The Weekend Send-Off

January 20th, 2012 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

What a week!

Good food . . .

Good times . . .

Good kid . . .

(and it’s a good thing he can’t read!) (that’s my old college calculator – his new favorite toy. ha!)

Oi Oi! Haaaaaappy Friday! I had a long week full of highs and lows, and I’m so glad that the weekend’s here. Bring on the fun times! Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?


I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve updated my Juice Beauty review from Monday. The kind folks at Juice Beauty are offering a special gift plus free shipping to Bonzai readers! Very cool – check it out!.


And with business out of the way, we move on to the goodness, the greatness, Le Love List!

1. This article.

“It’s helluva hard, isn’t it? You’re a good mom, I can tell. And I like your kids, especially that one peeing in the corner. She’s my favorite. Carry on, warrior. Six hours till bedtime.”

I don’t usually put things like this on my love list, but this one really resonated with me. I think it will resonate with the rest of you parents, too. And just in case you’ve ever wondered – yes, I relate to and have felt EVERY thing expressed in that article. Yup yup.

2. New friends.
Awesome women coming into my life these days, from all directions, just when I need them. Thanks for the talks and the coffee and the coffee with vodka, for the baby wrangling and the longer-than-we-needed drives home, for the commiseration and the understanding, and for letting me look like an ass (literally) when I showed up with the ass of my shorts split wide open (unbeknownst to me) (NOT my finest moment). But really, thanks.

Sunday is the day, but the whole weekend will be for celebrating. Yay! Fun times! BRING IT ON!

Also! walking and talking in the rain with my baby zipped up completely under my sweatshirt // Grey’s Anatomy marathons that go past midnight . . . every night // our weekly trip to the library to pick a new book // Waits starting to make sentences // planning for future endeavors (what to do, what to do???) // dreaming of fermented adventures // snow // MY BIRTHDAY . . .


Alright guys, now it’s your turn – tell me what you’re loving this week!

My darlings, this happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend, so stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, please introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

I hope you all have a spectacular weekend!

  • RK

    As I sit here writing my love list on a sticky keyboard from my son’s popsicle…..I love that article!

    Love List:
    1. Getting back into school and really liking my classes.
    2. Being inspired and blogging.
    3. My husband who is usually the calm throughout the mom storm.

    Cheers to the weekend!

  • Jenny @ simply be me

    Happiest of Birthdays to you! May you have a fun-filled, fabulous and silly weekend with your family and friends!

    We are under a severe weather warning (over 40 cm of snow expected over night here in BC) so I am looking forward to a weekend of cuddles on the couch with my two favourite guys and my favourite furry friend.

    And maybe a cup or two or ten of tea :)

  • Kathryn B


    Love list

    1. Date day/night tomorrow with my husband! No kids for 24 hours and spending some much needed time with my husband.

    2. Trader Joes is coming to Colorado! After all the great reviews I can’t wait to check it out myself

    3. No cooking! My mother-in-law took my boys for an afternoon of cooking which means they got to spend the day with grandma and she is sending dinner home!

  • Ali Seiter

    I hope those dreams of fermented adventures you mentioned pertain to the possible “Cooking with Cultures” book you recently Tweeted; that sounds like a read I would certainly snatch right up!

    And of course, Happy Birthday! I’m sure you’ll celebrate with lots of vegan treats.

  • Amanda

    Sayward, I just read the article and actually got tears in my eyes. Thank you. I really needed that today.
    Happy Friday!

  • Greenfeatherherbs

    Happy Birthday!

    My warm house
    Snuggling in bed with my baby & husband <3

  • Alina S

    Happy Birthday!! Speaking of Aquarius…

    1. the new studio, Aquarius Yoga, that just opened near my apartment. and the fact that I am now on the sub list, potentially meaning fewer hours spent driving all the way to Santa Monica to teach. booyah.

    2. my squeaky clean apartment, wonderful boyfriend, and teal blue beach cruiser

    3. being brave enough to share some improv dance on YouTube this week, and the angels that send me inspiration, grace, weightlessness

    Thank you, Sayward, for this Friday gratitude forum… reading what everyone is thankful for is one of my favorite parts of the week!

  • Alexander

    (Early) Happy Birthday!
    I’m pretty sure I have that exact same calculator.
    Love List:
    1. SCHOOL! I know, I always put school on these but I am so happy to be back in classes and my math teacher is fun and my biology teacher is the greatest ever and my ancient history starts at the end of this month! So. Much. Love.
    2. I got a call from the college today. I’ve got an interview for student employment on Tuesday! I’ve been trying to find a job since I graduated from high school in…um…2009. Yeah. BUT I have an interview now. It’s my first job interview ever and I am terrified.
    3. Moths! I just found a tumblr that was all pictures of moths. I went through all 45 pages in one day. Moths are so amazing and pretty. There are bright pink moths (but my favourite ones are the green ones).

  • Anonymous


    I have been loving:

    1. The beginning of the rainy season: Sure, it isn’t fun waddling through puddles or having wet pant cuffs all day, but breathing in that fresh air and hearing the pitter-patter of rain drops? Amazing.

    2. Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil: Although I only started this book today, I am already loving its message and enjoying learning more about our innate capabilities in healing ourselves!

    3. Winning a free CSA box of produce: Getting a giant box of local + organic produce couldn’t make me a happier person – or cook. It is always fun to receive things you may not usually choose to buy yourself…like romanesco!

    Have a great weekend :)

  • Taylor O.

    Happy Birthday Sayward!
    This week I am loving:
    1. friends and their smiles/hugs. Friends are sooooo important and without them I’d be a sad lady.
    2. My lad, Chris. I just love him so much. He’s my rock.
    3. Today, a customer at work told me I look like Liv Tyler. C’mon, what’s not to love about that compliment?
    4. Sleeping.

    Enjoy your weekend and celebrate in good health!

  • Laura Agar Wilson

    Happy Birthday, hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend! This week my love list includes: home made raw cheesy kale chips, my best friend being so supportive and being super productive at work! Have a great one :-)

  • mandie

    Happy birthday dear!

    My love list:
    1. My husband, who also has a birthday Sunday! He’s been oh-so patient with me lately, I’m not sure how he handles me sometimes, but thank goodness he does!
    2. Seed catalogs
    3. Having all the necessary paperwork to file my taxes already!

  • Joselle Palacios

    Happy Birthday, Sayward!

  • Bettina

    Happy Birthday, Sayward! Hope you have a great day and lots of delicious treats (which I’m sure you will (:). Looking forward to hearing about it.

    My love list this week:

    1. Going to a demo against factory farming. I was so happy to see so many other people there (more than 20.000, apparently). It’s very reassuring to be reminded how many people care about these things.

    2. Fresh juice made from carrots, apples, beet root and oranges. YUM!

    3. Reading my first book by Ian Rankin.

    4. Meditating/praying.

    5. Writing letters (yes, real letters on PAPER!). I just enjoy the process of writing so much, and since most people just tend to send emails these days, they get really excited when they receive a hand written letter.

    6. Lemon verbena tea.

    7. Giving stuff away that I don’t need anymore, to people who can really use it.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Bettina

    Good luck with the job interview! Being nervous is part of it and won’t stop you from doing well. :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi there! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I love love love it. The photos are great, the fashion, the food, it’s all so fun and inspirational. And then I wonder why I always have ‘Black Market Baby’ stuck in my head, ha! =)

    Here’s my love list:

    1. Sledding! We live on a steep hill in Seattle, and during the crazy snow/ice storm last week a major hilly street was closed to traffic. My husband rigged up a DIY sled out of an old plastic bin, named it the ‘ice rocket’, and even decorated it with skulls and crossbones and red glitter. We couldn’t steer it but we had a blast sledding down the hill!

    2. My rainbow striped knit earflap hat

    3. Juicing! My juicer sat on a shelf for far too long, I recently starting using it again and we have started almost every morning with a glass of fresh delicious juice. Lately it’s been cucumber, celery, carrot, apple, kale, romaine, and a chunk of ginger. Yum!

    Have a fabulous weekend, and Happy Birthday!!! =)

  • Court

    hbd sayward! another year and you have accomplished SO much. of course, one could always do more, but all you have to do is look at this blog and see how much you have literally done! also know, you do so much for us in the blog o sphere, all over the world! feel it!

    le list:
    1. spontaneously ‘making up’ with my mother. tension should never be left idle. i took the space to come to terms with her unchanging lifestyle, her harsh words (and accepting that they come from love), and our maturity to agree to disagree. we both realized we have to start over… from a totally new place and i am excited at that possibility.

    2. getting all jacked up in order to clean/go through my apartment. i am getting rid of so much. i keep telling myself, i don’t really need ANY of this stuff. as that is all it really is, stuff. i know when it is all done, it will feel liberating. till then, onward!!!

    3. only two more days of my corporate job and then i can embrace FREEDOM. with love and support from so many dear friends, random strangers and a most amazing partner. so much to look forward to…

  • erosan

    Happy Sayward-day!

  • jnfr

    Happiest of Birthdays to you!

    My love list…

    1. Snuggling up with my one year old as he breast feeds and we both drift off to sleep. Ahhh…
    the smell of his hair, the loving look in his eyes, his sweet “singing”, being poked in the
    mouth and nose while he settles down.

    2. Being a complete goofy dork with my hubby. It’s an awesome power to reduce a grown man
    to giggles.

    3. Watching my skin baby and fur baby (11 yo kitty) play chase and roll balls back and forth.
    They both get so darn giddy!

    4. Being surprised by a superb dj set on the local college radio station.

    5. This blog – So much positive energy and creativity!

  • Morgan DuPuis

    A very merry un-birthday to you today, and a very, very merry birthday to you tomorrow, my fellow Aquarian!

    1. My best friend who totally understands and accepts my crazy and who’s crazy I love!
    2. SNOW!!!! I love all the snow we had here in WA!
    3. Building snowmen in the yard all by myself, because I don’t need anyone else around to have a total blast. :)

  • Valerie

    My love list:
    Having a week off school to catch up on homework & house work, Homebrew! getting a week away from stress that clears up my acne, having friends come stay with us when their power goes out from the storm, Portlandia,

    Happy Birthday!

  • Laura

    Happy birthday to your awesomeness!

    And my happy love list:
    * Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends – I love watching cartoons with my morning coffee.
    * Getting my bravery together like 10 minutes ago. I sent an email to get some tax information so I could sell my hand made thingies without worrying all the time.
    * Being done with exams for this semester. I was soooooo stressed over Christmas and on New Year’s though I did not study at that time. Just thinking about all of this made me tense.

    Ah, I’ve had so much crap thrown my way lately that I actually had to think to get three things but they’re actually good ones and I feel a little better now.

  • Natasja Jade

    Happy birthday week!
    I have been SO busy for the past 3 months with our new baby girl that I have hardly had time to check my bank account, let alone check in on one of my fave bloggers (you!). So have just caught up on a few articles. Yum. Food porn ahoy.

    I wanted to firstly thank you, for your ( & fellow readers!) advice months & months ago on essentials for a newborn. We ended up buying a moses basket, a bunch of MCN’s (second hand) and most other things were given to us or bought second hand later on. Our girl Caelin Jade is a fantastic happy little human and I adore being a Mama.
    I can’t be more thankful for the time I’ve been given to stay at home and raise her, and about a billion other things.
    I had my first half hour away from her yesterday when my & my man went kayaking. It was rad.

    Also, I recently bought a blender and want to make green smoothies – what veg/fruit combos should I start with (I have a sweet tooth) and will I need to strain them?


  • Rachel C

    Happy Birthday, Sayward!

  • Moira

    I sent this article to my sister. <3 Thank you!
    Le lovin:
    1. volunteering as an ice skating instructor. JOY!
    2. quinoa blueberry pancakes
    3. late dinner, sappy movies, and cuddling with the hubs on Saturday night. I never was the sap until I married. But hey, he seems to enjoy them, too. Or at least he's enjoying that I'm enjoying the movies..

    Happy birthday, Sayward!! I wish you more than a couple of Kairoses today.

  • chelsea

    Happy Birthday!

    My love list:
    -Saturday night grocery adventures with friends. I don’t have a car so a bunch of my friends like to get together and go on grocery shopping outings. We went to an international market where we like to read the crazy labels, Trader Joe’s, and a random health food store that we just happened to notice on our drive. They had creamy peanut butter for cheap so I scooped it into the old pickle jar I had with me and ate it with my morning oatmeal.
    -Hummus and pita and carrots.
    -An awesome boss that called a staff meeting for tonight and then is going to treat us to dinner.
    -Return of Saturn by No Doubt playing on my cd player.
    -Trying to help a friend get healthy and make positive life changes.

  • Sam

    Happy Birthday!! :)

    Love List:

    -Introducing a three-year old to the dog I walk, and all three of us taking a walk together. It was adorable and hilarious.

    -Pizzas with pesto- the very first thing I learned how to “cook” back in my early college years, and still a classic.

    -My cousin texting me asking “What blogs do you read?!” and replying to her: “Bonzai Aphrodite!” :)

    -Winter FarMar awesomeness, and everyone already getting excited for the spring/summer/fall outdoor market.

  • Emma

    Haha awesome, I’d forgotten all about Unamerican stickers. I used to have one that said “God masturbates”

    Happy birthday Sayward!

  • Kate

    First off, Happy Birthday Sayward!!

    1. Getting to know Austin for-realsies. Last time I was in Austin, I worked and competed in the National Air Sex competition, which left little time to go out and about. It’s awesome to come back and re-meet the city.

    2. HOOKEY! Enough said.

    3. Allowing myself to love my corporate job. Corporate America is not for everyone, but I do, really truly, love my job. And that’s okay.

  • Minna Toots

    Happy-happy-happy birthday!!!

  • Sarah P

    I hope you had a veryy happy birthday!

  • Amanda

    I may have missed this at some point – but what happened with the vanilla extract? How did it turn out?

  • Jill K.

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Sayward!!! Thanks for all you do, love, share, cook, bake and are.

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Happy (belated) birthday, Sayward!

  • Heidi Epicure

    You should consider teaching classes Sayward- nutrition, recipes, baby care, natural home care, field trips to local markets… A vegan “home economics” course!!! I would absolutely pay for that!

  • Sonja

    Happy Birthday, dearest! I hope you had a great weekend filled with celebration and yummy food!

  • hitomi

    Well I’m happy for you! My past 2 weeks were terrible! My depression is back and I was feeling down and fighting with my sweetheart a lot! I’m really sick of this and need to heal. Do you have any idea how I can beat this depression?

  • April

    As a mathematician, I LOVE that Waits plays with your calculator! Way to go momma! Can’t start them early enough <3 (Although my school age kids hate that I don't let them use calculators at home. I've seen too many students use them as a crutch…)

    My love list:
    (1) TEA! I'm sinus deep in a 2 week (and counting) illness and this hot elixir is the only thing keeping me going.
    (2) Playing cards with my hubby and kids at the local coffee shop. They have live music 6 nights a week! Cheap family entertainment that gets my butt off the couch.
    (3) Soy Curls! Its quickly become a dinnertime favorite with my family. My 13 year old calls it F'icken (Fake-Chicken) sort of like F'acon = Fake Bacon.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    I ended up having to add more beans and leaving it for much longer. For gifts, I poured it into small pretty bottles, added a bean to each bottle, and attached a tag that said “To be opened come spring” =)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Hi Hitomi, it’s hard for me to answer this because depression is so individual and I don’t necessarily feel qualified to even comment, since I’m no expert.

    But from my own experience, when I feel down I try to rest and *truly* relax a lot, eat very nutritious foods (think green juice, seaweed, steamed greens, lentils, etc) get outside and get sun if possible, TALK it all out with a friend – often over and over and over again, ha! and I’ve found that Maca is a supplement that really helps me.

    Just my own experience. Best of luck to you, and a big hug!