Another Hiatus

January 11th, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore

Hey guys,

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to take another leave of absence from blogging. I wholeheartedly apologize and I assure you, this is not what I’d like. But I need to take another ‘me’ week right now and concentrate my energy inward.

I hope to return to my regular posting by next week at the latest. Please hold me in your thoughts in the coming days, and maybe send a little of those crunchy-good-thought-love-vibes in my direction.

To everyone who has commented on the site or sent me emails in the last couple of days, I’m sorry in advance for the tardy response. I hope you see this and know I’m not ignoring you! I shall do my best to work through my inbox but chances are high that I just won’t get there any time soon.

Thanks for the patience and support, guys. Remember: Stay Positive!!!

  • SJ

    Oh honey! Take all the time you need! You, your growing little one and your husband are and should be first priority and I hope you have a terrific ‘Me Week’!


  • Stephanie J.

    I love reading your blog as much as I can, but I also love that you’re doing as your heart desires. Take all the time in the world, it’s yours. I hope everyone is well!

  • sarah

    No apologies! You are growing a person, after all ;) Good luck with the relaxation. Just remember to try to enjoy it now because after the little guy is born it will be long gone ;)

  • Annie

    As the others say, no need to apologise :) Have an amazing week to yourself and your thoughts. Love and hugs in your direction!

  • Minna

    *Sending vibes full of love in your direction.*

    Minna from Hunter Valley. (Sitting under a starry sky full of shooting stars & eating fresh juicy self-picked grapes…)

  • Kate

    Crunchy love vibes? You like crunch in your love? Oh my Sayward you ARE a special kind of girl ;-)

    Crunch Crunch Love Crunch Viiiiiiibe!

  • Amycat

    Much love sent your way :D
    tonight my boyfriend and I found an abandoned dog about to be hit by a car. We took it to the address on its collar to find the owners had gone away without her and without and food or water. Our first thought was what the right thing to do would be, so now my boyfriend is sleeping in the van with a newly acquired, beautiful blonde collie with no idea what we’re going to do xD It’s not a worry because we know we saved a beautiful little puppy tonight!
    Just thought you’d like that story :D

    But back on track, you should be taking as much “me” time as possible, seeing as your are now currently a baby factory!! All the best to you, have a fabulous week!!! <3

  • Nathan

    Crunchygood love-vibes headed your way. You know we all want you to do what you need for yourself.

  • Tabitha

    Take all the ‘me time’ you need! We’ll be here when you get back. Good thoughts and prayers are coming your way.

  • Amanda

    Don’t worry about anything but YOU! Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to be in whatever mood comes your way.
    (((positive vibes)))

  • TeanyTinyStar

    Feel Better <3

  • daoine o’

    now, now, don’t you worry about us, we’ll be fine! ;)

    you just take care of you and yours! :)

  • Salekdarling

    Feel better hun! I like “me” time as much as anyone else does. Hope all is well!


  • Kathryn

    Take all the time you need, always. Love going your way, and if it’s possible to send cookies, I would be right now because I just made a million little vegan molasses cookies and they are adorable.
    Last time we bonded over “Cheer Up, Charlie” (haha) and now I’m sharing another song! I dunno if you’ve seen it, but I love it. It’s just happy. :)
    Oh, and this is just amazing. As a biologist, I’m sure you’ll think so too!
    If you have free time, check them out! It’ll only take five minutes.
    And in the meantime, happy thoughts!

  • Laura Louise

    We absolutely understand, don’t worry even a little bit!

    And here are some balloons filled with happiness and many good thoughts all for you:
    They don’t fit in my room so I have to store them outside, but this keeps them very fresh.

    I encourage everyone to make cards filled with good thoughts so Sayward will have enough of them to stay positive and get through anything.
    With reused materials of course :)

  • Kate from SB

    Hey lady! Hope you’re hanging in there! Much love to you.

  • Courtney

    You just focus your energy where it needs to be. You and the baby being happy and healthy are the more important things! I will be sending positive thoughts your way!!!

  • Kelly

    Echoing what everyone else said…
    Take good care Say!