The Weekend Send-Off

May 27th, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Waits has the widest, most genuine grin. Such joy!

Hello my dears! Well, wherever did the week go? Is it just me or has time seemed to speed up lately??! And here we are at the weekend again. Well . . . I’m not complaining!


First things first I’d like to give a shout out and a heartfelt THANK YOU to Kristina, who left a sweet donation in my tip jar this week. Kristina, I’m so glad you like my recipes and the site – thank you so much for the gift! The generosity of you and other readers here help to keep me going and to make this project possible. Much love and gratitude!


This week I was contacted by a filmmaker who is promoting the new documentary called Chow Down. The movie follows three individuals as they adopt a plant-based diet in order to regain their health. It’s a great story, and it’s also free on Hulu! Need something to watch this weekend? Check it out!


I wanted to put another call out for contributors, for the upcoming “My Vegan City” series, which will profile vegan culture in cities across America (and the world!) If you’re interested in a writing project like this (hello, excuse to eat your way through your city!) please contact me for more details: info AT bonzaiaphrodite DOT com


And now without any further ado, Le Love List

1. My new dehydrator. Excalibur is the Cadillac of dehydrators, there’s simply no comparison. And recently they were kind enough to send me an amazing 9-tray model. SQUEE! How did I get so lucky?? I’m not kidding when I say this thing has been running non stop. It is the bomb diggity and it is making RAW so much easier this time around. <3 <3 <3

2. Getting featured on the VegNews Buzz blog! Need I say more? So humbled, so happy. =)

3) My husband. Damian is my rock and my warrior and my ultimate comfort and I just can’t imagine how I could do it without him. All I can say s that I’m one lucky girl. I hope that I say it enough.

Alright guys, now it’s your turn! What do you love this week?

My darlings, this happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend, so stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, please introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

Have a fabulous, hopefully not-too-fast weekend!

  • Rea

    1. Garden Secrets restaurant.
    2. My sweet boy cat.
    3. Tumblr.

  • Emily

    I am so jealous that you got a dehydrator! I am hoping to buy one in the near future.

    Anyway, things I am especially loving this week…
    1) Sleep.
    I’ve been working a lot and now have a head cold, so this is something I am especially valuing right now.

    2) Learning to surf.
    Last time I went out I broke my toe so I am headed out for another run this afternoon. Can’t wait!

    3) What Would You Do? (television show)
    My fiance and I just discovered this show on Hulu and can’t stop watching it.

  • RK

    1. Finding out I have a gluten allergy. Normally might be a bad thing but going off of gluten, I am feeling SO much better!

    2. Making your raw apricot bars and discovering coconut flour. Afreakingmazing!

    3. A three day weekend with my husband. Can’t get enough of that man!

  • Allison

    1. My garden
    2. Technology
    3. Entertainment

  • Hyla

    Loved the VegNews Buzz feature! A HUGE congrats!!
    Narrowing my love list down to three? Yikes! Okay, here it goes:
    1. Unassisted yoga headstand. Why was I so scared to try it without the support of a wall or another yogi (or kid who complains about assisting)? I found freedom.
    2. Gluten-free, vegan pizza straight from the oven. I’m trying to drop a few lbs. and have been eating high-raw and very light. Tonight I splurge on pizza margharita and wine without guilt.
    3. Picture slide shows. We hooked our camera up to the Wii and watched a show of about 600 pictures we’ve taken over the past 6 months. Oh my. It reminds me how blessed I am!

  • Kelly H.

    I’m so happy to see the beautiful progression of your life and the rewards that are now forthcoming. Congratulations Say. You truly deserve.

    The recent pics of that sweet curly-haired bambino of yours are priceless. He is such a doll!

    1) When you reach out to the Universe and it reaches back…whether with an answer of some sort or an open door or a person to help navigate your path.

    2) My ex-beau. I broke his heart…and he forgives me…and still loves me…

    3) My health. I am feeling particularly grateful for my high immunity, generally good energy and fairly upbeat perspective in the face of adversity.

    Cheers to all!

  • Elizabeth

    1. Cooking with my boyfriend.
    2. Coffee. I wake up for work at 5:30 every morning and coffee is the only thing that gets me going.
    3. My parents brought me fresh asparagus from their garden and a loaf of my mom’s delicious oatmeal bread.

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    1. I’m right there with RK — going completely off gluten has made such a profound difference in how I feel and my overall quality of life. As each week goes by I feel even better than the last.

    2. Recipe testing. I’m currently developing and testing for three authors who couldn’t be much more different, and I welcome the challenge and diversity. Also, I’ve been so focused on studying these past few weeks that if I didn’t have these authors counting on me, my family would be living on millet pilaf, hummus and raw veggies. And they deserve better!

    3. My little brother! Just this morning he ran a 10-miler in 79 minutes, on two hours of sleep and with a bum knee (and probably hung over, to be honest). The little brat had the audacity to credit *me* for his inspiration…I’m so freaking proud of him.

  • Sierra Dawn

    My love list:

    1. My new (to me) Jack Lalanne jucer that I found at Goodwill for $20!! I’m having so much fun with that thing!
    2. Vibram Five Fingers! Yeah, they look dorky as hell, but they’re so amazing to run in. Which brings me to the next thing on my list…
    3. Running! Wow. Feeling truly great, and hopefully soon I’ll be looking great, too:) Plus, I get to share the time with my kiddo in the jogging stroller.
    4. Three day weekends, hells yeeeah!!

  • Carolyn

    1) Henna currently soaking in my hair – I love Henna!
    2) Fabulous bulk grains and supplies from my local co-op
    3) Morris Dancers are in town this weekend. Free fun performances all over!

  • Mandie

    Congrats on everything Sayward! Nobody deserves it more :)

    1. Visiting a German bar with 3 of my 4 best friends and my husband. I was just excited to have my favorite people in one spot!
    2. Car racing….the community is great.
    3. Sunshine and a breeze :)

  • Melisa

    @Emily, I will totally check that show out. Always looking for new recommendations. The other night I got so desperate for something to zone out to on Netflix that I starting watching the first episode of Jersey Shore. I’m not proud.
    1)I’m finally gonna try making my own alt milk from your recipe, Miz Sayward, and I have a feeling it will be like the laundry soap situation, where I never go back to buying it at the store. (Funny aside: My 3 1/2 year old saw a Target commercial and asked what the “blue stuff” they poured on the clothes was. I said, “Uh, that’s laundry soap. Some people buy it at the store.”)
    2)Gotta get in on the significant other lovefest. My hubs is AWESOME. He’s hard-working, strong, sweet, and cute, and after 12 years together I can’t keep my hands off him. :)
    3) Green smoothies! Fistfuls of spinach going down so easy. Yay, iron!

  • @tishushu

    Hey Seyward and everyone! Hope you all had a great week and good Memorial Day weekend!

    My list:

    1) F R E E ! I won tix to the Renaissance Fair here in ATL. sure folks will be eating turkey legs, but I’ve never been! Yay!

    2) B R A I N S ! Both my children finished school this week! My son is now a high schooler and my daughter is now a SENIOR in high school! WOW! And she is going to be taking 5 AP classes! Woohoo!

    3) D I G N I T Y ! After being out of work since graduation in Oct, and by work I mean full time, my parents insist I work for a companu with direct ties to tje Dept of Defense. They dont understand my politics and its difficult explaining why I wont give in… Sigh, but I refuse to work for war.

    And, I haven’t forgotten about the MVC series!

  • Sayward

    It’s so interesting to me how some weeks the weekend send-off gets a ton of comments, and other weeks it’s super sparse. I can’t figure out a pattern, so I wonder why that is . . . ?

    @ Rea – Hey girl! I was just thinking about you last week and wondering where you’d gone to. =)

    @ Emily – I’ll trade you jealousies – I am jealous of your surfing! I so do miss the ocean.

    @ RK – Woo-hoo, so glad you liked the bars (and yay for coconut flour, right?!)

    @ Allison – Hey girly! How you been?

    @ Hyla – Your three are great, but you can always feel free to add more. No need to narrow! More love! =D

    @ Kelly H. – Aww, thank you so much for the kind words.

    @ Elizabeth – Word on the coffee. When I’m tempted to stay up too late working, I imagine how yummy my morning coffee will be and I remind myself that the sooner I go to bed, the “sooner” I’ll get to drink it. I am a total fiend!

    @ Monika – Are you allowed to blog about the recipes you test? Like, pictures at least? Are you testing for Isa and Terry’s new book? Three books?? That must be really crazy and super fun! And make for some strange meals, haha.

    @ Sierra Dawn – Day-um, $20 juicer is a serious score! Also, Vibrams are rad no matter what anyone says. ;-)

    @ Carolyn – Hee hee, I’ve got henna in my hair as I’m writing this response.

    @ Mandie – Thanks lady!

    @ Melisa – The story about your 3 yo and the commercial is maybe the sweetest/cutest/totally coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Totally made my day!

    @ tishushu – What a fab list! Happy days ahead. =D

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    @Sayward: Yep, three different books right now. I can share photos of the recipes I test, but the ones that I actually develop…that gets murky, so I choose not to share those. I rarely share photos during the testing phase, because I prefer to wait until the book is about to be published and do a massive push with all of the photos accompanied by a review.

    I’m almost always testing for at least one author, which makes for some really fun meals, and Nina loves to pitch in!