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November 18th, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

This is Victoria, ain’t she lovely?

Oi Oi! Hello there! Somehow, it’s the weekend already. And not only that, but somehow it’s almost Thanksgiving already! Where the heck has November gone???

And so, with little time to spare, I come to you waving pictures of adorable bird-friends, and asking you to extend your compassion this holiday season. Every year I participate in Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt A Turkey program, which allows donors to “sponsor” the bird of their choice. This year Waits picked our turkey, and he chose that beautiful little lady up there, Victoria. (last year we adopted Harley, and the year before that it was Rhonda) It’s not to late for you, too, to adopt your very own turkey! You can learn about why this is so very important here (that’s a happy link, no gruesomeness and nothing to guilt you, I promise). Much love!


This week I took a poll to determine the fate of “What I” Wednesdays. Thank you to everybody who participated, and for all the wonderful comments and suggestions! The overwhelming majority of you like things just the way they are, which I think is just awesome. A large number were also interested in option #2, so my new goal is to structure my WIAW’s in the standard format (one whole day of food), while including as many tips/tricks as I can, plus including thoughts/reviews if I eat any packaged/premade foods, plus including a recipe whenever I can, plus including some little tidbits of personal information regarding my own feelings and philosophies on food. Sound good?!

As far as outfits, some of you said you could do without, but nobody was outright opposed to the idea. And since plenty of you seem to enjoy the outfit component, I’ll continue to include an outfit whenever I can. (It’s always so nerve-wracking for me posting outfits! Did you know that?)

So, that is the future of WIAW. Yay!


And finally, I want to give a HUGE and overdue thank you to April D and Jennifer L, both of whom were so kind to drop a little something in my tip jar. A belated but much appreciative THANK YOU, guys! It helps to keep me going and helps to make this all possible, but mostly, the gesture itself just means so much to me. More than you could know. So thank you!


. . . and now . . . Le Love List:

1. Bonzai Bags!

Bonzai Bags officially went on sale this week, and after a few minor glitches (oops! sorry!) they are off and selling! Woo-Hoo!

I love this bag and personally, I’ve been using mine every day! I also think they’de make a great gift for the holidays. So, if you like what I do here and you feel like giving a little something back, well then please . . . go adopt a turkey! Seriously, it would mean so much to me!

But then, if you still feel like giving, then why not pick up a swanky little organic tote for you or someone you love? Shop here!

2. Living my truth.
I can’t quite explain the feelings of sitting down with my son, of reading the Stories From Farm Sanctuary picture book (his current favorite – we make all the animal sounds – he likes the lambs the best) and reading the turkey poem:

by Whisper, a turkey

See our magnificent

We are so graceful,

. . . and then getting on the computer together, looking through the turkeys at Farm Sanctuary, and letting him pick out the one he wants to sponsor.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I found this path, and that I had the courage to step onto it, and that I get to continue to walk it every day. I am so grateful to be vegan, and I am so grateful to continue my own journey towards a mindful and nonviolent existence. I continue to struggle (temper, anxiety) and I continue to strive (patience, perspective), but the fact that I’m walking at all is what really matters. Watching my son delight in the animals, and thinking about these sweet turkeys who will get to live, and snuggling into my doggie pile on the couch with my boydogs each night – these are the things that inspire my journey. And I am eternally grateful.

3. Vacation
Oh glory! On Sunday we fly away home, to southern California. I’ll be gone for almost 2 weeks! I’m so excited to see my family and friends (and for them to see Waits), and I’m so looking forward to warmer weather and a good dose of sunshine, and playing on the beach with my baby, and relaxing, omg, relaaaaaxing.

Also! Looking through old pictures of Waits (where did my baby go?!?) // reintroducing gluten and Waits not reacting, HALLELUJAH, no more gluten-free-by-necessity! // following in that vein, Sweetpea’s all-you-can-eat vegan brunch and the best damn biscuits and gravy I’ve ever had the pleasure of nomming on // Getting a great and glowing book review for The Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide // my husband and my baby, feeling especially in love with those two today . . .


Alright guys, now it’s your turn – tell me what you’re loving this week!

My darlings, this happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend, so stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, please introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

Happy weekend, my dears, and happy upcoming holidays to you!

  • Neysa Vaughan

    Hooray for the continuation of WIAW!

    My love list this week:
    1) Gala Day! Today in my town, we have “Gala Day”, which is run to support our local hospital. It involves a big parade winding through the streets that all the kids on the Childrens’ Ward get to go it, lots of music, dancing, charitable giving, and ends in a big family day by the bay. This morning when I got up, it was pouring down rain, but it has cleared in time for the start, so it won’t rain on the kid’s parade! Will be running along side, cheering, dancing, and taking photos!

    2) Roller Derby. A few months ago, I discovered that Geelong has a thriving roller derby community, and started getting involved. A few weeks ago, my physio finally approved my knee for skating, so I’ve been getting ready for the January intake. I love this beautiful, empowering, DIY community, that is hugely inclusive, and gives a home for all us misfits. I’ve found my people!

    3) Travel! Next Friday, I leave for 1.5 months of international travel for conferences. I’m so grateful to be given the opportunity to go so many interesting places, spread information about our research, and get to enjoy some rocking good times with my boyfriend and our friends at a music festival at the end of it!

    Hope you have a marvelous vacation!

  • tara

    So grateful right now for my new job! I finally got hired at a middle school! Although not a classroom teacher, I’m working with small groups all day and so far (1 week in) I’m loving it!

    Also, Tuesday was 2 months vegetarian!

  • Jenny @ Simply Be…me

    Our son calls animals by the sounds they make and it’s super cute. He even snorts/grunts like a pig instead of saying oink, which is extra super cute – but I’m probably bias being his mother and all :) We eat meat in our house but for some reason he doesn’t like it – but he ate a whole cucumber at supper last night! He may be young but we let him make his own choices and don’t force him to eat anything he doesn’t want to.

    My love list is short:
    I may have FINALLY resolved all my day care issues! Fingers are crossed.

    Have a great weekend and vacation!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a great traveling opportunity! May I ask what kind of research you are doing?

  • Alexandra

    I feel like love lists are needed more during bad weeks, so here it goes.
    1) i am thankful to be alive and thankful that my family members are alive so very much at this time. Things happened that make you feel realize your vulnerability on this earth,and it is transforming me into a more live in the moment person, maybe i will finally become more peaceful naturally instead of always worrying about the future and just about everything else there is to worry about. Enjoy life :)
    2) I am thankful to be at an amazing university!
    3) I am thankful for my crazy wild young cat, my roommate who destroys my furniture but who I love so very much. He makes long nights of studying fun.
    4) My friends.

  • Anonymous

    Yay for turkeys! I love the adopt a turkey program, super awesome.

    1. Starting to clean out the closets: this task is a HUGE one, but the fact that we have started the journey is super exciting.

    2. Homemade holiday gifts: since we are super low on funds this year, I am making all of my holiday presents for friends + family. Getting a head start on the projects has been fun!

    3. Old movies: my husband and I have started an “oldies movie night” where we watch something from the days of yore, make some tea + just relax. There is something about old films that is soothing.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Kaitlyn@TheTieDyeFiles

    Loving: the fact that it’s Friday and I can finally relax with my kitten, baking, being able to actually use my camera tomorrow, my decision to stop birth control after this pack. Have a fantastic weekend, a great trip, and an awesome and compassionate holiday :)

  • Adrienneaudrey

    Oooh I’m def going to adopt a turkey! Off to go check that out!

  • Clover

    we just adopted Elizabeth, the turkey! It feels so great! Love Farm Sanctuary. My husband, mom and I have a trip planned to the NY Sanctuary next autumn, can’t wait!!!

  • Kelly H.

    I just adopted Skip. Thank you so much for the inspiration Say!

  • Taylor O.

    Aww Elizabeth is so cute. I was working at an organic farm in Maine this summer and fed the turkeys almost every morning and night. They’re so cute…and VERY fast runners. I wish every turkey got a “presidential pardon”.
    This week I am loving:
    1. Jillian Michaels. She kicks my butt, but I am constantly feeling more and more confident. As a birthday present to myself, I ordered a couple more of her DVDs. I’m excited!
    2. Notdogs!!! They are so good. I never eat fake meat products, but I had such a strange craving for a Field Roast notdog. I like that they don’t use a bunch of crap like Tofurky and other major brands. Yum.
    3. The fact that I was able to get a tuition-waiving scholarship re-instated for next semester!! I moved from N. AZ to Seattle, then to Maine… and now I’m back in AZ. Ready to move to Flagstaff and finish my BS Ed. in Biology. Yeah!
    and one more…
    4. I’ll be 22 in an hour. :)

  • Rebecca

    I really like the adopt-a-turkey idea. I quickly hopped on the website—but noticed that Victoria is still up for adoption. I am a bit confused (although I assume it takes more than just $30 to care for a turkey for a whole year…or however long the “adoption” lasts, I am confused as to how many people it takes to actually care for/save the turkey.)

    Not to be too terribly untrusting—but it seems a bit misleading. Can you educate me/tell me more?

  • Sayward Rebhal

    What a wonderful list Neysa! Gala Day sounds super awesome, and WOW 1 1/2 months of travel will be amazing. Be safe and HAVE A BLAST!!!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Hooray for new jobs! Congrats! (and on 2 months veg, that is fantastic!)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh mama, I hear you on the day care stuff. That must be a HUGE relief!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    I’m sorry you’re having bad week Alexandra. I always feel like a Love List is especially important during hard times, too. I hope things get better soon!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Ooh, what gifts are you making this year??

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Getting off hormonal BC was one of the best things I did for my health. Obviously, “be careful!” and all that stuff, but seriously good for you! I hope it’s great for you!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Yay, thank you!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Yay, such a sweetie she is! Thank you Clover!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Aww, Skip looks like he needs some lovin! =D You are so awesome, thank you Kelly!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    I just listened to a Jillian podcast tonight, <3 her so much. =)

    That's so awesome you've spent time with turkeys! I've been around chickens and ducks but I haven't had the pleasure of truly getting to know any turkeys . . . YET

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh yes! Sorry if it was unclear (this happens every year, I should explain it more carefully). But yeah, there’s only 5-10 turkeys available each year, and so many many people share sponsorship of each bird. They say “adopt” but it’s really more like . . . like a “donation in this turkey’s name” I think would be the right way to think about it.

    Sorry if it was misleading!

  • Sonja

    I’m pretty exited about your modified What I eat Wednesday!
    My love list:
    - very cold but sunny weather
    - starting the day with some sun salutations and feeling the warms flowing through me
    - vegan nettle latte
    - my new hair colour
    - painting
    - dinner at my favorite vegan vietnamese restaurant with a lovely friend
    - having such a fantastic boyfriend!

  • Sonja

    I’m very interested in alternative ways of contraception. Do you have any tips, Sayward? Thanks!

  • Greenfeatherherbs

    Love List:

    1. Sunflower butter…why have I not tried this sooner? It’s SO good.

    2. Weck Jars…beautiful, functional…I’m finally eliminating all plastic in the house with the help of these (& ball jars)

    3. Saturday traditions….indoor wintertime farmer’s market, a hike in the woods, then dinner with my husband, daughter, parents, grandmother, & brother/sisters <3

  • Greenfeatherherbs

    vegan nettle latte….I want to know more :)

  • Greenfeatherherbs

    I went off of hormonal bc several years ago…also one of the best things I ever did. I starting using Wild Carrot or Queen Anne’ Lace seed & tincture. I did a year long study with Robin Rose Bennett. She has a website if you’re interested in herbal birth control. Good luck!

  • tara

    I went off the pill about 6 months ago and we’ve been using my second least favorite form of contraception since then. I’m totally going to check this out!! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I am making elderberry-echinacea cold + cough syrup, bath salts with relaxing essential oils and shea butter body bars… a “self-care” gift basket!

  • Sarah C.

    I like the outfit, so I’m glad it’s staying! (I have no style myself, but I like yours – so don’t feel weird about posting it, enjoy!).

    I love: craving kale after a good workout (seriously, after a few weeks of raw my tastes have changed!), the approach of my favorite holiday and the fact that my folks are coming here for it, planning my girl’s second birthday party, and my adorable fall garden.

    Safe travels!

  • Meghan

    Going off of hormonal birth control in my early 20s was also pretty great for me. I am glad that the option exists, and I know that it really helps some people with things besides just non-baby-making, but my body did not like it!

    Luckily for me, I’m a condom girl anway. :-)

  • Meghan

    Aaron and I are definitely planning on doing the adoptin’ animals thing when we have a kid (soon, obviously!) We’ll probably do Poplar Springs sanctuary, so that we can take the kid to visit the adopted turkey (or whatever!) from time to time.

    Love list!

    1. Making baby decisions! It feels good to like… figure things out. Like diapers, for example. I think we are going to go with prefolds and covers. I had always thought that I’d do pockets or AIOs, but the more I read the more… I am cheap? lol, I dunno. :-) We’ll probably get some AIO’s for sitter/family use. I’m also 99.9% sure that we are going to side car a convertible crib for our sleeping situation. Since we have plenty of room it seems to make the most sense. Now I just have to acquire said diapers and crib, and I’ll be all ready to have this baby! :-) Well, as ready as I can be, at least.

    2. This season! Red cups, Candy Cane Joe Joes, clemantines. yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

    3. My husband. He has been really great, especially as I have been becoming less and less of a functional human being as I get bigger and bigger. He’s always been a pretty good guy, but I’m really impressed with how kind, flexible, and hard-working he has been the last several months. <3 <3 <3

    4. My husband's friend from high school. So… my house has been a mess. But I just found out a few days ago that my husband's friend from high school is visiting from CA for a conference this weekend, and he is coming over this evening. This caused me to (very slooooowwwwlllly) make my living room and family room and bathrooms at least mildly acceptable for company, which is great. I love a tidy house (thought you wouldn't know it if you came by for a surprise inspection!)

  • Anonymous


    1. teaching yoga and dance again. feels sooo good.
    2. my amazing partner/lover/sous chef/best friend
    3. my family’s coming to visit! it’ll be the first time I see them since I moved to SoCal

    Enjoy your vacation!

  • Amber

    Relatively new here, HI! Love, love, LOVE your blog:)

    Thanks for the turkey idea. I just adopted Raphael. He is so sinfully ugly that I love him to bits.

    I heard on the radio the other day that 40 million turkeys die each year at Thanksgiving. Crazy!

  • Ingrid

    My mate and I have been adopting turkeys from Farm Sanctuary for a while. Great, great organization! For anyone who hasn’t seen it, PBS Nature just ran an episode called “My Life as a Turkey.” It’s about a naturalist’s experience raising wild turkey poults. They are truly awesome birds, we’ve worked with them at our wildlife hospital.

  • Neysa Vaughan

    Hi AbsolutelyAyurveda! I work on a condition called cachexia, which is very common in cancer patents, and involves extreme muscle loss and poor response to cancer therapy. We’re looking at the use of an omega-3 fatty acid called EPA in the treatment of cachexia, with some very promising results so far.

  • Neysa Vaughan

    Wow, those sound amazing! Will have to look into this, my family goes gaga over these sorts of gifts!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Me too, me too! I took a break from nettles and a latte sounds very interesting . . .

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    My tcw: I was on hormonal bc for 19 years and since I’m quite high risk for ovarian cancer it was a choice to remain on it that long, but I’ve definitely surpassed the point of efficacy and have since switched to an IUD. It has issues, but I still prefer it to condoms! And my body is healthier for being off hormones.

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    I was so, so close to trying out for roller derby when I got knocked up. I’ve been toying with the idea of checking out the local derby league, though . . .

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    I love reading about everyone’s turkey sponsorships! We’re getting ready to add more girls to our flock and will look beyond just hens that need rescuing this time ’round. I would love to populate our pond with ducks, and *if* turkeys get along well with hens (still need to do more research) then we will probably adopt a few of both!


    1) Nina’s out-of-nowhere determination to proselytize veganism. I’m not for or against the way she’s embracing and expressing her choice to be vegan – this is *her* thing, and I want her to own it! I know that there will be adults who will either ignore or condescend to her, but she’s a big girl and needs to learn how to handle herself in these situations. From what her teachers tell me and what I’ve witnessed, she’s already been talking to her peers.

    It’s also really exciting – obviously she knows that I’m vegan and has an age-appropriate understanding of why I’m vegan (beyond philosophical/ethical/compassion-based reasons) – but she’s definitely rationalizing things in her own way, and it’s just fucking cool to see her connecting the dots, so to speak. (And to hear her say arteriosclerosis while using it in the proper context. Love my kid!)

    Of course, this also means that when she has opinions that don’t jive with mine, I’m going to be open to actually discussing them with her and not just laying down the My House My Rules trump card. If I’m letting her explore her opinions on veganism, then I need to be ready to let her voice and discuss other possible food and lifestyle opinions. So, that’s the scary part, I guess. Holy hell she’s growing up fast.

    2) The Verve Pipe’s family album. It’s awesome. And of course, Nina’s favorite song is the one about food! But all of the songs are amazing.

    3) The book meme I’ve been doing. I recently left both of the book groups I belonged to, and I miss being around other bibliophiles. Doing this meme is sort of a one member short term book group, but it’s still a lot of fun!

  • Neysa Vaughan

    Chicago apparently has an amazing derby community, if it’s something you are interested in, I’d definitely get in contact with them! I’m from Australia, so haven’t seen them in person, but they are certainly much talked about over here!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Absolutely! I was friends with the co-founders and owners of the Windy City Rollers, and if I still lived there something tells me I would already be skating. ;)

  • rea

    You look so beautiful in those pictures, Say. You inspired me a while ago to develop my unique sense of style.

  • Erin

    I’m thinking that adopting a turkey might be the perfect way to celebrate my 6 month veganniversary (today!) and my first vegan thanksgiving :)

    Your blog never fails to inspire me and make me smile!

  • Cammila

    Hooray for vegan Thanksgiving! And thanks for posting the link to Our Farm on Amazon — I just read about it and promptly purchased it for my stepdaughter. I’d bet she’ll love it.:)

    OH and before I forget again: about a million years ago, you asked if I’ve always been vegetarian! The answer is yes. :) My parents raised me vegetarian in the Vedic tradition (no meat, no eggs), and then I additionally gave up dairy a few years ago as well. Incidentally, so did my dad!

  • Suburban Snow White

    My husband just surprised me by adopting a turkey via the Adopt-a-Turkey program! So thrilled! We’ve decided to make it a tradition each Thanksgiving! :)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Count me in on the nettle latte curiosity!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Hello Amber, welcome to Bonzai! So glad you said hi and also, YAY for adopting a turkey. Raphael is definitely lovable! =D