Glass Straws By Glass Dharma: Review And Giveaway! (Closed)

January 26th, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Reviews

You may think this is a picture of a pretty straw, but the truth is I’m just showing off MY NEW VITA MIX!!!

I’ve written my share of reviews in my day, and most of them have been raves. I guess I’ve gotten lucky! But long-time readers are probably wondering – when’s the inevitable flop? Where’s the dud, the critique and the criticism? (Well, there was Mr. Pollan.) And for you my friends, I must say . . . maybe next time? Sorry.

I love these straws! They are practical as hell, which tickles my pragmatic bone, but they’re also ridiculously adorable, which hits my whimsy sweet spot. I love them so much, they made #8 on my 30 Things I Love At 30 list! I love them so much, that even though I got a few for free, I’ll still be buying a matching set so I can serve fancy-pants drinks to my friends! Really, I love these straws. Here’s some more reasons why:

Each Glass Dharma straw is made by hand and made in America. WORD. They use borosilicate glass, which is non-porous (ie sanitary), hypo-allergenic, and is particularly resistant to thermal expansion (so, strong). Glass is safer than plastic! Plastic straws leech toxins into your food, especially when heated. Glass straws are both dishwasher and microwave safe. And finally, they have a lifetime guarantee! If your straw ever breaks, just send it back and they will replace it. I love a company that stands so firmly behind its product.

The shorty dot looks slick in a lowball of home-brew kombucha.

I was gifted a variety of sizes and I’ve enjoyed using each of them in different applications.

The “Decorative Dots” shorty in 7mm/6.25″ (that’s diameter/length). This one is so cute! I’ve used it to sass up my daily kombucha, but really I think it would do its best duty decorating a stiffer drink. I imagine I’ll get a full set of these to serve at future cocktail parties. The different colors are a great way to track your glass, too!

The “Simple Elegance” in 14mm/9″ (that’s diameter/length). This is a straight up straw, no messing around (shown in top pic). Long, unembellished, and boasting a monster diameter of 14mm. I use this one for my thicker smoothies, but it’s advertised as a boba straw. Yum, now I need to get me some bubble tea . . .

The “Decorative Dots” in 12mm/9″ (that’s diameter/length). This is my favorite! Just pure perfection, it’s nice and long and it’s wide enough to handle a hearty smoothie. But it’s also got this sweet little dazzler, the colored glass dots to fancy it up on top. It’s like jewelry for your juice – so fun!

The “Beautiful Bends” in 12mm/9″ (that’s diameter/length). Another great option for shakes and smoothies, the bendy takes on that familiar straw shape. I actually prefer this in more ‘watery’, standard-type drinks. I think the bend lends itself well to juice, iced tea, and other traditional drink-’em-fast bevvies.

The long (“standard”) dot in a hot pink berry protein shake – I like to color coordinate my drink/straw because I am a huge geek.

In all, these straws sort of epitomize my approach to life. They’re the quintessential “Socially Conscious, Totally Fabulous”, and thus have earned a permanent home in my kitchen!

Want to try them out in your kitchen, too? The awesome folks at Glass Dharma are offering one of my readers a $25 gift certificate to their online store. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, telling me what your favorite beverage is. I want to know what your new straw will be swimming in!

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Contest closes at midnight pst on Friday, 28 January.

The ever-so-slight angling of the big bendy beauty.

So to be clear, you need to leave a new, different comment for each entry. Yes? Okay, go!

  • MathTutor

    HORCHATA, nom nom nom :)

    Or my hazelnut milk wannabe horchata mix.

  • Meghan Whelan

    I would use it in a strawberry banana smoothie that I make in my Vitamix! I love my Vitamix; that thing is amazing as I’m sure you know! Those straws look awesome.

  • Theresa

    Posted to my FB profile as well….!/profile.php?id=6600044

  • Karen

    I’d use it in my favorite drink of choice, hibiscus tea with a splash of lemon juice!!

  • Sandra

    Congratulations on the new Vitamix! I want one sooooooo bad! My favorite drink is coffee!!

  • Sandra

    Are you going to be doing a review on the Vitamix, too? I have been eyeballing glass straws for about a year now, and I think I just may take the plunge : )

  • domestic diva

    I like fruit-infused water (especially raspberry).

  • Melissa C.

    Hiiii Sayward!

    My favorite drink is water! Well not really, but it’s what I drink the most. A pretty new straw would make things a bit more exciting! <3

  • A Green Spell

    Yay! I have been wanting to try these straws forever! Thanks for the giveaway!

    My fave store-bought drink is GT Dave’s Raw Gingerade Kombucha. In the summer, though, I make my own water kefir which I LOVE!

  • A Green Spell
  • Jay

    My favorite is water. Is that too boring? I love me a sippy cup full of ice water as I work in the garden all summer. I would LOVE to replace my plastic drinking straws with a pretty glass one though. How fancy!

  • Emily Borenstein

    my favorite drink is my homemade ginger-lemon kombucha. I hope i get to use a *new straw* for my next batch!

  • Michelle

    My daughter and I like to drink our strawberry/banana smoothies with a straw, and how fun would some nice glass one’s be!

  • Karly

    My favorite drink is Irish Breakfast tea with honey, of course!

  • Morgan

    Wonderful! I saw these on another blog (can’t remember which) earlier today and thought they were just the coolest!
    Considering I am sipping a hefty drink worthy of a fancy straw right now. I will have to say I would love to use a Glass Dharma Straw in my current favorite green smoothie:
    Turnip & Mustard greens
    Vanilla Hemp Powder

  • Morgan

    Tweet! Tweet!

    I am also a ravenous plain iced tea drinker. These straws would no doubt jazz up my tea!

  • Jordan

    I have been loving my homemade Kombucha lately. Fermenting my 3rd batch now and continuing to tweak the process. So much fun!

  • Sayward

    This contest is now closed – Thanks everyone!

  • daoine o’

    i totally missed the contest(s) but i’ve been using glass dharma straws for a couple years now and they do totally rock. i broke one of mine (sad) and they were wonderful about replacing it. a company worthy of respect and giving your business. :)

  • Meghan

    My husband and I made a deal… when I get pregnant, I get a straw! :-)

  • Sayward

    @ Meghan – SQEEEEEEEE!!!