The Weekend Send-Off

February 18th, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Well that’s what I get for bragging! Last week I wrote about our uncharacteristically warm winter, and this week we get hit with a coooold snap. The poor bulb flowers are more confused than ever, and my poor baby is finally experiencing the icy cold of metal playgrounds on little fingers. That’s okay, we still have a whole lot of fun.

So oi! I’m embracing winter and cooking up comforts like lentil loaf and chickpea cutlets. Miso soup with lots of seaweed (Waits loves wakame – win!), movie nights and flanel fever. Homemade valentine crafts and lots and lots of candy cane tea.

What about you my dears? How are you making the most out of winter?

Gift recipients from this month’s MMM continue to trickle in, sharing the joy they’ve felt at finding an unexpected present. I LOVE THIS MISSION! If you haven’t had a look yet, it’s not too late to participate!

And now for my favorite part of Friday: Le Love List!
1. Planning Waits’ spring/summer wardrobe, oh man what a geek. But somehow his clothes have gotten so dull, all navy blues and (ack!) tan. This summer I’m all about juicy bright baby, in primary red and yellow, hot orange and lime green. Fun!
2. The editing process. Late at night, with tea and chocolate, reading my rough draft and feeling proud of what I’ve accomplished.
3. Waits is now signing. This is AMAZING, I’m *beaming* with motherlove and so so thrilled to begin true communication. He asks for ‘milk’ (um, sort of constantly!) and we’re pretty sure ‘more’. We’re working on ‘eat’ and ‘toilet’ and ‘hurt’. He is so friggin’ smart you guys!!!

Okay, now you tell me! What do you love this week?

My darlings, this happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend, so stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, please introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

Have a wonderful winter weekend!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    He’s getting so big! And I love his little coat – not *dull* at all!

    Oh, chickpea cutlets…they are probably the only thing that keeps gluten in my diet. Since we’re not allergic (just slightly intolerant), I have decided that all wheat meat is allowed, in moderation, for now. And if you’re making cutlets based on Isa’s brilliant recipe, I bake mine at 325 in a cast iron skillet for 10 minutes per side–perfection, without pan frying!

    Okay, now the love:
    1. My garden! Last weekend Nina and I dug a new bed (the first of about a dozen) and planted nine rows. We’re making our garden tee pees tomorrow and *finally* getting our peas planted, along with a lot of other seeds.

    2. After having low D, iron and B12 levels for the first time in 20 years, I started supplementing a couple of weeks ago and am finally starting to get my energy back.

    3. I have a super secret of my own in the works, and it’s so exciting!

    Happy Friday/weekend to everyone!

  • Rachel

    oh SO cute!!! and so smart! love it! :)

    my love list:

    1. it’s OVER 60 DEGREES right now in central Pennsylvania, and I’m about to sneak away for a quick afternoon patio beer with some of my fellow grad students… yessss
    2. I had my first ever real Valentine’s Day dinner date/card/flowers this year thanks to my really amazing boyfriend!
    3. I went for my first long (9-mile) run in a couple months on Tuesday and it was wonderful… super lucky not to be sick or have nagging running injuries right now like many of my friends.

    hope everyone has a great weekend! yay Friday!

  • Heather

    It’s Great to hear you are teaching Waits to Sign! My little 2 1/2 year old niece has Down Syndrome and she is was signing before she could talk. It really seems to help keep her frustration down

  • Catnip

    1. The rain came back here in California. Dryest January EVER.
    2. Cedar, the 4 month old cougar kitten at the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary. Cutest baby EVER. She was confiscated from someone keeping her as an illegal pet, but is too imprinted on humans for release into the wild. So she’s now been given a forever-home by the folks in Folsom. She’s SO interactive, it’s amazing.
    3. A helpful, charming 6 year-old, a BYO pizza party at my mom’s house with homeschooling friends tonight, and the best husband ever.

  • Pat

    Oh I know what you mean with dull colours for boy clothes….it really seems mainly blue, tan and dark green. I was at a sec hand market last weekend, trying to find something different, but the only other colour I found was a bright orange shirt.
    But looking around I also noticed that mums of little girls seem to be pretty stuck with pink in all shades… why does the fashion industry think that babies can only wear either pink or blue? And why is it so difficult to find black? (I like black, one of my fav clothes on my son was a black pirate shirt he had as a 3 months old)

  • Sayward

    @ Monika – Yes I lov that coat – definitely the opposite of dull! We do have some really cool pieces, it’s just most of his pants and onesies are . . . dull!

    Thanks for the baking tip! I was telling Damian how much I loved them *except* for the being fried part. I’m not afraid of fat (like, at ALL) but I don’t really like to do fried foods. Baking will be much better! I don’t have cast iron (yet), what do you think would be better, glass or lined cookie sheet?

    Also, sooo jealous of your garden space, and yay for getting on sups and on the mend!

    @ Rachel – Oh enjoy that weather, and that beer! =D

    @ Heather – Sign is SO amazing, especially for kids with disabilities. But even for non-disabled kids, their brain develops faster than their vocals so they *want* to communicate before they’re actually able. The signing, like you said, leads to so much less frustration. So rad!

    @ Catnip – Want to see the baby cougar! That’s so great that you have a sanctuary type zoo so close to you – great for the wee one!

    @ Pat – All my mommy friends and me spent our whole pregnancies declaring “Our kids will wear gender neutral clothing!” Now when we hang out, ALL the girls are in pink/purple and Waits is always in dark green/blue. GRRRR

    I agree about black. We have a couple of pairs of black corduroy overalls – so cute!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    @Sayward: I don’t shy away from fat, either – as long as it’s as close to its natural state as possible (this includes how it was processed in the first place). If I am baking or sauteing with it, it has to have a naturally high smoke point in addition to being cold pressed, etc. It’s a very rare occurrence for me to heat an oil other than coconut or sunflower in my kitchen!

    Anyway, I think a lined cookie sheet would work best. In fact, the darker the cookie sheet, the better.

    One more thing about fat – I have hypertriglyceredemia, and yet my total cholesterol is only 149 – and I do not shy away from healthy fats *at all*. Okay, stepping off my soapbox now!

    @Pat: I know what you mean about girls clothes! Too much pink and purple. I scour all the consignment shops around here for anything but – and now I take Ni with me so she can pick out her own clothes. It’s nearly impossible to find anything black – which upsets my kiddo, because *my* favorite color is black, and she really wants to dress like her mama sometimes. I see my sewing machine getting a lot of use this summer making clothes for both of us.

  • Pat

    @ Sayward and Monica: Black rocks! glad I am not the only one, who wants to dress her baby in black, as I had to listen to a lot of “why an earth would you want to dress a BABY in black?” sewing is a great idea, I once made a PJ top for my son out of an old black tshirt from my husband, one of my first attempts with clothes for the wee man, but I have to start doing more that direction! And there are so many ideas out there for patterns…just a matter of finding the time!

  • Vicki

    He is so unbelievably cute and I think it’s amazing you are teaching him to sign!! Smart mom, and smart baby. Oh…. the sun is shining… and you’re in Portland right? Haha. That was one of the places we thought of moving but didn’t think we could handle the dreary, dark, rainy winters. But that doesn’t look too miserable at all. :)

  • Bridget

    Um lentil loaf & chickpea cutlets? Recipes, please!

  • Lenn

    1. I GOT A BAMBOO STEAMER!!!!! I found it at a thrift store for ONE DOLLAR!!!!! Just to emphasize how excited I am, here’s a few more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. I also found some of those mini pie-press thingies for $3 so I’ll be making mini chocolate and coconut pies soon, so yay.
    3. Also found (yes, this thrift store owns) a new tea kettle since ours busted a leak, and a pair of 80′s vintage Nike’s that have electric blue and neon purple accents. SO hates them, says they are dorky…I think they are fabulous.
    4. Adding another since things have been going so well, we’re moving one day earlier than expected and I’m almost done packing, YAY! New starts, FTW, you have no clue how STOKED I am! MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! And maybe even a squee…Ok, yes, SQUEE!

  • Melissa L.

    Oh that little Waits is just amazingly cute!!! You could dress him in a burlap sack and he would still be super cute!!! But, I totally understand what you mean about the bright and juicy colors of summer. Oh, you must do a fashion photo shoot with Waits as the star!

    My love list:

    1. Starting the weekend with a clean house. Hip hip hooray! We cleaned most of the day!

    2. Going on a date with my man tonight. Indian food…Improv comedy club…no kids ;-)

    3. Saturday morning snuggles with my little peeps. And maybe, just maybe my hubs will make homemade waffles.

  • Lauren

    Dash just started signing, too! After trying to teach him for months and nearly giving up, something finally clicked and he started doing the sign for more. In just the past week, he’s added diaper, food, water, and sleep. I am so impressed! I doubted both my ability to teach him and his ability to understand. Babies are so amazing!

  • erosan

    Oh! am interested in the whole teaching signs to babies method… how about it Sayward? mind sharing your story?

    love list:
    1. Actually had plenty of fun in at work this past week. I was given liberty to work in anything I wanted. I decided to create a mini-system that will give us more control (and keep historic data) over overdue amounts. (yeah, I’m a geek… programing is fun to me).
    2. Salads. I just had one.
    3. My daily 1-hour walk when going home after picking Damian from the daycare center.

  • sj

    Haha, I got really into signing when I was a teen and taught my sister who is 11 years younger to sign as a baby, and all the kids i sit regularly and my brothers who are 13 and 17 years younger as well, and the baby baby really took to it, it was so cool to see him communicating SO young! I will totally teach it to my babies too!

    Love list!

    1. Just got my nose re-pierced for the FOURTH time, but this time I have a job where I don’t have to take it out for every.damn.shift.
    2. I’m slowly but surely getting my bedroom and the kitchen in order and feeling slowly more and more on top of organizational things at home.
    3. I started a goal list for 2011 on my computer (ahem, inspired by you of course!) and I’m already getting started hacking away at it, I’m meeting with my favorite teacher who just got her PhD and her friend who came and guest lectured and is an intern at a children’s hospital where I’d love to work one day… and we are all having lunch one day soon, Gah!
    Oh, I have to add another one!
    4. For said favorite teachers class (health communication) my project for the semester is…… vegan pregnancy! My teacher was excited about it, and I am too! I’m interviewing my friend on her experience and a midwife I know, yay!

  • clara

    here in Germany the weather was just fine until wednesday. now it’s quite warm (considering it’s supposed to be winter) but rainy and disgusting. Today it’s finally nice outside again!

    i love your blog btw!

  • Mandie

    my love list this week:
    1. That spring weather tease the North East had! I went out last night at 8:30 and it was 57 degrees. Woke up to snow, but hey…
    2. 3 day weekend!
    3. convenience food. I usually cook a lot, but it just didnt happen this week. :)

  • Annie

    Can you share your recipe for lentil loaf, please?

  • Moira

    Alright, it’s my turn
    1. I’m finally off meds that gave me terrible side effects and had me sick in bed the past week. I’m slowly getting back into my groove. Yay!
    2. I can fit into my skinny jeans now.. yes, yes because of the meds. But I’m trying to be optimistic here.
    3. My hubby was overseas on VDay. But our love story was published, which totally brightened my day! Granted, it was in the free metro newspaper with terrible news and mildly entertaining gossip. Any New Yorkers see it?

  • Virginia

    My love list is all about my recovery from 2 broken wrists, broken thumb, & broken elbow.

    1. Today I went back to work at the Library since my injuries. It was so nice to see all my favorite patrons again :).
    2. Being able to read books easier now that casts are off and physical therapy is helping me to heal and get better.
    3. My physical therapist. She is really nice despite the fact that she like to torture me!! I know she has to for me to get better but -OUCH.

  • Lily


    1. The pictures of your little boy, in his jacket, growing up so quickly!

    2. The cookbook ‘Gluten-free girl & the chef’ – picked it up yesterday. What a beautiful love story, with recipes I look forward to making and experimenting with!

    3. Our beautiful, happy little girl quickly rounding the corner to 4 years old. We were at a 2 year old’s birthday party tonight, and it was so great to watch all the kids together.

  • Darciefaro

    1) awesome snowy getaway to the mountains for a night
    2) 5 day weekend
    3) seeing my parents after a whole month
    4) two amazing smiling kids (and hubby’s pretty awesome too)
    5) being inspired by this blog and the people who leave comments- I learn something every time I read!

  • RK

    I love that you taught Waits to sign. I taught both of my little ones and it was amazing for them to be able to tell us what they needed!

    I have one thing this week that I am absolutely freaking out happy about:

    1. My sister and I are going to Oprah!!!! We’re going to be in the audience and I couldn’t be happier. Lots of gratitude to the universe for swinging that my way :)

  • Heather (Perspective Is Everything)

    Ah the schizophrenic weather of February….it can be so frustrating, no?
    One way I cope is with lots of tea,exercise and laughter.
    My love list:
    1-the show Portlandia. freakin’ hysterical.
    2-teaching my daughter to serve others in a spirit of selflessness and seeing her respond in sincerity
    3-henna hair dye. been doing it for 19 years now. dang. am i that old??! lol :)

  • Sayward

    Thanks for all the comments guys – hope you all had a great weekend, whether it was 3 days or 2!

    @ Bridget – I used Isa’s chickpea cutlet recipe and served with my mother-in-law’s home canned chutney, omg sooo good! The lentil loaf I’m still perfecting, but it’s gluten-free goodness and I will definitely post a recipe soon!

    @ Lenn – Um, I want to go to *your* thrift stores! Congrats on the great finds!

    @ Lauren – yeah, it feels like once it ‘clicks’ that signs are signs, then they pick up new ones much more quickly. So amazing!

    @ erosan – Oh it’s so easy! It’s just a matter of being consistent, doing it over and over even though you feel like they’re not getting it. Then like Lauren said, one day they just start signing! I started around 7 months though some people start later. He didn’t sign back until 11 months or so which is pretty standard. You can find the signs online – the basic ‘firsts’ are milk, eat/food, and more. It’s really super easy! I read a book ut it was totally unnecessary. =)

    @ Annie – It will be coming once I get it perfect! =)

    @ Virginia – Eek! Hope you’re healing well, that’s a lot to deal with. Way to stay positive!

    @ RK – Yay, have fun on Oprah! Hope you win a new car! =D

    @ Heather (Perspective Is Everything) – Totally schizophrenic! Yeesh.