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January 28th, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

My Birthday!!! –

A million ‘flubber-lips’ pics. You must try this! (raspberries while photographing)

Which had me laughing so hard I collapsed on the floor in tears!

My crazy homies were imbibing the Four Loko (no, I did *not* try it!)

Kate added a blueberry “to class it up,” haha.

Oh, hello flash! In the bar right before The Rocky Horror Picture Show (!!!)

The only pic from inside the theatre, this is my best friend rocking out . . . while crocheting! HA! I’d say “we must be old” but that’s been her m.o. for years. <3

Last weekend was so amazing, and this week just flew by and now it’s Friday again. Oi! And that means here on Bonzai it’s time for comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. We skipped last week so I’m extra curious to hear what’s on your minds!

I want to take a moment and give a giant THANK YOU to Theresa, for sending me what I can only assume was a birthday present – The Uncheese Cookbook off of my Amazon wishlist. Lady, there was no info or email address so I couldn’t send you a personal note, but thank you so much! I can’t wait to dive into the world of homemade uncheese – I’ve been *dying* to try! Eeeeee!!!

And now for my favorite Friday ritual, our little lists of love. No matter how rough your week has been, no matter how dark the day may seem, it’s important to find a place of gratitude. Giving thanks for just three tiny things. It goes a long way towards a healthier perspective!

This week mine is really easy.
1) Um, my Vitamix!
2) No seriously, omg you guys I got a Vitamix!!
3) One more time, after years of dreaming and drooling and thinking it would never happen, I GOT A VITAMIX!!!

I’m using it non stop. I adore it. Cherish it. I *never* buy myself nice things, so having something so incredibly special . . . well, it is a true joy. GLEE!

Okay, now give me yours!

As usual, the Feedback Forum will remain here at the top of the page all weekend, so if you’ve got an idea or a question or you just want to introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’, you can stop back by any time. This is your community, so get involved and have your say!

Have a fabulous winter weekend!

  • RK

    I love the birthday week idea. Mine is next week and I’m going to implement it for sure starting this year.

    1. Manitoba hemp protein. So amazing!
    2. Inspired by your Raw 101: Vegan Sushi post, giving that a whirl for dinner tonight. Exciting!!
    3. My kiddos. They have me in an endless state of laughter with the funny things that they do and say.

  • April

    I am happy that your bday was so fantastic!

    1. My baby boy’s smile. Makes all my stress melt away.
    2. Way excited about the Vegan Coq Au Vin recipe I found online.
    3. Looking forward to spending time with good friends this weekend :)

  • Rachel

    Hahaha my friend’s mom calls Four Loko “emergency room drink.”

    1. Teaching my first actual labs of the semester yesterday, and it went great and was so much fun!
    2. An actual night out downtown tonight in honor of my friend who’s moving to France… haven’t done that in a while so I am excited!
    3. It’s the weekend and I get to hang out with my boyfriend!

  • Lenn

    1. CAST IRON!!! I <3 my cast iron pans. Can't stress that enough.
    2. My rock garden.
    3. Packing for the move!! So excited to be doing this!

    Ok, I know I'm about to get bitch slapped for this, but…Um…What is a vitamix? After all the gushing I feel it is something I must have, but WHAT is it?

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    1. Sweet Potato Pie kombucha!
    2. Hearing Nina repeat back the french text she asked me to read to her.
    3. I finally started knitting a hat for my best friend’s baby, who’s due in just a few weeks!

  • Melissa L.

    1. My little guy’s new “fuzzy monkey” haircut. It is so soft.

    2. The new “floating garden” over our kitchen table.

    3. The loose, wiggly tooth that my six year old daughter keep asking me to wiggle. Her missing tooth smiles are too cute!

  • deaustin

    1. My kind, patient husband who is sweet and cooks dinner when I’m grumpy after work so that I can work out.

    2. A healthy body.

    3. The courage of people like Sayward to share their life experiences, good and bad. I too have suffered from depression on more than one occasion and I really appreciate it when other people share their stories because I feel it helps break the stigma little by little.

    So, thank you Sayward. I love your blog. It’s inspiring and education and has beautiful pictures to boot. :)

  • Tenise Rae

    1. The fact that I’m finally truly happy in every aspect of my life.
    2. Hubby and I are practicing for baby number two. Hooray for practicing!!
    3. Just planted some seeds today (lettuce and peas) for the new 2011 garden. I am SO freaking excited for gardening season!! My new yard is calling…no, it’s YELLING at me to come play. :D

    Here’s to 2011 Sayward and family. *clink*

  • Morgan

    Hi! I’m Morgan, I’m from San Diego. Introducing myself here. I read Gala Darling’s blog and have been a follower of yours since she shared you with us! I am so thankful for that! I can say you have truly been part of my kick-in-the-pants to get back to eating healthy, as I gained weight over the last year due to some health issues. I decided the best place to start is the nourishment I give myself! I feel amazing already, 2 weeks in.

    1. Inspiration such as you! Provides me with such an eagerness to get creative with food, and give my body and mind everything nature intended!
    2. 2 Weeks Notice. I quit my miserable job of 6 years today. Now what?? : )
    3. My loving and supportive boyfriend! He’s a true gem.

    PS. My ratty old blender envies your VitaMix and its’ talents. I dread the day it is no longer capable of blending my green smoothies! One day..!

  • Mandie

    My love list:
    1. My mom. She’s been rockin this week.
    2. Bananas. They’re on my kitchen counter and they’re just SO pretty. Makes me smile just to look at them.
    3. Starting my new position at work. And all my coworkers genuinely excited, happy, and supportive of me.

    Have a great weekend all!!

  • Kate in sB

    Those pics are great! What a fun weekend that was.

    My love list…
    1. Introducing my new boyfriend to my old friends and having everyone get along really well.
    2. Getting over my weird bus anxiety and taking the bus to work instead of driving… ok, because my car broke down, but guess I just needed the motivation! The bus is great!
    3. Riding my bike. Great weather in central CA this time of year, it makes me really happy to live here. I’m also thankful that I’m healthy enough to ride round so much.

  • Cedar

    Hey, Sayward! I’m having a little boy soon and would love to hear more about your experience with breastfeeding and attachment parenting. I’m super nervous (and excited) about breastfeeding but there is soo much to learn! I’d love to hear tips, tricks and another mother’s personal experience.

    Glad to hear you had a fabulous birthday and have been loving your past few entries! :)

  • sj

    Oi oi oi! Haaaaaappy birfday Sayward! I do birthday weeks too! It’s so much more fun that way! Well, that and my birthday is Cinco de Mayo so it’s the end of finals ALWAYS, people are always having graduations/graduation parties/restaurants are crazy crowded ON my birthday, ect so I stretch it out!

    OH my WORD I want a vitamix! It’ll be YEARS before I get that one though I’m sure! Good for you getting yourself something AWESOME! I’ve got to build a counter to put my bosch blender/mixer I inherited on and start using that thing!

    Love List:
    1. My best friend got hired at my job! I work for a big company that actually treats it’s employees very well, and she’s moving from the old also big company I used to work for, which says it treats its ppl well, but DOES NOT! She’s gonna be so much happier and I’m so excited to see her actually taking steps to make her life better! :-D
    2. I’ve worked out about 9 hours this week and MAN it feels so good to be back at it! Yoga, cycling, weights, cardio, I feel SO much better when I’ve worked out!
    3. Roommate meetings! Ok these aren’t great, but I’m so glad I’m in a place in life/in my head where I now am not afraid of having face to face conversations about things that bother me instead of feeling like I have to always be agreeable and a door mat. I don’t want to pay more rent, but fing hell, I want my HOME to be peaceful! And if you are fing that up, we’ve gotta talk, figure something out, or you’ve gotta go! haha!

    I love your blog, as always! Keep it up!

  • Sayward

    @ RK – Happy Birthday week!!!!!

    How did the raw sushi go?

    @ April – Ooh I love meettheshannons, the Betty Crocker Project is such a great idea!

    @ Rachel – Well I can attest, it *smalled* like ‘emergency room drink’, eek! Hope you had a great weekend!

    @ Lenn – Whoops! Sorry, sometimes I forget that not everybody is as food-geeky as I am – my bad! A Vitamix is THE Porche of blenders. The word blender doesn’t even do it justice. This thing breaks down food to the molecular level (really!) It will grind wheat berries into flour and then if you add water, knead the flour into dough. It makes a smoothie so perfectly blended it’s as digestible as juice. It will make hummus so smooth and fluffy it just melts in your mouth. It will spin hard enough and fast enough that it will actually heat and fully cook your raw veggies into a soup, if you let it keep running.

    Basically, it’s a foodie’s dream! =D

    @ Monika – Okay, I NEED to hear more about this sweet potato kombucha of which you speak! What what wha???

    @ Melissa L. – Loose toothes are so cute! May the Tooth Fairy visit your house very soon. =)

    Also, floating garden sounds awesome (and intriguing!)

    @ deaustin – Aw, thank you so much. I don’t think I’m all that brave, but it can be hard to put myself out there and it means so very much to hear that it helps to inspire others. So thank YOU!

    @ Tenise Rae – What a spectacular love list! I am so happy to hear that you’re so happy! =D And w00t w00t for ‘practicing’, ha!

    @ Morgan – Hello! And welcome! And congrats on the health turnaround for the new year – I’m so glad it’s going well and I’m SO glad you’re feeling great. And HELLS YEAH for quitting a job you hate! Talk about a turnaround for the new year. Congrats! =)

    @ Mandie – Congrats on the new position. Hope you had a great weekend too!

    @ Kate in SB – Nate is awesome, and you are even awesomer, and I love you SO MUCH!

    @ Cedar – Congrats on the new baby! That is so exciting, you must be over the moon! Feel free to email me (info AT bonzaiaphrodite DOT com) if you want to chat about breastfeeding stuff!

    @ sj – Yay for working with your best friend, what an awesome situation. Also I feel you on the working out, mmmm, so good!



  • Theresa

    Sorry! You’re welcome! I totally flaked on the note leaving! This site has been my go to “help me when I’m trying to green up X part of my life” resource and I just wanted to extend a thank you. Your review of your twenties struck a note with me and I thought it was time to pass on some gratitude. I myself will be thirty in March.

    Love list:
    1) Reassurance that I CAN conceive again, despite it not working out.
    2) Friends, family and faith – sometimes it takes courage to just say “all I want is to be around people that love me,” but I did and the people that were there amazed me.
    3) Nettle (with or without raspberry leaf) tea infusions – where have you been my entire life?!

  • Sayward

    @ Theresa – Yay, thanks again! And happy upcoming birthday, 30 is the beeeeeest!

  • MorganInJapan

    I know it’s late, but happy birthday!