A Surprise Seasonal Treat For Your Furbaby

October 23rd, 2011 - filed under: The Farm » Fauna

  • Anonymous

    Ah, Waits is so cute in the first pic!!!

    Our dogs LOVE those little squashes and pumpkins that are everywhere these days. And thanks to playing pumpkin-ball in the yard last year, we had some pumpkin plants pop up in our flower beds this summer, giving us this year’s pumpkins! Hooray!

  • http://vegmomof4.blogspot.com/ April

    So cute! I never would have thought dogs would like pumpkins! Personally, we’re cat people and have a patch of catnip growing to treat our fur-babies, Mr. Bo Jangles and Sasha. I’m planning to dry some to make cat-nip tea (for me, not the kitties).

  • http://www.betterwithveggies.com Heather Blackmon

    Mini-pumpkin chew toy – what a great idea! :)

  • http://simplybeme.com Jenny @ Simply Be…me

    What a great idea! Our dog would probably just want to bury it like everything else but at least we would have one less thing to plant next year :)

    Love that pic of Waits!

  • Carissa

    I can so see that getting EVERYWHERE in the house! Haha! I’ve never done that with the mini pumpkins, but I have given my dog fresh and canned pumpkin mixed in with his food. My dog loves to shred coconuts. Not sure if that is great for his teeth though…

  • Jane

    Oh how my pups would love that! They love pumpkin smoothies :) They love to chew on whole melons they raid from our garden…we only get 1 for every 10 they get!

  • RJane

    Please don’t recommend this! Between the seeds and stems, small pumpkins could cause a lot of GI irritation, not to mention being a choking hazard. In addition, there has been a recent report concerning previously unrecognized kabocha squash toxicity in dogs, and there are concerns that other ornamental gourds could be toxic as well.