Oh, Hello Spring!

April 17th, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Inspiration

Today was pure magic. Today (Sunday, it’s almost midnight but not quite!) was the first day that finally, finally it felt like spring time. And we had such a lovely time.

Happy Spring!

  • http://alternativehousewife.com Janine @ Alternative Housewife

    How lovely! Seriously, your child is gorgeous (but of course you know that). Also, are you growing your hair out?

  • Dana

    I love the first picture! Does waits get curls in his hair? That is so cute!

    Thank you so much for the link: is it very helpfull… Quiting will still be very hard, but the article gave me a lot of inspiration and a lot of tips. So thank you!

  • Squiggle

    Over the pond in England we seem to have skipped most of spring (we had maybe a week which was spring-like) and jumped straight into summer! Yesterday I sat outside in the sun (65 Fahrenheit!) dreadlocking my hair up and thinking that I’d misplaced a couple of months and it was really July!

    So glad you are enjoying the change in weather, ours was more than welcome after our bitterly cold winter!

    B x

  • Moira

    LOVE. so I have to ask you how you obtained your photo effects. Photoshop? or did you/Damian use a Diane camera or something of the like?

  • http://windycityvegan.wordpres.com Monika {windycityvegan}

    Hurray for spring! Such great photos – that picture of the squirrel is priceless!

  • http://craftylittlegnome.blogspot.com/ Adrienne Audrey

    Great photos! Mmmm, vegetarian sushi!

  • http://www.postcardsandphotography.blogspot.com SJ Smith

    Oh sweet Waits! I love pictures of him! I show him off to my bf and now Carlos knows who Waits is too! So much fun! What is in the take out boxes? Looks delish!

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    @ Janine – Oh thank you! We sure are fond of him. ;-) And yes, I’m growing my hair out and when it’s long I’ll dye it bright blue!

    @ Dana – Waits has super curls . . . well really they’re more of a *wildness*, haha. But yes. He’s curly!

    @ Squiggle – Yay summer, I can’t wait!

    @ Moira – Believe it or not, it’s an iphone ap! It’s called Hipstamatic and I in LOVE with it. Most of the pics are taken with our Canon, but the square ones are with the Hipsta. I just bought it and I’ve been taking phone pics like crazy, the effects are so cool. =)

    @ Monika – That squirrel was so funny, Crash was going crazy but Mr. Squirrel was not fazed, he just stood there totally confident looking at us like “Um, the humans usually feed me, where’s the goods at guys?”

    @ Adrienna Audrey – I know! And in such a pretty cart.

    @ SJ Smith – The food is from Native Bowl – they were featured is The Veg Edge on The Cooking Chanel recently – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBTc_SxfOTo Damian’s had jasmine rice, BBQ soy curls, 2 kinds of BBQ sauce, cabbage, green onions, and vegan ranch. Mine had jasmine rice, red and green cabbage, chickpeas, zatar spice, lemon tahini sauce, and shredded carrots I think? I got no rice/extra cabbage. They were both out of control!

  • Beens

    The food looks delicious, I’m definitely adding Portland to my ‘to visit’ list, it looks like a really great place.

    Incidentally, after reading about it here and doing some research (i.e. Google) I’ve started taking molasses as a supplement. I was expecting to gag but it’s actually alright and got a teaspoon down. I’m prone to iron-deficiency anaemia and am eating a fraction of the meat I used to, so I’m sure it’ll go a long way in helping me out, so thanks :)

  • Meghan


    It has definitely been spring here in the midatlantic for awhile… You can tell, because one day it is 80 and sunny, and the next it is 60 and raining! :-) Although it looks like this week we are finally going to have a stretch of warmer weather, but still with a chance of rain (as much as my lettuce likes rain, I really need several dry days so that my clay soil can dry out enough to work! Bah!)

    Also, I’m really excited to have a post to read on Monday morning. :-)

  • http://northernveg.blogspot.com/ Fanny

    SPRING! Yay! I want to wear a scarf now.. And eat at Native Bowl.

  • Minna

    Happy Spring everyone! :)

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    @ Beens – Good luck with the molasses! If you eat iron with vitamin C it increases absorption too. =)

    @ Meghan – Haha, that weather sounds like Portland. Driving me crazy, I’m sun-starved!

    @ Fanny and Minna – Happy spring!!!

  • Kelly H.