, enjoying
    their presents, and wading through the wrapping to be sure they got it
    all. :) ~ Spending all of Christmas day with my hubby, mostly snuggled
    on the couch watching Christmas movies. ~ Having amazing teachers who
    are willing to write me letters of recommendation for grad school. ~ My
    hubby. ~ Re-reading No Impact Man and getting a whole new way of looking
    at things out of it.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Merry Christmas, and so glad to hear that things are SO good for you! ♥

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Love this comment, and unfortunately you are right. The recidivism rate for vegetarians is 75% (average length of 5 years). Comparable surveys haven’t been done on vegans, but I can only imagine that number would be higher. :(

    So yes, very important I think.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Haha, happy holidays!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Hi Suz, so I’m doing a masters program in biology, not sure yet where I’ll focus. Thinking macroevolution or behavioral ecology. :-)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh yes, precious sleeping in time! I hear you on that. Happy holidays!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Aww, sounds like a great holiday. Happy New Year, too!

  • Brittany

    Can I say a little something? Sawyard, I have been religiously reading your posts and following your journey for the past few years. You are one of the most strong, intelligent, thoughtful, and caring people I have ever met (well, not really met, but I feel like I know you thorough your eloquently written posts and the way you make us feel like we are all part of one giant family), You have been the catalyst for me to change my life in ways I never expected I would/could ever even attempt to manage and it has been such an honor and a joy that I could count on your blog and the community you bring with your passion and dedication. Your posts and the topics you write about give me a sense of peace and belonging and make me feel that I am not alone in the struggle to end animal cruelty and to educate the public about such important issues such as the end to abuse, the perseverance of conservation biology, showing kindness when it is most needed, and being true to who you are and sticking up for your beliefs. This past year has been extremely difficult for me and my family, and your winter solstice post really resonated with me an made me cry, not tears of sadness, but tears of joy and tears of letting go of the past so I can finally make positive changes in the non-human animal communality and share that knowledge and passion amongst pet owners an among the general public as one. On winter solstice, as you said the darkest year of the night, I received the light,. I got into veterinary school and it has been such a blessing and I am so excited to start this new chapter of my journey to help animals in any way that I possibly can. My goal is to help change relationships among species, so that human and non-human animals can connect on so many levels of trust and friendship and have more loving and trusting relationships, and that I have the ability to be there to guide them to that place. I also hope to use a more holistic approach and use the power that mother nature provided us with originally to heal and protect those among us rather than use pharmaceuticals and unnecessary surgeries to help our animal companions and friends. I just wanted to thank you so much for showing me how with hard work, dedication, and a true passion for all living beings is really what makes life joyous and worth living. So Thank you my dear friend, for helping me see the light so clearly, and I hope that I can continue to reflect back to your resources on a consistent basis to remind me of the path I have chosen and why it is so important to spread our message of unyielding love and compassion.
    -With love, Brittany

  • Brie

    Here is my love list: kombucha, adventures in the middle of the night, choosing to love, early morning work outs that make me feel accomplished by 6:30 am, blankets in cold cars, easy conversation, the possibility of romance, snuggly dogs, gut laughs, and unexpected kindness.

  • Lynn

    Hope you all had a Wonderful Holiday and have a Happy and Healthy 2014!
    Love List!!!
    -Beautiful snow on Christmas Eve and gorgeous winter sunrise on Christmas Morning
    - A rare few days of vacation time from my day job, on one of which I stayed in my jammies all day, and curled up under a quilt my mother made for us for Christmas and read pretty much all day :)
    -Finally scraped the money together to buy an exercise bike :) Now I have no excuse not to be active in the winter months!
    -My crazy wonderful family :)
    -Taking ona sewing project that and doing most of it myself with only a little help from my Mom :)

  • Deirdre

    Joy of joys! <3 your little tree. I'm loving twinkling lights, lentils and pomegranate,finishing my MS and moving onto revising the next, and lots of QT with family. xoxo

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Hi Brittany, thank you so much for writing this. I’m sorry it’s taken me a few days to respond – I wanted to wait until I had the time to really sit down with this. What you have written here is so beautiful and so moving for me. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear that my words have impacted you or helped you in some way. People talk a lot about the Internet and social media as this isolating, fractioning thing, but there is also so much community and connection to be had. I am so honored that you have found this space, and that you feel at home here!

    And girl, CONGRATULATIONS on vet school. In a former life that was my intended path as well. I still dream about it sometimes. It always surprises me that even vets, who work all day with companion animals and must witness their rich and complex lives, can somehow be disconnected from the emotional truth of human-animal and animal-animal relationships. I’m so happy to hear that you will be able to be a voice for compassion and a new understanding of animals, in that world which will so benefit from it. You go do your thang girl, and kick ass. I’m so happy for you. Please keep in touch and share your vet school journey.

    Much love,

  • Elizabeth

    Um, amazing! I only started reading your blog this year, yet I feel as though I know you and your successes make me really happy! So, I wish you and that beautiful boy of yours an amazing 2014, I hope you get to experience many more exceptional moments. (And can we please see more videos of ‘Ironman’ punching stuff? They’re just so adorable!)

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Wishing you an amazing and transformative 2014!

    A quick love list to kick off my year ahead: Top Chef and Walking Dead marathons while I knit amigarumi! .|. teaching Nina how to knit (Santa brought Ni her very own needles+oodles of vegan yarn) .|. ringing in the new year with my not-so-little-anymore new year’s baby, who managed to keep her eyes open just long enough to shout the countdown and blow out her birthday candles .|. birthday cake for breakfast :D .|. 78 degree weather on Christmas eve .|. overhearing my honey and his mum explaining to someone else that I only knit with vegan fibers which means NO WOOL! Nina’s new “hip hop” shoes and the way she struts when she wears them .|. 2014 has been declared the year of vegan cheese (by me), the year of farm animal rescue (by Nina), and the year that Monika finally starts knitting socks (by Mar) . . . I’ll likely start law school this autumn, so it’s going to be a pretty busy year all around!

  • bohemianmatka

    I haven’t written much in a while, but I’ve been checking in and reading everyone’s posts… I hope y’all are having a wonderful Holiday season! Here’s to a beautiful, fantastic 2014 :)