The Friday Feedback Forum

October 17th, 2009 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Oi Oi! Hello there, hooray for the weekend! It’s time for fun and gathering, for adventuring and lazing, and of course it’s also time for comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions.

Let me have it. What’s on your mind? What do you want? What do you want from this site? What are YOU interested in?!

As usual, the Feedback Forum will remain here at the top of the page all weekend, so if you’ve got an idea or a question or you just want to introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’, you can stop back by any time. This is your community, so get involved and have your say!

And just a reminder: October is America’s National Co-Op Month, and National Fair Trade Month, and it’s also Vegan MoFo (that’s Vegan Month of Food). Get involved!

And have an incredible weekend!


  • Jenny B.

    hey Sayward,
    I would love an article on how to make a more “green” backyard…things like rain water collection, washing machine run off water usage…..

  • Julie

    I just got the best, best news! My mother-in-law, who lives just a few blocks away has a huge, awesome backyard full of avocado, lemon, peach, pomegranate and persimmon trees and with tons of space that is totally un-utilized. It has been abandoned for years (it looks like), the grass is about 4 feet high and littered with rotting fruit and old, rusted gardening supplies. I was staring out her window the other day and I said something like “I can’t wait to have a yard, I want to have an organic garden so badly” (which was my diplomatic way of saying “God, what a terrible waste this gorgeous yard is”) and she says “Go ahead, take mine, I’m too old to take care of it. If you’re serious, you can plant anything you want here, do anything you want with it”. I am SO excited. I got a bunch of books on composting and organic gardening. I can’t wait! Hopefully pretty soon all of Kaya’s food will be homemade and home grown!!!

  • Sayward

    @ Jenny B. – I’ll look into it, thanks lady!

    @ Julie – Holy crap that’s AMAZING! Oh man, congratulations! And where you’re at, you can do a year-round garden for sure. I’m so jealous of your lemons and avos!!!

    Let me know how it all goes, okay?

  • Jackie

    so, i have this bottle of really really thick body cream with a pump that is nearing the end. there is actually quite a bit left, but it’s too thick and so it’s not settling down to the bottom where the pump can suck it up. any ideas on anything i can add to it to thin it out a bit so i can use every last drop? i’d hate to waste so much of it!

  • Sayward

    @ Jackie – Yes! Any oil, like vitamin E oil or olive oil, will work great. Use just enough to thin it a bit – too much and it won’t dry quick like normal lotion (which is fine and perfectly safe and great for your skin and all, but can be a bit annoying if you’re like me and hate putting clothes on over ‘sticky’ skin). So go raid your kitchen and get some oil! =D