A Heat Wave Interlude . . .

July 29th, 2009 - filed under: Furthermore » Inspiration

stuntmanonfirephoto from NC Times

It was 108º in Portland today.

108º with no AC, third floor bedrooms, and a house under construction.

So you know what? Sometimes it’s okay to lay out stripped to your skivvies in your living room, splayed like snow angels to maximize surface area, slurping ice water and . . . definitely . . . not . . . working.

What can you do?


  • http://www.countryfried.wordpress.com Charley

    Wow my Portland friends keep mentioning the heat but I had no idea it was 108, that is insane!! Jeepers, stay cool.

  • http://caseyj Karen Cooley Jennings

    It was 110 in our backyard in Hillsboro 2 days ago (H’boro is a suburb of Portland). House tho only 10 years old has no A/C…croaking, but drinkings lots of ice water and lemonade! Garden loves the heat however; wish we humans did. Found you on-line for 1st time this AM…GREAT WORK!!!!

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    @ Charley – Thanks! It’s finally on the down swing, thank goodness.

    @ Karen Cooley Jennings – Our house is only 10 years old too, and of course no AC. It’s never really been a problem until this year (this is our third summer here). 110 in Hillsboro – that’s insane! Hope you’re enjoying the cooler temps today. So glad you like the site!

  • Toni Dill

    I’ve lived in Kansas all my life, boy you wanna see insane weather conditions. Windiest place in the states (Chicago is no comparison. People from Illinois who come here to work want to leave soon) Can go from scorching 90 one day to 40 and blizzard the next. No joke. Best investment ever was an energy efficient air conditioner, heater combo window unit for our bedrooms at least. I try not to run anything if I have to here, but sometimes you have to. Especially for kids and furbabies.