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September 3rd, 2010 - filed under: Uncategorized


IMG_1499A bit of mama-baby morning yoga on our vacation last weekend.

Oi there! Hello and hooray for the weekend! First and foremost I want to extend a huge-mongous THANK YOU to Kathryn S. for hitting up my tip jar this week. Thank you so, so much! All donations go right back into this site, helping to grow Bonzai bit by bit. Thank you for contributing to the cause!

Yay weekend!!! It’s time to slow down, and as always, here on Bonzai it’s time for comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions.

This week we’ve got an *awesome* discussion going on over in the Shareholder’s Meeting. So if you haven’t yet, please do pop in and check it out! In the meantime let’s keep the FFF nice and light this week. I adored reading all your love lists last weekend, so let’s do it again. Tell me three random things that make you happy today (mine = long long walks lost in thought, dreaming big dreams for Bonzai Aphrodite and getting right to work on them, making lists and lists within lists and meta lists to list the lists) Hooray for gratitude!

As a fun aside, I had an article posted on G Living this week! It’s a silly little light-hearted intro to kombucha, one of my favorite topics!

And as usual, the Feedback Forum will remain here at the top of the page all weekend, so if you’ve got an idea or a question or you just want to introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’, you can stop back by any time. This is your community, so get involved and have your say!

I hope your weekend is utterly inspired!

  • Tenise Rae

    It made me happy today to have a wonderful conversation with my husband at dinner time tonight.
    It made me happy to see all of the wonderful comments and support people have for you….seriously, I got a little misty there a few times.
    It also made me happy today to hear my two year old daughter say, “No, thank you.” (even if it was because she didn’t want to go to bed) and “More milk, please.” Makes me feel like I’m doing a good job. :D

  • Erin

    Potato salad, trying to make a baby, and finishing up teaching the first week of a new school year.

  • Richard

    My SCOBY still has’nt arrived, although finally found a jar in the gallon area (why are all the good recipes in non-metric)i’ll give craigslist a try i suppose :/
    I just made some nut milk, I used hazel nuts and added some agave and vannila, tbh i wasnt that impressed with the inital taste until I added the extras, maybe hazelnuts dont have as strong of a taste as other or maybe it was just my crappy arse blender!
    I’ll use the nuts in a apple crumble tonight nom!

  • ber (Melissa K) ;)

    1. It’s Saturday!

    2. I’m almost done painting my porch (it went from white to orange)!

    3. I got to sleep in this morning with kid #2 while my husband took the baby and early-rising kid #1 downstairs to play.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  • Sarah

    1. Being friendly with and sharing stuff (sugar, clay, beer, shouts) with the neighbors
    2. Being 9 months pregnant and a force of nature
    3. Mixing work and life

  • Julie

    1. Hanging out with friends
    2. Working at Liberation Prison Project
    3. Say fruit smoothies in the morning.

  • Felicia

    1. Seeing my little brother for the first time since Thanksgiving.
    2. Playing in the ocean.
    3. A friend invited me to be his date to his friends’ awesome zombie wedding next month.

  • sarah

    1. A fresh new box of magical Sharpie pens!!!
    2. BEAUTIFUL, cool, sunny, fall weather.
    3. A three day weekend!

    This is fun… I think you should make it requirement every Friday ;) Or maybe every Monday…

  • windycityvegan

    1. Having my best run of the summer, even after getting a flat tire on the jogger at mile 5.

    2. My husband is finally craving homemade nut milk as much as I am! (He pre-soaked the nuts for me!)

    3. Looking forward to watching The Class tonight.

  • Rea

    1. Introducing my Canadian girlfriend to a (vegan) spicy Cajun jambalaya of my homeland and seeing the look of enjoyment on her face as she ate it.

    2. Waking up this morning to 70 weather after several weeks in the 100s.

    3. Finding out there’s going to be a BA eBook right after buying my first Nook!

  • Sunnie

    1) Watching my new apartment come together.

    2) Slowly reforming my diet into something more planet-friendly. Baby steps are encouraging!

    3) Happy Plants! Happy Pets! Happy Live-in Partnership!

  • erosan

    1) Being with my GF after a week of not seeing her… and being back home after 14+ hours in airplanes/buses

    2) My best friend came over for lunch and videogames today, we don’t hang out as much as we used to/want to lately… damn work.

    3) @Rea: Seriously!? a BA ebook confirmed!?

  • erosan

    Also, is it me? or are the posts getting a hell of a lot more comments quicker after being posted?

    Yay! community is growing! Does this means MMM is working?

  • Annie

    This weekend is Fathers’ day (Sunday) in Australia. My grandparents came up to the city, they and two of my uncles and their wives and kids had an epic feast at my Mum and Stepdad. It was awesome food, but it was more awesome hanging out with family, who I don’t see very often as they live rural and I’m always busy. They always make me laugh and even though they’re crazy, I do feel like I’m a part of something. My grandpa is even starting to remember my boyfriends name (my boyfriend has a South American name and grandpa is a little forgetful).
    Today – Sunday – we’re having a BBQ at my boyfriend’s parent’s house with his little brother and sister, celebrating his father. Another place where I totally feel like part of a family. Such beautiful, funny people! This morning I sent my Mum a text saying “Happy Fathers day to those who managed to be Mum AND Dad. Thanks for everything!” That definately made her happy.
    A few years ago I would’ve resented my father for leaving my Mum, my sister and I, but now I feel spoilt rotten for having TWO awesome families!

  • Catnip

    Fresh bottled peach kombucha, library books, and vegan cupcakes

  • Laura Louise

    1. Bonzai Aphrodite makes me really happy today (among other days)!
    2. New specialty at school (what’s the word for it?). I’m going to be an art therapist, awesome, eh?
    3. DIY (making things makes me happy almost every day. Yay for reusing materials and not buying things made on the other side of the world)

    We should make these lists every week!

  • Heather

    1. A refreshing, fallish morning with a nice hot cup of coffee

    2. A day with no “have-to’s”

    3. Becoming an active member in a couple of on-line communities (Bonzai!) that I used to only “lurk” on and feeling welcome

  • littlegreenlady

    hey there I’m new here.
    I’m loving
    1.My baby boy learning to clap and wave
    2.The Bonzai
    3.Wonderful weather for a morning in the park

  • Carolyn

    1) I made soap, deodorant, laundry soap, spray cleaner and lip balm today! All natural, all vegan.
    2) The deodorant recipe was from your site, which just shows how useful this place is.
    3) I had a glorious nap this afternoon. Yay for naps after mad productivity!

  • Dana

    1) Waking up next to my cat, who was purring and nice and warm :-)
    2) Soy milk…. I love soy
    3) The fact that I finally found good looking non leather shoes in my size and I am going to pick them up in an hour.Yay!

    Oh, and like littlegreenlady I am new here. Love your site!

  • Sayward

    Oh, I’ve loved loved loved reading this little lists all weekend. This is definitely going to become a regular thing! So great for our outlooks, to get a little perspective with a weekly dose of gratitude. =)

    @ erosan – Yes! eBook confirmed! Actually, 2 are currently in the works with at least 2 more in the planning stages. ;-)

    And it does feel like the community has grown a bit, doesn’t it? YAY! The more the merrier – welcome to all the newcomers/new posters!

    @ Carolyn – What laundry soap recipe do you use? And what spray cleaner?

  • Elizabeth

    I’m a long-time-but-silent reader and I figured I’d finally say HI!
    1) The return of cooler weather here in Michigan which means SOUP! Made a delish vegan chili yesterday to warm myself up.
    2) Having loving and supportive family and friends as I get closer and closer to becoming 100% vegan. YAY!
    3) Cuddling with my partner