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December 18th, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Sleepy and smiling waking-up Waits. Such a sweet guy.

Hello there! Oi Oi! It’s the weekend once more (is time flying by for you guys too??) and that means it’s time for comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. I adore getting feedback so lay it on me!

This week I’m feeling especially love-y and I’m having trouble narrowing down for my Love List. A great problem to have! Here it is, the best of the best little lights in my life this week:
1. A shout out to reader Allison who I ran into at the Farmer’s Market while she was visiting P-town. It was so great meeting you sweetie – totally made my day!!!
2. Tom Waits is officially a Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame inductee! (thanks to reader Kristin T. for alerting me)
3. Hello!? Up there ^^. That’s what I get to wake up to every morning!

(runners up = organic french roast and finally finding a coffee that *does it* for me, snickerdoodles and crush discussions, that I can still take my night walk in mid December, new hairs!!! with pics coming soon)

As usual, the Feedback Forum will remain here at the top of the page all weekend, so if you’ve got an idea or a question or you just want to introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’, you can stop back by any time. This is your community, so get involved and have your say!

Have a spectacular weekend!

  • Sara

    For a second I thought you were referring to baby Waits for number 2 and I got really confused. Ha!

  • erosan

    @Sara: Well baby Waits certainly rocks, so I guess it could happen. :P

  • Allison

    Thanks Sayward! It was great seeing you too! I only wish the rain hadn’t been coming down quite so much so I could have had my camera out to snap a picture with you. Oh, and of the yummy foods at your fabulous market! I want to get a post up about my trip but I have been playing major catch up since I got back. Your city was so beautiful, friendly and oh so eco-friendly.

    My love list (Portland Edition)
    1. Compost Bins at the Farmer’s Market!
    2. People’s Co-op and Sip, Food Fight Grocery, Sweetpea Bakery, Herbivore, Red & Black Cafe.
    3. Kale, white bean and carrot soup and hot apple cider from Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub when the Saturday Market soaked me to my bones and froze my finger tips.
    4. Bonus: The Saturday Market! And some lovely art from Sienna Morris whose artwork consists of all written numbers that form a picture. I may or may not have bought two.

  • Lenn

    1. Agree with Sayward, the Tom Waits thing is awesome and he deserves it. First good news of the day, YAY!
    2. Since we’re on bands it seems, Lacrimosa. I love them and am listening to Lichtgestalt right now. :)
    3. Crafting, which is keeping me from losing my marbles lately, or what little is left of them…I made a Pac-Man wall hanging where it looks like he is chasing 3 ghosts up our wall out of some old scratched CDs. It looks fargin’ awesome.

  • Court


    1. holiday parties with so many music making friends.
    2. having all (awesome) vegan meals accounted for while visiting my omni family, in the freezer and to be cooked this week
    3. snowy hikes

    joy. yesssssss.

  • windycityvegan {Monika}

    1. Snow!
    2. Finding a new knitting website about a split second before my creative mojo was about to go on hiatus.
    3. Noshing on raw pumpkin pie all week. And better yet, my omni husband suggesting that I bring it to his family’s Christmas dinner. :D

  • Sarah

    Your little dude has hair! Hee!

    1. Yummy feel better tea (chamomile, lemon, ginger & honey) made by my husband <3 He's gonna break out the peppermint, ginger, garlic, cayenne version tonight after work…
    2. Planning my own little etsy shop! Something about finally deciding to do it has made me feel right about things again. Dissertation, what?
    3. Running water. I think this one will be on my list for a while yet…

  • Annie

    1. Dinner at Mum and Step-dad’s with family; awesome food and a lovely saturday evening all-round.
    2. My extensive Golden Girls knowledge coming in handy – trivia night! Yeah!!
    3. The fact that it is late December and I’m yet to suffer from sunburn, mosquito attacks or frozen watermelon overeating. Summer is coming in mildly and considering that it can get VERY hot, that’s fine by me!

  • Melisa

    1)Unpacking ornaments while my hubs and three-year-old decorated our very first real, live Christmas tree. And it looks just beautiful.
    2)Finally nutting up and putting a solid deadline down for myself. I will be fully vegan by the end of 2011, and at the first of the year I will take step one: No non-vegan desserts or coffee. I will drink it black before using cow stuff.
    3)’Bout to get my groove back after being really cough-y and miserable for a week. *wink, wink*

  • Rebecca

    1. The cutie carpenter (!) on the Martha Stewart Show who’s my age and grew up in the town next to mine and used to build his own skateboard ramps…a girl can dream!

    2. Seeing my tree all lit up (secondhand artificial tree decorated with ornaments from the dollar store) while taking my dog out at night…so awesome!

    3. That I am making the most out of my second Christmas alone. Yep..I definitely have my moments of being bummed but I pick myself up, dust myself off and find something to be thankful for or do something I enjoy. Go me!

  • Joselle

    1. Studying for my last final and anatomy & physiology exam of the term. Ok, not loving being cooped up in the house all weekend but I am loving that I am running an A average in this class, that I don’t suck at science like I thought I did in 8th grade and that learning about the human body has been so damn rewarding and interesting. And then a month off from classes. WOOHOO!

    2. Simply Noise (www.simplynoise). I could not study without this free white noise site. I now use it even when I’m not studying. It’s awesome for quelling any low-grade anxiety.

    3. Reading Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet during study breaks. She’s so inspiring, funny and authentic. And, unlike some other “diet” books, what she says about human anatomy and physiology actually matches what I’ve learned, so I trust her, too.

  • Meghan

    1. My third annual Holiday Party! An excellent excuse to make about a zillion vegan cookies, which everyone seems to love. Woot!

    2. Traaaaaaaiiiinn! Once again, we’re taking the train from DC to Portland for the holidays. I’m a little worried because the Empire Builder has been kind of absurdly behind schedule for the past few weeks, but it should be fun anyway.

    3. Being done for the semester!

  • Nahui

    1. Making vegan mayonnaise. It never occurred to me that it could be so ridiculously easy.
    2. Chickpeas
    3. Planning Christmas dinner. Yay for three-course dessert.

  • Sarah

    #1: being inspired by your blog to spend hours in the local library/Borders/the local second-hand book store trawling through all books on veganism I could find. Man, it makes a hard case to ignore.

    That’s been my major obsession this week… and giving a bunch of home-made cleaning product recipes a whirl with great success (hello cold cream, you save me $40…)!

  • RK

    Does anyone have any good appetizer ideas? So many holiday parties and I’m drawing a blank as to what to bring….

    1. Winter break for my daughter.
    2. Long mornings staying in jammies and watching cartoons with the kids.
    3. African tea….seriously the best!

  • Court

    @Nahui- any interest in sharing the vegan mayonnaise recipe?

  • Nahui

    @court: really simple. One part soy milk with two parts olive or sunflower oil (warning: it’s not healthy, but we’re talking about mayo so I wouldn’t expect it to be!) some lemon juice and garlic and mix in a blender. It thickens right away!
    I don’t know if it is as good as commercial vegan mayo, but were I’m living now I can’t find any, so this really does the trick.

  • Sayward

    @ Sara – Just give him a few decades. ;-)

    @ Allison – I’m excited to read your Portland post!

    @ Melisa – Wonderful intention for 2011 – let me know if I can help/support in any way!

    @ Rebecca – Good for you! I know that the holidays can be hard but it sounds like you’ve got a great attitude. I say spoil yourself silly and soak up the lovely solitude with long baths and good books and fancy wine!

    @ Joselle – Congrats on the finals and yay for the A, that’s great! Also, I’ve got a guest post going up on CrazySexyLife next month, w00t! =D

    @ Meghan – Ooh, once again I’m jealous of the cross country train adventure! Some day I’ll do that . . . enjoy P-town!

    @ Nahui – omg thanks for the recipe, I must try this!

    @ Sarah – Oh yay, that;s so awesome! Let me know if you have any questions re: veganism. =)

    @ RK – I always love stuffed mushroom caps! Easy and perfectly sized. Plus, you know, DELICIOUS!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    @Court – Heidi Swanson has a great vegan mayo recipe that uses very little oil, if you’d like me to forward I can do so later when I have her cookbook on hand!

  • Ginger Baker

    OK, a bit late but:

    1) The universe handing me someone who fits all my “checklist items” for a potential primary partner. Way too soon to see if it works out that way, but the similarities between him and my list are quite the wink from a playful universe in any case LOL!

    2) Getting my back tatt worked on again. I have an amazing friend doing the work, and it’s one of the things I am happiest about in 2010. :-D

    3) Listening to my older daughter (7) explain to the younger one (5) that yes, piercing your ears hurts, BUT if you focus on it it’s “OUCH OUCH OUCH” but if you think instead about other, fun, things, it becomes a tiny voice in the back of your head just saying “ouchity”.

  • Kristen T.

    You are very very welcome for the heads up!! When I saw the splash across my facebook – you came to mind :)

  • Kelly H.

    Those pictures melt my heart!