The Weekend Send-Off

May 9th, 2013 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

My brand new hair – a million shades of red. ♥ ♥ ♥

You guys!! I must’ve broken a mirror or crossed a black cat or SOMETHING without knowing it. Last weekend, the day after Vegan Beer Fest, the “big camera” (ie, the one I use to shoot for this blog) up and died. Or at least, the lens did – and that’s the only lens I have. Sad trombone!

Then on Monday morning, I was writing and a teeny tiny splash of tea sloshed onto my lap top track pad. I wasn’t concerned – it didn’t even register as an issue – I just wiped it away and kept working. But then . . . my mouse started skipping and dancing, and screens started sliding around and oh my god. Oh my god, my friggin’ computer! This is *not* good.

On top of all that, I’m still overwhelmed with more work than I have time for, and I’m still behind at . . . well . . . pretty much life.

♥ HOWEVER! ♥ Despite all the many mishaps, I’m actually in much better spirits than I was at this same time last week. Don’t ask me why, but I’m managing to meet it all with a smile, even though no joke, I’ve been working on >THIS PARAGRAPH< for over 10 minutes, because the screens keep flying around and the mouse keeps inadvertently clicking on random things, and I had to shut my computer for a few minutes to let it rest. Seriously.

Okay, I just restarted it, let's see how that goes. Oi.

So here's the deal. I'm going to drop my computer off at the Apple Store this weekend. I'm going to skip town and leave all my work behind. I need some R&R, like STAT. I finished my grading work today, so that's a big load off. Next week, I'm going to play catch-up. I'm going to focus on a few new clients (yay!), I'm going to get the pile-up under control, and that will help me shed some of this stress I've been carrying.

Which means I'm not going to blog next week. I'll come back rested and enthusiastic and ready to give 100% . . . the week after. I'd rather do it that way, instead of spreading myself too thin, and blogging half-assed as I drag the work out over weeks.

Thanks for understanding. See you in a week and in the meantime, please wish me luck with my computer! (by which I mean, please WI$$$H for me oh my goodness please let it be a simple fix!)


I found this awesome little video of last weekend’s LA Vegan Beer Fest, so I thought I’d share. It’s short and super cute, and best of all the song is great! (also, tons more pics from the event, here)


And now, even in a bad-luck week, I am feeling hopeful and heart-full and most of all, GRATEFUL! So here we go with my favorite part of Friday:

Le Love List!

1. Meeting Bonzai Readers!
Last weekend at the LA Vegan Beer & Food Festival, I had a bunch of readers come up and introduce themselves. I love that!

Okay truthfully, there is a reason why I blog. I am pretty darn shy, and very introverted, which is why I do so well from behind the safety of the keyboard. I always feel awkward when readers approach me, and I’m sure I’m a big silly mess. But I don’t care – I still love to meet you guys, and connecting with like-minded people is always so inspirational! So if you ever see me out there, please do come up and say hi!

2. Tomorrow night’s dinner at Crossroads
Ooooooooh myyyyyyy gooooooood I am SO excited to eat all the tasty foods! Crossroads is LA’s newest vegan hot spot, a fine-dining experience from chef Tal Ronnen (author of The Conscious Chef, and personal chef to Oprah, Ellen, and more), offering Mediterranean-style small plates, salads, and farm-to-table cocktails. It looks amazing and I just want to EAT ALL THE THINGS. Check out the menu and help me decide! I know for sure I’m going to have to try the Kite Hill cheese plate, but other than that I have no idea. What would you get??!

Of course I’ll Instagram the whole meal, which reminds me – you should follow me on Instagram! I rarely cross-post the pics with this blog, so it’s really different content. My Instagram feed is mostly filled with pictures of awesome vegan grub, my adorable kid, me holding random animals I find around town (mostly frogs and lizards and bugs and stuff – yes, I’m still an ecologist at heart) and the occasional semi-serious selfie. It’s good times – you should follow!

3. Veganism Is For Mothers
An article I wrote for Veg News last year, when I wasn’t blogging, and thus I wasn’t able to share it with you guys. But I’m very proud of it – in fact it’s one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever written.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it sure would mean a lot to me if you would read it.

Also! southern California corner stores which always stock tortillas, a selection of delectable hot sauces, and those awesome kitschy sanctuary candles .|. picnics with friends .|. dying my hair .|. gluten-free vegan carrot cake cupcakes .|. steamed rainbow chard, it is maybe my favorite food and I just can’t get enough .|. listening to my body – going to bed early .|. texts with friends who talk me down .|. taking Harley along on our adventures .|. researching for clients and learning a ton .|. the relationship I have with my boss .|. the relationship I have with Damian .|. this upcoming weekend escape oh yessss .|. and of course, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, to all you amazing mamas out there!


Alright guys, now it’s your turn – let me know what you’re loving this week!

This happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend, so stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, feel free to just introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

Hope it’s warming up where you are. Have a great weekend!

  • The Cookie Fairy

    You go take some well-deserved rest! :)

    I look forward to reading that article you wrote, I’m always keen to broaden my horizons and absorb more knowledge about the vegan lifestyle. One thing i’ve learnt is to always keep informed, because people will inevitably ask you questions about your lifestyle, and you’ve got to have answers prepared. Also, I’m a nerd and a bookworm. What can I say.

    My love list:
    1. Today I’m going to pick up Ms Cupcake’s very first cookbook! She’s a Canadian and opened the very first vegan bakery in London. I love her, and her cupcakes. I keep asking her to give me a job in her bakery, but she never has any vacancies.

    2. I started working part-time as casual waiting staff again, and though it has MANY downsides, I’m making money, and that means savings for holidays this summer.

    3. No classes this week! :)

    Have a good weekend, Sayward xoxo

  • Lynn

    Have a wonderful weekend! You deserve it! Happy Mama’s Day!
    Love List!
    -Finding a locally made whole-wheat pita that actually tastes good :)
    -An awesomely productive meeting with my co-teacher and interns for the theatre camp I am teaching this summer :)
    This doesn’t sound like a love-list thing, but it is. I really haven’t been feeling like myself these past few months, low energy, weight gain, headaches, itchy skin, digestive issues, that kind of thing. I finally gathered the energy, funds and time to go into my doc and get a bunch of blood work done. I’m really glad I did this, becasue the results with either pinpoint the issue or, if everything comes back clean, show my how delve deeper to see what (if anything) is really wrong. So, the love list part is advocating for my health :)
    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  • vegantravelgirl

    Vegan bakery in London ont?! Tell me please! (from there)

  • Ellen M. Gregg

    Happy Mother’s Day, and happy Mother’s Week for you. Hope it’s just what you need.

    My Love List:
    ~ Bartering Reiki for massage. Best barter arrangement ever.
    ~ Getting into the backyard multiple times this week to aid the overtaken raspberry bushes.

    ~ Friends and family who value what I have to offer.


  • The Cookie Fairy

    It’s called “Ms Cupcake”, it’s the cutest bakery you’ve ever seen! It’s run by Mellissa Morgan, vegan baker extraordinaire. The sweetest woman you’ve ever known, and her cupcakes are even sweeter. They’re down in Brixton :) Check out London Vegan Meetup, it’s a site where you can sign up for meetups with fellow vegans in London, in all sorts of interesting places. There are drinks nights, a bookclub, dinner nights, potluck events, …

  • Nancy

    Beautiful, well written article on VegNews! As a new vegan, I stumbled across your website recently and really look forward to reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • Lindsey

    I Just read your VegNews article. Beautiful. Just beautiful. You have a gift with words mama.

  • Kristy

    Hey there! You are going to love Crossroads! My favorites are the artichoke oysters, the flatbread with spicy roasted cauliflower, the kale spanakopita, and the cheese plate brought tears to my eyes (I’m a former fromagier and used to make cheese plates like that for a living). So amazing. I hope you have a blast!

    My love list: my dog jumping into bed with me several times this week (she’s been unable to for months due to what we thought was old age. Now she’s acting like a puppy again!) and looking forward to an entire weekend alone with my husband without the kiddos (though they will be missed. :-) ).

  • implodes

    those candles aren’t ‘kitschy’…they’re very important tools for how a number of people practice their religion. just because you aren’t religious doesn’t mean you need to be disrespectful of other people’s culture and customs.

  • Kelly Waivio Muschiana

    My Love List:
    -A whole straight week of fabulous, warm, sunny spring
    -Several days of yard work and garden creating
    -My first Mother’s Day!

    Enjoy your weekend escape!!!

  • Taylor

    This week I am loving:

    -The start of “summer”! School’s out and I’m feeling good. :)

    -The Hobbit. (book and movie)

    -Thunderstorms here in northern Arizona for the past few afternoons. Though it’s not monsoon season yet. That’s when it gets REALLY good.

    also loving my friends, board games, sangria, and did I mention that it’s summer?

    Happy mother’s day!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    I disagree that those two things are mutually exclusive. Some objects that are considered incredibly precious to one group of people, may also be considered totally kitschy to another group.

    Regardless, I meant no disrespect and I apologize if I offended you.

  • MathTutor

    Don’t let this person get you down, Sayward. I’ve practiced Catholicism for a while and I know plenty of Catholics who find them “kitschy” too. And just because they/yourself/me find them to be tacky doesn’t mean we disrespect any religion…we just have different tastes in our candles. Also, you said they were awesome in the same sentence, and after years of reading this blog I know for a fact that you respect everybody’s different beliefs here, because we are a community!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    I remember reading your article last year in VegNews – beautiful. This weekend I’m loving warmer weather! Lots of gardening will be happening, including a gardening-related class tomorrow for the Vegan Living Demo series I’ve been teaching.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thank you sweetie, I definitely feel like I need it – and it’s well deserved! I’m bummed to take a week off from blogging, but I know it will be better in the long run.

    Hope you have a good week too!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thanks Lynn – hope you have a great weekend too!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thanks Ellen! Have a great one. =)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh thank you Nancy, I’m so happy you read it and glad to hear you liked it. Have a great weekend!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Aw, thanks Lindsey. I’m so glad you liked it! I loved writing it. =)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh man my mouth is watering! Thanks for all the tips, that’s so wild you used to be a fromagier! I’m definitely getting the cheese plate, no question. Also the artichoke oysters sound incredible!

    Glad your doggy is feeling better! =)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thanks lady, I really appreciate this. <3

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Aw, enjoy your first mother’s day! LOVE that feeling. =D

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Yay for summer – have a great weekend!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Wow that’s awesome, what are you teaching garden-related in your class?

  • Danika

    The article is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the computer–I’m sending good vibes. I am loving that I finished up my finals yesterday and get to spend the summer home with my girlies. Also loving the yoga intensive study I started and the sunshine that has finally found us in Minnesota!

  • Lysette

    Unfortunately Ms Cupcake, a Canadian, is in London England.

  • lysette

    My Love List:

    ~Exquisite smelling lilacs when I enter my yard.
    ~My amazing week in Portland. The coffee exceeded my expectations. I xox Heart. The Lovecraft Festival was everything and more than I had hoped. Bought shoes from Pie. Ate so much amazing food. Caught Aliens at the Coho theatre. A chamber concert and a solo Pianist. Defiantly an annual trip from BC.

    ~I picked up your Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide at Herbivore last week. Though I plan to not have children I wanted it to expand my vegan library and knowledge, especially as all my friends are having babies! I love your voice already and it’s really nice to have it in a book format.
    ~Farmer’s Market tomorrow with sunshine and friends.
    ~Feeling loved and grounded and filled with gratitude.

    Happy Mother’s day!

  • Sarah

    I remember reading that article while pregnant with my now 3 month old daughter, one of my fav articles. You were actually the kick up the butt I needed to go vegan in 2011, I started reading your blog and within weeks became vegan and haven’t looked back. Your book was also the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant last year. Tomorrow is my first mother’s day and I’m super excited <3 have a great weekend Sayward.

  • Susan McNamara

    That article is beautifully written and it rings so true to me. I have to tell you what an inspiration you’ve been to my family. I’ve been vegetarian for almost 15 years and if I’m going to be honest with myself I knew in my heart I was turning a blind eye to the dairy and egg industry. Why? It was too hard to avoid all animal products-too expensive-too big of a pain in the ass to go out to eat…….I’m not entirely sure why I guess. One thing that was definitely holding me back was my kids. I have a 13 year old, a 2 year old and a 3 month old who is exclusively breast fed. Finding your blog has been a real blessing to me and seeing how happy and healthy Waits is really gave me the confidence to take the plunge and start raising our family vegan. Its been almost 3 months and my husband and I feel like a million bucks. (My EBF baby is off the growth charts btw the dr. was cracking up and said Im making vegan half and half HA!) Not only do I feel better physically but I can’t even put it in words how much peace living this compassionate lifestyle has brought me. Thank you for being a terrific resource and for doing what you do to inspire others.

  • Cammila

    Glad I’m not the only one who has weeks like this. But honestly, this love list could lift anyone’s spirits. Hope this week is treating you a little easier! :D

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    It was a Vegan Gardening 101 class couched within a Container + Companion gardening class. So, pretty much everything from the vegan ins- and-outs of gardening (compost/compost tea, store bought + homemade fertilizers, sourcing plants + materials), to the basics of container planting, and the benefits and how-to’s of companion planting. And then we had a vegan BBQ feast! :D