Playing Dress-Up: Happy Hour, $1 Vegan Corn Dogs, and Late Night Museums

December 4th, 2009 - filed under: The Fashion » Playing Dress-Up


Six and a half months pregnant, and a girl’s gotta have a night out on the town! Yesterday evening Damian and I met up with my lovely sister for some greasy happy hour grub ($1 PBRs and $1 vegan corn dogs) (no I was not drinking the PBRs), followed by an awesome exhibit at OMSI After Dark. It was so fun! A bunch of 21-and-overs running around the science museum, drinking microbrews and playing like children. I totally won the soda bottle blast.


I’m glad I got a little more use out of my summer shorts and ripped stockings, because today the temperature dropped by about 10 degrees! I’m so underprepared for the SNOW that might be coming this weekend. I still don’t have a warm winter coat that fits over my new-and-improved and ever-expanding frame!

img_3008This photo should be titled “Hello, This Is My Pregnancy Cleavage

  • Bird Print T-Shirt: secondhand
  • Black Long Cami (underneath): secondhand by Truly Madly Deeply
  • Long Black Cardigan: secondhand Banana Rebublic
  • Tan Shorts: secondhand American Eagle Outfitters (ha!)
  • Ripped Tights: oh my goodness, I’ve had these for so long, I bought them at a dime store in college . . . community college. Yes that long ago!
  • Purple Long Socks: Sock Dreams, oh how i love them
  • Engineer Boots: secondhand, by Carolina
  • Pewter Chain (I knotted it): some mall store, I had a gift card
  • Black Flower Ring: a local shoppe


I love this cardigan – I’ve been living in it all autumn. Simple and versatile and a tad bit chic, it’s been the perfect piece to take me into colder weather. Alas, I’m going to need something a bit thicker starting real soon. Any suggestions? It’s gotta be vegan, acquirable used, and accommodating to a big belly. A biggering belly, especially after those corn dogs!

img_2361Corn Dogs!!!


  • Janine

    You are adorbs. I’m jealous. I will totally look like a whale when I’m pregnant. Damn my non-veg ways! (At least when it comes to weight.) Also: LOVE your boots!

  • Becks

    Oh. My. Goll-e. I love OMSI. I’m so science inept that having the detrius cycle explained as “this is how compost works” is like marshmallows and powder puffs to my ears. On my last trip to Portland, and quite possibly my only trip to Portland, I went there. I made money with my face on it.

    I love OMSI. A lot.

  • Kelly

    You look great!

    My bf makes vegan corndogs! Sooooo good!

  • Jason

    Curious where you got the corn dogs? wanted to go there my next time in P-Town…

  • Valerie

    You evil woman! There is a bar in Tacoma that makes amazing veggie dogs and I dreamt about them all night last night after reading your post :)

  • Meghan


  • Meghan

    nevermind, I used google to figure it out. :-)

  • Heather

    lookin’ fab-u, sayward! i remember a tight stretchy little black dress with cherries on it was my favorite “maternity” dress. it was the only time my boobies filled out that dress. ha!

  • Sayward

    @ Janine – Aw, thanks lady!

    @ Becks – ‘like marshmallow and powder puffs to my ears’ – HA! I love it! And I agree, OMSI is awesome. This was only my second time there, (for shame, since I live so close), but you can be sure I’ll be returning very soon.

    @ Kelly – Thanks! And, you mean homemade? Hmm, I should try that . . .

    @ Jason – The place is called Hungry Tiger Too, on SE 12th and Ash. It’s a dive bar/greasy spoon with a full vegan menu, and on Wednesday evenings they do the $1 corn dogs and $1 PBR. You must go! =D

    @ Valerie – Ahaha. I’m sorry! (but that’s hysterical too)

    @ Meghan – You must check it out when you’re here!!!

    @ Heather – Thanks! I find that now that I’m pregnant, I’m wearing all these form-fitting clothes that I would never have worn before. Ha, I love it!

  • Ele

    I stumbled onto your site and just had to tell you how totally gorgeous you look!

  • Sayward

    @ Ele – Aww, thanks dear. And welcome to the site!

  • Kathryn Awe

    I found your article on crock-pot candles first and I MUST try them. But then exploring your site found you really rocking the pregnancy! Love it! You look like you are really enjoying yourself during this time. I am also 5 months preggers – due April 25th. I am also dressing cute, still. I love tights in bright colors! And I wear them eating lots of Christmas goodies too. Happy pushing!

  • Sayward

    @ Katherine Awe – Thanks lady, and congratulations to you! And way to keep rocking the cute clothes – I think it’s such a shame to not dress up for this most fabulous period of our lives. =)

    Good luck with everything!

  • Jack

    Love the black stockings with holes. Classic rocker look

  • Sayward

    @ Jack – Thanks!

  • Lenn

    Bored day, so exploring your old posts…I has those boots, too, and I loves them so much!!

  • Sayward

    @ Lenn – They are my favorites!