The Weekend Send-Off

October 17th, 2013 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback


I’ve been wanting to write a Love List for weeks now, weeks I tell ya! Between working, mothering, studying for the GRE (I did good! [enough]), romancing, sitting on the board of the preschool’s non-profit, applying for jobs (because OMG I just. need. money. in the interim between now and going back to school), trying to build and nurture my budding Vegan Lifestyle Coaching business, and helping my not-boyfriend with some super big stuff, well, WHEW! I am a busy lady!

But hey, who isn’t?

And I really want to write Le Love List, because amidst all the madness and despite the financial despair, I gotta tell you. I am BUCKETS FULL OF HAPPY.

And I hope you are too. Let’s share!


Le Love List

green/veggie juice for me and my man, almost every single day in October .|. juice with ginger and melon, holy moly what a pair .|. booking a radio show and feeling simultaneously proud, excited, and SCARED SHITLESS omg . . . .|. have you heard of the upcoming documentary The Ghosts In Our Machine? i was able to preview a screener and wow, this film is thoughtful, evocative, and visually captivating. you can watch the trailer here, and you should definitely see it when it’s released! .|. morning cuddles with Waits .|. a successful new bed time routine with Waits! hallelujah! .|. cooking with my honey, and inventing *really* yummy stuff .|. champagne tastings .|. lunch with Damian and reconnecting, feeling comfortable and close enough to share truth with each other, really enjoying our friendship, being committed to our non-traditional-but-still-very-much-a-family-unit, and getting excited gabbing together about the coolest kid in the entire universe .|. Waits is so smart. he’s three and a half and I’m pretty sure he’s already smarter than me .|. pushing out of my comfort zone! .|. early birthday presents (yes, *really* early) .|. I HAVE TICKETS TO SEE TOM WAITS NEXT WEEKEND!!! .|. planning a little bay area adventure to accompany those tickets to see Tom Waits next weekend .|. getting *really* creative in order to afford that adventure to accompany those tickets to see Tom Waits next weekend .|. that feeling. that feeling I have all the time these days, after having lost it for so long. hope.


Now it’s your turn! Will you share? Pretty please? I miss our love lists so much, and all the gratitude and joy that they engender. I hope you’ll share, but most importantly, I hope that you have SO SO SO much to be happy for!

  • The Vegan Cookie Fairy

    My love list: I am going to London tomorrow to see my darling, I’ve missed him so much // Porridge with cinnamon and banana, and spiced winter tea // It’s Friday and I’m not in class, woohoo // I’ve been applying for internships and getting loads of positive responses, which makes me feel extra confident and bad-ass, which is always a bonus for me // I should be getting a really nice cardigan in the post today, which will go super well with my new dress // I have canned pumpkin puree in my cupboards and pie shall be made today // Life is very busy and overwhelming and stuff with my parents isn’t going great, but after a good cry last night I woke up more settled and ready for a big talk with my mum // I’m going to see my baby nephew this weekend // and also friends from my previous uni, who I haven’t seen since we graduated last May.

    Thanks for sharing your list and letting me share mine :)

  • Sonja

    My love list:
    - this blog (honestly, I love what kind of community you have created here and your musings about being a vegan mom and all the good and bad that comes with it – so inspiring!)
    - settling in my new job and learning a lot
    - friends
    - the vegan box (the German version of the vegan cuts snack box)
    - yoga every damn day
    - homecooked meals
    - that my room mate is feeling a bit better after the accident
    - spending time with my god son
    - weekend trips
    - sweet voice massages

    Wow, thats a lot to be happy for! A great weekend to all of you!

  • Lynn

    Yay! I’ve missed these love lists so much! Your hope and happiness really radiates, I can practically feel it shining out from the screen!
    Love List!
    -Performing a few weekends ago at an All-Women Performance Art Fest and getting lots of great feedback :)
    -Performing in staged reading of a new play by a local playwright this weekend :)
    -Making homemade pumpkin puree and applesauce :)
    -Getting to see my nieces in their Halloween Costumes :)
    -A bright ORANGE moon on my very early morning drive to work :)
    -Gathering a bouquet of Fallen Leaves on my lunch break yesterday :)
    -Flannel Sheets :)
    -Our kittens!!! Can’t believe we’ve had them for almost two months already! They’re so much fun and so cute!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! xoxo

  • Sarah

    My love list:

    - Making plans for my New Zealand adventure (two weeks to go!)
    - Getting an interview for a dream job
    - Coming home after a day at work and being greeted by my dog as though she hasn’t seen me in a million years
    - Reuniting with old friends and reflecting on happy memories
    - Becoming completely absorbed in a life-alteringly great book
    - Many, many cups of nettle and ginger tea (best combination ever!)
    - Getting my eyeliner right first time this morning :)
    - The weird feeling of invincibility that this year’s many challenges have given me, and pride in myself for creating happiness from tragedy, for the most part at least!

  • saraandcompany

    You know, I’ve never written a love list which is sorta nuts because I’ve read this blog for so long. So here we go!

    -my first solo art show starts today! So I’m putting it up in an hour or so!
    -matcha green tea
    -blogging with my best friend who lives in California, and long emails to and from her
    -kicking ass at art school this year
    -getting into routines, eating better, feeling better about myself in general.
    -yoga and running
    -my boyf is getting so many interviews for awesome jobs and I’m so proud!
    -working at a vegan friendly cafe and making vegan food for people. There is something so satisfying with serving food that people love and seeing empty plates come back into the kitchen.
    -Braids (as in the music)! And the new Arcade Fire album comes out soon!

  • stephie137

    Leftover nacho dip on brown rice, happy healthy smart kids (does Waits see things and make connections you never would, but it’s awesome when you figure out what he’s trying to tell you?), finishing a PITA report at work, first concert out with my partner in years last night, rocking my thirties so much more than my twenties great fall weather, an easy schedule this weekend, PURGING the crap out of our house, grandparents, a great book…I’ve got lots of gratitude these days!

  • stephie137

    Also, happy for this post. I checked on a whim and here it is! Thanks!

  • Bianca-Vegan Crunk

    - Birthday love from all my friends this week!!!
    - Full moon time with my witchy sisters last night

    - My planned birthday potluck this weekend
    - A block party tonight in Crosstown, my little up-and-coming arts district neighborhood

  • coconutandberries

    I love these posts and even more so when I know you’re “buckets full of happy”
    - Cold, crisp mornings and clear blue skies
    - Exciting opportunities heading my way
    - Building new friendships
    - My Mum being there for me ALWAYS
    - Kitchen successes- lot of raw yummies :)
    - It’s Friday!!

  • Meg Travis-Carr

    :D So many things to love!
    - I’m finishing up a three month internship at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY, and I LOVE this place, the beautiful animals, and the wonderful people! It’s going to be very bittersweet leaving. I also absolutely love the fact that you wrote a post about how wonderful theses places are for children and adults to visit. The kids who visit have such a great experience that they will carry with them forever.
    - Despite this amazing adventure I’ve been on, I can’t wait to return home to my husband back in Memphis, TN (shout out to Bianca from Vegan Crunk whose blog I also follow and love, as well as her awesome cookbook!). The fact that he’s so incredibly supportive and encouraging makes me love him more every day. He’s the best buddy a girl could ever have.
    - The Fall and all of the glorious changing colors.
    - Total Yoga: Fire, The best yoga DVD ever.
    - This blog. It has been such an inspiration and resource in my journey into veganism. Thank you!

  • Lynette Cowie

    Living and express gratitude is beautiful. So let me share:
    having my husband around (until he leaves again tomorrow),
    sharing my home with two mindful, compassionate and loving daughters,
    having the time to feed us, exercise, read and listen about this truly empowering vegan lifestyle.
    Gazing into the eyes and stroking the soft fur of Alex, Max and Trix, our cat & dog companions!
    Last but not least sharing this with friends and fellow Kindnesses.

  • Guest

    I’m loving that three of my previous students came to visit my after school yesterday. (and all separately!) It was nice to see how they were doing and

  • Katrina Donovan Fleming

    Well, Happy Weekend! I’m in love with my Katsura Tree in our front yard (we planted it about five years ago). Each fall, it smells like Cotton Candy. No joke. Cotton Candy. I’m loving my fall visits to my local garden centers. Simply walking amongst the flowers and trees makes me insanely happy. Don’t need to buy a thing. (Though that’s fun too.) I love that I got a text from my husband while I will still at work late yesterday afternoon after a very trying day teaching that said he got off work early and was making dinner. I love that there was a glass of chilled white wine awaiting me when I walked into the front door and a set of loving ears that were ready to listen to how my day was. I’m loving the book I’m in the middle of (The Signature of All Things.) I’m loving understanding friends. I’m loving that I finally ordered a coat from Vaute Couture and will receive it soon! And finally, silver nail polish on my toes. Love it.

  • Sarah C.

    So much to be grateful for this week (and always!)
    - my little girl choosing to befriend the girl in her class who had no one to play with
    - sweet family time and some time alone to recoup and get work done

    - chasing hot air balloons and watching them land!
    - running!
    - loving where I live!
    - the bluest of skies (see above: loving where I live!)

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    You’ve been a bucketful of happy for some time now, thank you for sharing your love list and giving us all a forum to do the same!

    Right now, I’m loving the fact that Nina finally decided on a Halloween costume (Chris Kratt in a hummingbird creature power suit) .|. listening to Nina belt out No! Sleep! Til BROOKLYN!! on the way to school this morning .|. the look on the principal’s face when she helped Nina out of the car, still singing .|. baking my way through Bake and Destroy .|. seeing my xgfx pumpkin chocolate cheesecake sell for $100 at a silent auction for my local farmed animal refuge .|. busting out my yarn stash and ordering an entire set of new-to-me needles from Etsy .|. all things witchy .|. candy bar spinach smoothies .|. roasted butternut squash in everything .|. finding the bottle of my favorite hematoma red nail polish I thought I’d lost .|. slowly easing back into running and yoga .|. an unexpected pen pal .|. Fraggle Rock .|. harvesting rose hips from my gardens this weekend

  • bohemianmatka

    I was browsing their site… love their clothes! :)

  • bohemianmatka

    1) I love your ‘love list’, all of it lol
    2) I want some ‘hematoma red’ nail polish ;)

  • gracekelle

    Ginger and melon? Yum!!!
    -Captain Phillips – it’s a must see
    -Love Granola – even if granola is high in sugar
    -my trigger point foam roller – it has saved me after long runs training for the marathon
    -Saturday morning coffee and reading
    -good music, enjoying Yuna and Cody Karey…and listened to Coltrane last night