Playing Dress-Up: Because I Finally Got To Leave The House

January 5th, 2010 - filed under: The Fashion » Playing Dress-Up

IMG_1219“I’m vegan and I <3 you"

Seriously, I hadn’t left my house in 2 weeks. I hadn’t gone outside in 2 weeks! So naturally, even a trip to the doctors office was terribly exciting for me. I had to take the opportunity to gussy up a bit, and show off my swelling belly.


  • T-shirt Dress: from Herbivore (they are AWESOME! go there! support them!)
  • Long Black Cardigan: secondhand by Banana Rebublic
  • Grey Leggings: secondhand
  • Multi Blue Knee Highs: Sock Dreams, who have my everlasting stripey devotion
  • Combat Boots: many years old, by Gripfast
  • White Canvas belt: so very very old
  • Blue Stars Children’s Umbrella: secondhand


And I’ve got some good news! This trip was specifically for a test, a test that came back NEGATIVE, which means my chances of preterm labor have gone back down to ‘slim to none’. YAY YAY YAY! So thank you so much to everyone out there who sent your love and support – it worked guys!

Also, I don’t have gestational diabetes (yay vegan!). We celebrated with donuts. =)

  • Tabitha

    That’s such good news! Congrats! And you look great!

  • hales

    i am so happy that things are on the up for you and yours… so so happy!

  • Amycat

    Thats good to hear, congrats! All is looking good for you!! :D Awesome shirt dress. Im going to have a browse on Herbivore methinks..

  • Julie


  • Mrs. Money

    So are you off bedrest now? I hope so! You look so cute. :)

  • April

    I am so happy that you are doing better!
    Your T-shirt dress paired with your baby belly is fricken adorable!

  • Allie

    Great news and great outfit- what more could we ask for? :) Much love from the Bay!

  • EroSan

    Good news indeed!

    Also, I also think you look G R E A T.

    What kind of donuts!? :)

  • Jackie

    you found secondhand leggings? i can never find anything that good…

    glad to hear all is well with baby and mama.

  • Valerie

    I’m so glad to hear all is well! You look adorable! Why oh why do you have to introduce us to Herbivore when the MMM is to not buy any NEW clothes!? :)

  • Tenise Rae

    You are so freakin’ cute it kills me! Would ya just knock it off already? LOL…. ;)

    Hey are those tights pulled up over your belly???

  • Katie

    Im glad everything is going well for you:) That dress and the umbrella are soooo cute! I love stars!

  • Kathryn

    Congratulations!! Also, the outfit is adorable. I love combat boots, but haven’t found a pair I like other than Doc Martens, which I’m trying not to buy because of the leather.
    And did those donuts happen to be from Voodoo Donuts? :D I loooove them. And I love herbivore. I really want the cowhugger shirt. :)

  • Courtney

    So glad you’re better! And Yay for celebrating with donuts!! :)

  • Sayward

    Thank you everyone for all the congrats and support on our good news! You have all been so amazing and loving through this, I feel like you all made it so much brighter, when it was such a dark time. THANK YOU!!!! A million times, I can’t say it enough.

    @ Mrs Money – Not quite off bed rest, but it’s modified. I’m allowed to putter around my house now, which does wonders for my psyche. After 32 weeks I’ll be able to leave the house for short trips. I’m going to take it real easy for the rest of the pregnancy (fighting against my nature!), just to be on the safe side.

    @ EroSan – Thank you, but why did you have to ask that?! Haha. Oh man . . . powdered sugar jelly filled, plain glazed, and a filled maple bar (my absolute favorite) . . . oh the *shame*!!!

    @ Jackie – Yes, secondhand leggings are rare treasures! I always check the athletic wear and the jammies because sometimes they get put in there. Also the maternity section, because even if you’re not pregnant some of the maternity leggings (in size small) will fit. Check it out!

    @ Valerie – I know! I’m sorry, I totally thought about that too. But they are just such a great company. So hold off for this month and then hit them up in Feb. They are all vegan and print on AA, so their stuff is 100% Bonzai approved for Ethical Sartorialists. =D

    @ Tenise Rae – Thanks lady! Nope, I have this wierd claustrophobic thing where I can’t wear anything high wasted – it drives me crazy. I’m all about the low riders. The leggings are scrunched down below the belly – luckily they didn’t gather too much so there’s no ‘bulge’.

    @ Kathryn – I know what you mean. This brand, Gripfast, used to make vegan boots but it looks like they don’t anymore! =( I know there are non-leather combat boots out there though. Check out Alternative Outfitters –

    And yes, they were Voodoo. MY PREGNANCY KRYPTONITE!!!

  • Carrie

    You look fantastic! I’m a new reader who found you through resistanceisfertile. I’m a mama of a 10-month-old boy and I’m so excited for you and your fella. Very inspired by your intentions post too. Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy and looking forward to digging through your recipe archives.

  • Sayward

    @ Carrie – Thank you, and welcome to the site! Hope to see you around some more. =)