“Get Out The Bonzai Month!” – Mini Mission #5

September 27th, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Monday Monthly Mission

Well this is it! The last task for our Get Out The Bonzai! month. Is it just me or is time flying freaky fast these days? Waits is going through another growth spurt. And he’s crawling now. And oh help me, he’s his mother’s son for sure and that means I’m in for quite a ride. Karma!

But I digress.

At the very start of the month I asked you to follow @BonzaiAphrodite on Twitter. Next, I invited you join BA on Facebook. Mid-month I requested a duel favor – a link on your blog and an add to your reader. And finally last week, I asked you to share Bonzai with somebody in your real life. And you guys, as always, have been so great. So supportive!


For our last mini mission . . . well . . . there *is* no official last mini mission. You guys are amazing, and I’m not asking for anything more. So I turn the floor over to you all. If you have an awesome idea, a creative way to Get Out The Bonzai!, please do share the inspiration with the rest of us. If not, well then just take a bow. You’ve been great to me this month and I love you so so so much for it.


  • http://www.zestysurprises.blogspot.com Sunnie

    Regarding the idea of upcycling thrift clothes into awesome new bonzai-things, I had a fun idea: dresses into aprons!
    A friend of mine ( Cursesandblast.blogspot.com ) recently got a jazzy new apron http://tiny.cc/rachsapron
    and I thought, you could totally do that with thrift dresses that otherwise would be too flamboyant or atrocious for everyday wear.

    Consideration/problem: only non-melty/flamey fabrics!
    sorry for no fancy html code. fancy linkage is beyond my tired brain.

  • Tasha

    I followed you on twitter.. and you followed back.. and then you unfollowed.. NO FUN

  • http://dietplaid.wordpress.com Jen

    I’m going to have to make that raw cake for my friends at some point. So that’ll be my my next mini-mission.

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    @ Sunnie -Ohmigod so cute!! Love that idea!

    @ Tasha – Oh no! You must have gotten caught in my big purge. Oops! Tell me your handle and I’ll re-follow. =)

    @ Jen – Yum! Let me know how it turns out.

  • Chelsea

    Waits might be the most photogenic baby in the history of photos!

  • http://mentalworldofsgcorrie.blogspot.com/ Stephanie

    Hello lady!

    Is it too late to link to my blog? I don’t have twitter, but you’ve been in my google reader for awhile!!

  • Tasha

    oh okie dokie, on twitter I am @tashascherme

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    @ Chelsea – I know right??!

    @ Stephanie – Not too late! I’m still working on the blogroll page and I’ll make a reminder post about it when it’s done.

    @ Tasha – Done! =)

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