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October 3rd, 2009 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Oi there! Hello to the weekend!!! It’s time once again to unwind, and here at Bonzai Aphrodite, it’s also time for comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions.

So, what have you been pondering this 7 days past? What are you anticipating? What inspires you and what is pushing you forward? I want to know what matters to YOU!

As usual, the Feedback Forum will remain here at the top of the page all weekend, so if you’ve got an idea or a question or you just want to introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’, you can stop back by any time.

Also a little reminder: October is America’s National Co-Op Month, and National Fair Trade Month, as well as Vegan MoFo (that’s Vegan Month of Food). Why not get involved??!

And have a lovely weekend, darlings!


  • Kathryn

    Happy weekend!
    I actually come with a special request. I’m heading up to Portland to look at colleges (in Oregon and Washington) and was wondering if you could suggest some places with good vegan food? My dad probably wouldn’t be too thrilled with a vegan menu, but hey, it’s my trip, right? :)
    Anyhow, if you had any suggestions I’d be super grateful.
    And, as usual, I read your blog just about every day.

    P.S. Rumor has it the first of November is International Vegan Day?

  • Sayward

    @ Kathryn – Welcome! Yay, that’s very exciting. I’m going to list some of my favorites, in 2 categories: Totally Vegan & Omni Friendly. Not sure which one you were wanting, but all of these are deeelicious!

    Totally Vegan =
    - Blossoming Lotus in the Pearl (lunch/dinner but really casual, it’s actually in a yoga studio)
    - Blossoming Lotus NE (nicer, a bit pricier, but delicious and sort of ‘gourmet’)
    - Portobello Trattoria (awesome little coffee-shop-by-day, Italian-joint-by-night, great spot but you;ll need to call ahead to make sure there’s room for you)
    - Papa G’s All Organic Deli (a great lunch spot, with hot comfort food + soup and a rad salad bar)
    - Sweetpea Baking Co (cupcakes, bagels, cookies, badass coffee)
    - Taqueria Los Gorditos on 8th & Ankeny (my favorite, but this is just a street cart with outside seating, so weather-dependent. Real, hearty, incredible Mexican street food)
    - Veggie Thai (actually vegetarian but hardly. Not the best Thai I’ve had, but good greasy Americanized vegan Thai food)
    - Bay Leaf Chinese (also technically vegetarian. GREAT healthy tasting but still has that saucy chinese goodness. a great spot)

    Omni Friendly =
    - Paradox Cafe (a great American diner, awesome breakfasts but good lunch and dinner too. my breakfast spot)
    - Bete Lukas Ethiopian (SO GOOD. Go here.)
    - Old Wives Tales (huge menu with seasonal and healthy options, like a diner/deli/family restaurant. Great soup and salad bar)

    Okay, that’s what I got for now. I may add. Most of those are in the South East because that’s where I live, but also that’s where the best vegan grub is. =)

    Enjoy P-town!

  • Kathryn

    Thank you thank you thank you!
    The omni options will be great for my meat-loving Greek father.

  • Kate

    Hey Ms Vegan….what say you about such inventions?

  • Sayward

    @ Kathryn – Aw, you’re welcome! Have fun in PDX!

    @ Kate – Ahhh, ‘vat meat’. Probably a topic for an article all its own, but here’s my very short answer.

    Good for people who won’t become veg*n.
    Good for the animals that it will displace and therefor will not be tortured/slaughtered.
    Potentially dangerous, messing with genetic modification and such technology before we really understand it.
    NOT for me, or 99% of the vegans I’ve heard comment. Once you live without meat, you realize you don’t need or want it. I wouldn’t eat the stuff.

    PeTA is offering a million dollar reward to anyone who successfully grows edible vat meat, so we’ll see how it all plays out in the next decade or so!

  • Kate

    PeTA likes to call it schmeat. I don’t support PeTA in anyway – they think all animals should roam free. I disagree with the agencies they’ve funded and wish they would look for more balance in their life.

    Anywho…I vote for an entire article on the topic :-)

  • Sayward

    @ Kate – I’ averse to PeTA as well, but for different reasons. ;)

    I’ll add it to the ‘reader request’ article list!